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What are your thoughts on 'after-sex selfies'?

by Vee (follow)
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Barbie and Ken
Image sourced from: http://statigr.am/p/699761323646855426_215995457

Selfies are annoying at the best of times, but I have just gotten wind of the latest craze: after-sex selfies.

Are people so vain they must share their intimate post-coital moments?

Can you shed any light on this spectacle? What are your thoughts on the after-sex selfie?

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Top Answers
Wow, that's all I can say about that, wow. I don't understand it, and wouldn't do it.
I know, right? I too was speechless at first but, after the shock wore off, I felt sorry for the buggers that do it because they clearly have no idea.
by Vee
Never heard of, nor seen, the after-sex selfies. Sex is supposed to be an intimate act with your partner, so I can't imagine why someone would want to take selfies of it? I wouldn't ever do it. Sex, or love-making, is between me and my partner ONLY.
I don't know why, and I prefer it that way. I agree, intimate moments like these are suppose to be sacred and certainly not the time to be taking selfies.
by Vee
Bad idea, bad idea. Any sentence with sex and selfie in it is just a really bad idea. These things can ruin anything that is good. These things often come back to bite many years later when individuals have grown past this stage of silliness.
My first thought was: are teenagers growing up or adults becoming teenagers these days? I would not share my intimate moments with anyone. Anyone! I think it's an abuse of technology. Not to mention exhibitionism.
Right on! I think those who choose to do this have no clue of the potential fallout of their actions.
by Vee
Right on! I think those who choose to do this have no clue of the potential fallout of their actions.
by Vee
Vee, when you say fallout, do you mean perineal fallout ?
by fran.
fran, if you're referring to the human anatomy, then no that's not what I mean, lol. I mean the loss of respect, etc. that I imagine could occur as a result of posting this kind of selfie - could you imagine if somebody was to post one and their colleagues, boss or parents saw it?
by Vee
I didn't realise after sex selfies where a thing! Man I'm getting old.. Awkward though awkward
I know Rich, that's exactly what I thought!
by Vee
There seems to be a 'shock culture'.
Have human beings become now so self promoting with narcissism?
It would seem so.
My thoughts are while they can....they will.

Unfortunately, decency appears to have gone out the window as well.
by Vee
Yep your right.

The other thing is ''WHO CARES'' !#*?!#?......lol..lol..lol
by jonaja
That's a good point!
by Vee
Too much information!
It sure is!
by Vee
This is a thing!?

I am officially speechless.
Nope not interested in either, let alone doing that thing right now...
Really tacky, and will never replace the satisfaction of a quality post coital cuddle in my opinion.

GGMS What a revolting idea. Best thing to keep in mind is what couple took the selfies and to never borrow their phones unless if is an absolute emergency and.....you are packing a few hygiene wipes.
by Vee
God give me strength !
by fran.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Thanks fran, I will be using that from now on!
by Vee
Incredibly bizarre. No.
Get real. Absolute rubbish.
Why, dont take nude pictures. Someone eventually sees them
by Gia
Gia, I was thinking the other day when those naked selfies of celebrities were released - and I in no way condone the behaviour of the person/s who released them - "What? Most of these celebs post naked selfies of themselves anyway!?" Again, not saying that the leakers were justified in doing what they did, just a tad confused.
by Vee
Idiots - that's what comes to mind!
Total waste of time, rather a cuddle as its an intimate and precious moment between two people.
by Zen
I've never heard of this, but my first thought is gross, and my second thought is that's definitely too much information. I don't care to share in the after-sex glow of others. That's a pretty weird concept.
Right on.
by Vee
YUUUUUUUUUUUUK!!!! Now I feel like I need a shower and to clean my teeth. Why, oh why, would anyone DO that?! Jeez, people, oversharing much?? I blame the government. Bahahahaha.
by Rice
So. It's true. Barbie and Elvis did do the horizontal folk dance.
by Rice
Don't have any further comment on this topic, however, have lost all respect for Barbie and ken if that is what they have been entertaining themselves with.
Also, I think, as is evidenced in the photo you posted,that they are quite a disjointed pair.
Gross & icky! Is nothing sacred anymore?
Apparently not. I can't imagine it getting worse.
by Vee
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