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What are your thoughts on our ONCE famous Rolf Harris?

by Finy (follow)
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Rolf Harris was a much loved Australian entertainer till his recent downfall.

What are your thoughts on him, now that he is disgraced, and in jail?

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Top Answers
I was surprised to hear that about his behaviour with underage victims because I thought he only went for older women, that's because of what happened to one of my friends when she met him a few years before his arrest at a book signing and he was asking to meet up with her even though she said she was married etc. She was very shocked by his behaviour and so was I when I heard about it as it just wasn't the sort of thing you would have expected from the way he's always been shown on tv or in the papers. Now, of course, we've all found out about a completely different side of him.
It seems that this sort of thing went on with so many "artists" and is coming out so many years later.

He deserves what he got however he looks so feeble and unimpressive at over 80 -what a punishment!! so many years later to be sent to prison -must be awful but then again so is what he did.

The only thing I find odd, or here in Australia anyway, is that a murdered often gets a lesser sentence than some of these other criminals.

But as to Rolf Harris, I guess people no longer look up to him as they did, though he was still a brilliant performer despite what he did.
by Finy
why give him further oxygen/outing here??
At all??
I can't even go there. Devastated . . . met him 8 years ago after watching him on tele in England as a kid . . . just devastated. Keep the mongrel locked up, he has shown NO remorse and is arrogant and smug AND blaming the victims!!
by Rice
It is this awful Lack of Remorse which really seems to affected my opinion of this man who I would watch every single week as he painted some miracle, seemingly from nowhere. How can he,or any other offender,NOT HAVE ANY FEELINGS OF REMORSE about the obvious hurt and damage they have caused their victims?
by Jules
Yes with his lack of remorse he is still calling the victims liars, which is a trait that they all have
by nat_c
Out of all the paedophile cases that have come to light over recent years, Rolf Harris was the only that actually shocked me. When news reports said he denied the allegations, I believed him, but of course it was a lie. I am disgusted with him, but no more or less disgusted than I am with any of the others who have been caught.
Out of all the paedophile cases that have come to light over recent years, Rolf Harris was the only that actually shocked me. When news reports said he denied the allegations, I believed him, but of course it was a lie. I am disgusted with him, but no more or less disgusted than I am with any of the others who have been caught.
Con artist paedophile, to the max.

Perfect example of how you NEVER know what someone is like.

His wife & daughter didn't know that this 'secret side' existed? Pfffft!

Proves bad behaviour eventually gets found out. Brave of those victims' to speak out now. Same situation with Robert Hughes.

His behaviour was unconscionable. He used his fame as a cover. Unforgivable.

I was most surprised that the 'investigation' of him by various agencies of HM, the Queen, which would've been done, BEFORE he painted her portrait, failed to find ANYTHING untoward about him.

Very pleased he was stripped of ALL his awards, & is doing gaol time, which may increase its' length with these new charges now.

Keep up the good acting portrayal of the feeble old man. We ALL can see through that ruse.

