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What are your thoughts on the contraceptive chip?

by Vee (follow)
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Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

With the financial assistance of the Gates Foundation, MicroCHIPS is currently developing a contraceptive microchip that promises to revolutionise birth control worldwide. The chip, which is implanted in a region of fatty tissue, releases small doses of a contraceptive drug known as levonorgestrel. The chip has a lifespan of sixteen years during which it may be turned on or off by the woman in whom it is implanted via a remote control. With plans as they are now, the chips should be available to purchase in store by 2018.

This so-called ‘development’ is fraught with dangers. Firstly, it once again places the onus of birth control on women, who may consequently suffer the potential long-term repercussions of interfering with their bodies’ natural rhythms and cycles. Secondly, these microchips could be hacked into and personal information may be stolen and/or sold. Thirdly, the chips offer no protection whatsoever from sexually transmitted infections. These are just several issues that come to mind – not to mention the potential existential and attitudinal repercussions of such an ‘advancement’.

Thanks Bill, but no thanks.

What are your thoughts on the prospective contraceptive chip?

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Top Answers
Anyone who takes into their body 'any' form of Micro Chip is asking for trouble...
People are only told in part what the 'chip' can do.
There is more, and it is setting the stage for bigger 'chipping' to come, not just for birth control.
Oh sh*t jonaj, I was praying I was just paranoid.
by Vee
Go on you tube, and a lot of doctors are now asking people to have it just for I.D. in the States!
There is talk it will be very big over there in a few years.
It is the 'mark' if you know what I am getting at(but that will be later).
by jonaja
Regardless of any potential benefits, the thought of inserting a microchip into a person does not sit well with me at all.
by Vee
I'm hearing you ....!
by jonaja
I think it's good to have more options when it comes to birth control. Right or wrong the onus is currently on women anyway, and the pill, Implanon and IUDs interfere with womens' bodies natural rhythms too and don't protect against STDs either. Some women the pill doesn't work on and some can't use condoms due to latex allergies. The more options we have the more likely an individual is to find something that works well for them. Of course that needs to be coupled with educating women about their options and how their bodies work so they can monitor their own cycles.

Is it actually possible for them to be hacked into? They might be too simple for that. What personal information could you steal from them? Isn't it basically just an on/off switch to release the drug?

I probably wouldn't use it myself, but each to her own.
I'm not sure how I feel about inserting a chip into me - sure, it sounds like a feasible and viable option, but anything that can potentially take control of my hormones and chemical/anatomical functionality must be used with caution, IMO.
Placing foreign objects like a micro chip in the body is probably not a good idea - very unnatural and potentially dangerous. I would stay well away from this one.
by Lucy
Ethics aside, the chip would have to have
16 years worth of contraceptive hormone inside it to be able to release periodically. The risk of malfunction and having 16 years worth of hormone released into my body alone would be enough to put me off it as an option.

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