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What bores you?

by Finy (follow)
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What bores you?

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Top Answers
Television often bores me as does small talk.

I usually do something else while I watch TV as many shows are just plain boring.
by Finy
by Vee
Pubs - I find them incredibly boring
by AJ
Golf, cricket, and TV most nights!
Negative people really selfish people and friends that keep talking about the past
Move on and enjoy life now
well put Fazee!
by Finy
I don't have time to get bored! Waiting rooms are tedious and can be boring so I make sure I bring a book to read.
Yes, TFF.......must always take at least a book, ITablet/phone & NC headphones to block out stupid conversations in waiting room, & the ubiquitous tv blaring at top note, when one goes to medical appointments! I've NEVER been taken in at my appointment time! Why bother to make one? Gives me the @&$/-! Best was my GP, 90 minutes' AFTER time, but said there was an emergency! If $1 per minute late was deducted from cost, they'd soon be on time!
by donjo
I used to go to a doctor who was always running really late. Ninety minutes was not unusual so I always rang to check how far behind he was before I set out for the appointment. My current doctor apologised for keeping me waiting 10 minutes! I couldn't believe that he was concerned about the short wait after being used to my previous doctor.
I have seen the same GP since I was a child. He is often late so the policy is to ring to see how he is going. I know as a teen he would spend an hour with me talking if I needed it and he has pushed me in in front when I have had an emergency. I don't think I am a favoured patient, but he is a genuine caring person. I am happy to see a doctor who is thorough and cares, so I don't mind waiting.
by annfi
Mind numbing and repetitive activities.
I don't do well with small...small talk.
Jonaj, that photo is just beautiful! All right, I'm a cat tragic! AND loving it! Lol!
by donjo
Christopher Pyne speaking on any topic. Yes, I know you said WHAT bores you.
Totally agree!
by Fran
Totally agree!
by Fran
I would go as far to say anything that any of Tony Abbotts cronies say is boring because they just dribble the same BS over and over. I doubt if any of them have a mind of their own!!! Mandy E.
by steve
The Casino (not the restaurants).... people who talk all the time and never ask "so how are things with you!"....American comedy on TV (love British)....prob more but that's enough for now..
by Fran
Golf and cricket!
by Miro
I generally am too busy to be bored.
The worst is a date with a person that is full of themselves - know it all been there done that.
BORING ......Yawn!!
Time to leave
by Zen
not having enough work to do
Stupid people. There're millions of 'em out there, every which way that's possible! It's amazing they see one day's end to the next. In their cars, as pedestrians', making such dumb@&$& decisions' that could cost them their LIVES.

Inane conversation eg my m/i/l could ONLY talk about her kids! Nothing else interested her. And she wondered why her husband didn't get promoted after passing TAFE Courses; bosses would only need to listen to her ONCE, & that would've cruelled his chances!

Dumb tv shows! Too many on currently.
I am lucky that I can generally avoid the things that bore me. Many TV shows, especially 'reality' shows bore me. I rarely watch TV. Watching sport generally bores me, but it's ok if I know the rules and there is someone I know playing. People who gossip and criticise others are boring.
People who pontificate and think they are the fount of all knowledge - "no names, no pack drill"!
Sport and political campaigns
"It's ALL about ME" type people. How often can a person be forced to listen to their glory days rants?!
by Rice
Parties often bore me. I can't wait until a polite amount of time has elapsed and I can be free of small talk.
As children Mum would tell us to find a trail of ants to watch if we complained of boredom. I am rarely bored when I can occupy myself.
Watching golf and cricket and people who insist on telling everyone how their husband passed away (looking for the sympathy vote) each time new faces appear at the dinner table and depressing, negative people.
People blowing their own trumpet. Seriously !!!
Cricket...Golf,,,Lawn Bowls....Dr's waling rooms...Many tv shows...Repeat tv shows...Reality tv shows...Flights that don't leave on time. That's all I can think of....Right now!
by Miro
And of cause...Housework, as I'm very, very lazy!!!
by Miro
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