What a total low-life snake in the grass, in EVERY way.
Oh, yes, disgusting Robert Hughes . . . *bleargh* . . . I always found him repellent and I could never watch that show. Good old chickens that come home to roost.
by Rice
Don't forget Bill Cosby !!!
by Lluxi
Oh! Lluxi, he's totally forgettable, IMO!
Have never liked him, & never watched him in his tv series.
by donjo
Yes, rot in hell, Rolf Harris. i’ve never met the man, but what I’ve now heard about him…Makes me feel sick. I never knew Robert Hughes was also ‘that way’. He;s lucky he’s dead!
Robert Hughes is not dead?
by Finy
Robert Hughes is in jail right now. Definately not dead.
by Lluxi
Are 'we' referring to Robert Hughes the art critic, from W.A, who used to live in Sydney, (NSW)? Later in life he needed a walking stick from a terrible car accident he was in, which I think it was coursed by someone else.Oh hang on, you mean R.H the actor! Ooh sorry. YES, the actor one always said he did nothing wrong! (Well, don't they all?)
by Miro
I don't like him at all. He has lost my respect. How could you deny something that happened over a twenty or thirty year span in your life? Own up to it. Be a man. Too many victims to count over such a long period of time. I used to be proud of him as an Australian made good. He has become bitter, writing nasty words in nasty songs to the media. He is a sad excuse for a man and I don't like him.
Well put, Lluxi!
by Finy
Indeed. Harris and Cosby . . .denying, denying, denying!! Pigs.
by Rice
I've NEVER, EVER liked Bill Crosby either. When he came on the tv, I'd always change channels. HE should be rotting in jail, as I write this, (in Jan' 2017.)
by Miro
As a kid,I adored watching him on TV.I have always done artwork myself,but I would hate to be 'tarred with this same brush'. His artworks have inspired so many people to go on and develop marvellous talent,which can only be a good thing. Strange though,how, with much good, there is such a lot of bad lurking behind the scenes just ready to pounce and shock us all beyond words. And Shocked I have continued to be! He seems to be totally remorseless for his actions,almost as if because of his talent,he has a RIGHT of some sort to behave exactly as he wishes. And having recently painted the Queen's portrait in a much publicised and well-broadcast TV series so recently prior to this dreadful news breaking,he probably felt that somehow,it would just NEVER surface EVER!
But TRUTH somehow always finds a way out in the end. This is why it is always best to simply be honest.Then we do not have to remember things which we WANT to believe!
So many other celebrities are now being found guilty of disgraceful behaviour. It is almost as if,in line with the case of Harris,they seem to feel that celebrity gives them some special dispensation to behave so appallingly. The victims have hidden their shame for SO long, as they have most likely felt they would never be believed when their comments are compared with someone who is famous and up-till-then, well loved and respected. FAME is NO EXCUSE for behaving illegally,or disreputably. In fact,Fame comes with the hefty price of always being aware that others are looking UP to THEM!This means that they must behave EVEN more correctly than if they were simply an unknown citizen out in society! They deserve to be punished ,no matter how many years pass before their behaviour is revealed publicly. Sad,but Oh SO True!
I wonder what happened to that mentioned painting? I think the Queen should have slapped it over Rolf's HEAD!
by Miro
I never really cared very much for him and now that he is in gaol - not much more.
Absolutely mortified when I heard the accusation. At first I thought it was someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame, but as soon as others came forward it became obvious that so many could not have made up these accusations. What mystifies me is how his wife and daughter can stand by him. Maybe it comes down to the money he has?
Yes me too. I saw him interviewed by (someone) many, many years ago and at that time, he mentioned something about him and his daughter and whatever was mentioned, I formed an opinion of him then, that he was somehow absolutely in love with himself or that there was something awry between he and his daughter. Whatever, I never, ever liked him from that moment on. Also the fact that he was mixed up with Jimmy Saville, sends shivers down my spine. The fact that the two of them were allowed to "have the keys" to hospitals and institutions means, to me, that they were simply predators. What a revolting pair. Just imagine if you had a child, a sick little girl, in one of those institutions/hospitals at the time that the revolting pair were on the prowl. Wonder where the nurses were, when they should have been advocating the the poor patients. Enough to make a person vomit.
by fran.
I was dissappointed but it was a free for all when I was growing up. People didnt listen to children and to talk about sexual things was rude. We revered Nuns and Priest, or had to and look whats happened to them. There have been many affected people.
I was Not Surprised, to be totally honest.
I have never been a fan of Rolf Harris, even though I could recognise that he was talented. I don't understand why the ''abused'' waited so long to do anything about these complaints.
Surely it would be better to put it behind them and get on with life instead of reliving these incidents over and over.
I see sir Cliff Richard is in the firing line now.
Harris has been destroyed as a person and maybe this should be enough.
Enough of what….? Cliff Richards now in the firing line. Do you mean that since we have gotten on the Rolf Harris, we should now down tools and not go after Cliff. Really, can you be serious. The fact that Rolf Harris and Jimmy Saville were able to infiltrate hospitals for the sick and the insane and have their "jollies" in those places is enough to make people throw up. What a disgraceful pair of perverts and as for the people that enabled them to indulge in their perversions, they should all be outed, named and shamed. Might make people that work in those institutions feel a bit of shame or whatever, and might make them a little more careful in the future….but unfortunately, I doubt it.
by fran.
You need 2 re read what I wrote
Under no circumstances do I condone Harris, Saville's actions.
Sure go after Cliff .... but what if your wrong.
Nothing has been proved has it?
Enough of what ??? enough punishment
by jimsw
Jimsw, but what if people are "right" about Cliff. Thank God people didn't think not to go after Saville and Harris.
Jeebus, where are you coming from ?
by fran.
I'm very glad SIR Cliff has now been cleared of all changes! He can now go on as many 'Summer Holidays' as he likes!!
by Miro
I feel that if you do the crime you should do the time, I don't care who it is, even if it's prince Charles him self!
He deserved what he was meted out in the justice system. Same applies to all those who are convicted of similar crimes. Unfortunately Jimmy Savile escaped justice by living a fairly long life and dying before any investigations proved anything. I remember meeting him when I was 16. My boyfriend (now deceased husband) and I helped to run a youth club in Edinburgh. I said to my boyfriend "please don't leave me alone with this guy, he gives me the creeps". At the time he was very famous and much feted as a real "do-gooder" but I was obviously picking up on his creepy, very much "hands on" side.
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