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What did you last buy at a garage/yard sale?

by Finy (follow)
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What did you last buy at a garage/yard sale?

Or have you never been to one of these?

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Top Answers
I hadnt been to one for years but went last week as it was down the road and I had to pass it as I walked my dogs.

I bought several things for my new hobby -collecting succulents -I bought two small aquariums, and a large stone vase type thing (for just $2).

Also bought a few vases one for putting a succulent in and one for flowers.

Probably wont go again for a few more years unless I want more pots!
by Finy
A few weeks ago a little italian paper tole tray like this one! for 50c.

I gave to a friend as a gift to sell in his shop.

Should make a little profit :) winning!
I haven't been to a garage sale for years!!! Though I did help a dear friend set up for one at her place as she was not really convinced that she had stuff which would sell.I stayed with her on the day and sold so much for her that she soon changed her mind about them. I actually made $500+ for her on that Saturday ,and she was over the moon!!! Garage sales are SO much fun!!! I have picked up some gorgeous old books very cheaply from them in the past. I really am about due to have one myself and cull some 'stuff'!!!
I actually don't think I have ever been to one. I have thought long and hard and I just don't seem to recall ever doing it. How odd.
by Rice
You either like them or not, I think and if you do not collect things, perhaps they are not interesting -but I have picked up some great items and find it very interesting though nowadays I do not want MORE stuff!
by Finy
I think I would love them . . . I collect stuff. . . . can't quite figure why I have never been to one. It may be that I am not an early riser, perhaps.
by Rice
Rice!! you don't know what you're missing out on girl.they are amazing.

In fact I have bought brand new in the box Royal Doulton for just $3 & $4 as the person selling was a salesperson for end of line.
One time we got 15 brand new electric toothbrushes for Free! the guy was a dentist....a lot of people were blessed that we know , as we gave them to heeps of friends.....just a great fun way to get a bargain, and even if you don't want it....give to a friend :)
by jonaja
Ooooooooooooooh. That gave me tingles!! How exciting :-)))
by Rice
I have never been to a garage sale...
by Vee
W H A T!!! you & me have to talk.......seriously next time we have lunch ok. :)
by jonaja
LOL! I don't like to make unplanned stops as Lu is usually in the car.
by Vee
When my kids' were aged 10-14, every Sat. morn we'd check the paper for Garage Sales, & go to ones' within a 10klms radius of home.
Bought many 'bargains', & kids' enjoyed the experience!

I had 4 at home over the years', the last when due to have baby the next week! They brought in much needed cash at the time, were great fun, & met some lovely people.

Some of certain ethnicities' wanted items for nothing. Typical!
Oh! me too, my son just loved getting little toys, and we would have a great deal of fun....As far as 'some' people wanting it for nothing.. That makes me see red.
That stuff does my head in, big time!
by jonaja
Spot on, jonaj, also had to keep an eye on them, in case goods stolen, as is their wont to do. Wouldn't trust 'em as far as I could throw 'em!
Oooooh, they annoy the outta me!

That's why I'll never have another G/S, as there's just way TOO many of them around these days!
by donjo
At one stage I would get up early and do the rounds of garage sales. We have an old home so were keen to inject some character with less common items.
Last garage sale I attended was 8 months ago. I bought a globe of the world that is also a lamp. It is lovely old warm colours. I think it was $10 or $15. I gave it as a gift to my sister who also likes such things.
yes I used to do the rounds too but got so sick of people turning up at 6 am when it said 8 am that eventually I gave up.
by Finy
I too was disgusted by the attitude of some people. Pushy and ill mannered. I arrived at one where an elderly woman had handed over a heap of goodies before opening time. When I spoke to her she was quite nervous and waiting for her son to turn up to help. I stayed with he until he did, but I got the impression she had already been ripped off.
I had some very positive responses at some Garage Sales because of my good manners.
by annfi
I have been to lots of garage sales, but I cant recall whether I actually bought anything from them !!!
A lovely old chest of drawers which i stripped back and varnished and it came up a treat

Very happy
Over the years I have been to many garage sales. The last one I went to was a couple of streets away. That was about a year back. I bought a couple of strawberry plants and a pot of irises.

I don't go very often these days as I don't have a car. Also, I am trying not to collect clutter and it is so easy to end up buying things one doesn't really need when the prices are low.

I held a garage sale myself last October. It was the weekend when people are encouraged to have garage sales and there is lots of advertising for free. A friend helped me and we had a social time chatting to people. It helped me with my decluttering project.
It's so long ago now, I can't remember.
by Miro
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