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What did you think of David Bowie?

by Finy (follow)
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What did you think of David Bowie?

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Top Answers
I really like David Bowie and think he was extremely talented and a true "artist".

I have followed his career for many, many years and found him and much of his singing, fascinating and enjoyable.
by Finy
He was different and unique.

There will never be another.
But then again he was English and well that's where a lot of the talent came from.....lol....just saying. :)

One blue eye and one brown!
They weren't actually two different colours, one pupil just didn't contract normally (from memory he had some sort of accident that made it that way) so it was always large and made the eye look dark.
Ah here it is. "] Bowie received a serious injury at school in 1962 when his friend George Underwood punched him in the left eye during a fight over a girl. Doctors feared he would become blind in that eye. After a series of operations during a four-month hospitalisation,[13] his doctors determined that the damage could not be fully repaired and Bowie was left with faulty depth perception and a permanently dilated pupil."
Oh o.k. I always wondered how come thanks for the info.
by jonaja
He also got a lollipop stuck in his eye once. Don't google it if you're squeamish.

The man led an interesting life.
I enjoyed watching Labyrinth (1986) and listening to some of his songs. I was sad to hear that he died.
by Vee
I like his songs but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I don't own any of his records.
by AJ
Admired his talent. Loved quite a few of his songs - would not pretend to know them all and I don't own any of his albums. Quite unbelievable how quiet he kept his imminent demise. He left the world the way he did most things (other than his work) quietly and privately. Major Tom has taken his Starman home and I say RIP.
by Rice
I know Rice A.R. has now gone :(
by jonaja
He was amazing and talented. The reports about him sleeping with a drugged underaged girl were disturbing though. It's always a bit conflicting when someone you admire does something awful.
I don't know. He was strange. He was a great musician and artist. He was a creative type and just because I don't get his creativity doesn't make it a bad thing.. I did enjoy his music very much and the whole music fraternity say he is quite a gentleman. He lived in Australia for many years, which I didn't know. He had a long and happy marriage, which is rare in celebrity circles. Bravo Davy Jones!!!
I was rather saddened by the death of this brilliantly talented and much respected man.I grew up with his work a soundtrack of my youth,and then into my adult years. He was humble to the very end,and the fact that he kept his very serious illness so private,(just as he had lived his personal life with his second wife for 24 years,actually),is testament to the innate decency of his character. As well as a musician he was a great actor,producer, director.Whatever he put his mind to,he did well! My most loved of all his performances though was as the Goblin King in the movie Labyrinth,made in 1986,and directed by the inimitable Jim Henson! What a timelessly entertaining story brought to us by such a timelessly talented team!! Yes indeed,David Bowie shall be very sorely missed!
This sad loss is definitely a 'Where were you when...' occasion.May we continue to have our favourite memories of this talented man's varied and numerous works.
. . . and to lose the wonderful Alan Rickman hot on his heels is so sad :(((
by Rice
It seems to be that as WE get older,so do all the people who have influenced our lives,and of course most of them are even older than us. I recall my dad telling me that this time of losing people would come all too soon, and I am just glad to know that HE is still here at almost 86!!
by Jules
Oh, you lucky thing! I was only 24 when my beloved dad died, but I am so happy you have yours :-)
by Rice
I was just 17 when my mum died,and she was just 42,but at least I always remember her as a YOUNG woman!!!! Life throws us some real curve balls,doesn't it?!
by Jules
Wow. (I had forgotten about your lovely step mum - should have realised you had lost your mum.) My mother lost her parents at 17 within months of each other. You are right about the curve balls :(
by Rice
As long as we gain something,no matter how big or small,important or almost useless,from all the steps along our curvaceous journeys,then we are indeed the luckiest people in all the world! I have plenty to be so grateful for,despite the fact that I am always being told I have been dealt a tough hand! If life was easy,then I don't think that I would enjoy so many aspects of it even half as much! My cup is definitely half FULL,and I go through life feeling cheerful and rather fortunate.Little wonder that I can always smile and also have so many smiles to share with others! It's always going to be only as good as we ourselves make it!!
by Jules
Nothing at all. Don't think I ever heard him sing, as haven't listened to radio for decades. His music wasn't the type I would seek out whatsoever.
I was a keen follower of David Bowie, and watched and listened to the wide range of music he wrote and sang.
Genius is not enough of a word to call him, but he was that and much more.
He will be missed but will remain in our lives due to the excellence of his music.
Goodbye David Rest in Peace.

I only know of him as a celebrity. I am not familiar with any of his music.
are you serious ?....wow
by jonaja
I thought I really liked David Bowie, mainly from his role in the Labrynth. I really loved that movie when I was younger.

In memory of Bowie I was listening to some of his top tracks on YouTube, the day of his passing. Honestly, there are only a few songs, like star man, which I actually admire or even enjoy...... sorry Bowie, I wont be buying anything from you..... not actually that much of a fan..... but respect to him for his career and artist character.
I was very sad to hear that David Bowie had died. I liked his music, but had never bought any of it.
I knew he made a music video out in some Australian country town, years & years ago, but I didn’t know he’d ever lived here in Australia.
Very clever and able to move with the times. I wasn't a massive fan but I appreciated his music. He seemed to quite a private and respectful person.
Don't be sad... celebrate the many phases that this iconic personality whose only demeanour was to have a Goulois stuck permanently in his lips. His shtick was slick, sassy and oh-so stylish. He was no London fop, no ordinary kid off the streets, but a suave gent who pushed personal boundaries with an explosive verve and panache. He is not dead. He lives in our collective memories through the meriad of songs, films, fashion statements and that smooth, reedy ,smokey voice.
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