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What are your favourite nuts?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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What are your favourite nuts? Do you yearn for peanuts in the shell? Or the oily macadamia nut? Do they need to be salted? Or chocolate covered? Or those funny Japanese peanuts covered in that sweet cracker shell?

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Top Answers
My top three are cashews, pistachios, and pecans. Unless they are part of a meal or pudding, I like nuts best raw. Saying that, I don't snack a lot on nuts a whole lot. When it gets t Christmas, however, I am very fond of roast chestnuts.
I think a nice big Macadamia is hard to pass up, followed by another...and another...and another....and yet another.

They have a texture that when you bite through, it just breaks in one sharp snap!

Yummmmmie Yummmmmie I got a Macadamia, in my tummy.....yeah.
Oh yeah . .. *high five* right here! Mmmmmmm.
by Rice
high five* :)
by jonaja
I also like cashews, but eat these most in the form of a spread.
For a long time cashews were my favourite nut, but since then I love peanuts. Lightly roasted they are divine. I also munch a lot of almonds. It's a toss up between almonds and cashews definitely.

Cashews and macadamia nuts! Om nom nom.
Chestnuts are the best for me. They never fail to awaken my memories of a special holiday in Paris where I sat with my family eating chestnuts and watching people go by in the Louvre square. this is when my fascination with chestnuts began. I do remember like it was today that the air was filled with the aroma of chestnuts roasting. I tend to purchase chestnuts when ever they are available and roast them myself.
Chestnut is special because it contains no cholesterol, no fat and they are also gluten free. Adding to the goodness is the fact that they have a low GI. read http://www.chestnutsaustralia.com.au/ and fall in love with chestnuts.
Almonds. I like them plain and seem to eat them every day, as they're very convenient to snack on.
I love Brazil nuts and hazelnuts, and always pick them out of the mixed nut bag first (thus the nuts on the plate...)
Vienna Almonds
I like macadamias, cashews, pistachios and peanuts. Cashews are good in dishes like stir fries and curries. Barbequed bunya nuts are also nice but hard to come by these days.
I've never even heard of a bunya nut - off to investigate!!
They're from Bunya pines. Not commercially available as far as I know.
Nuts are fantastic, so full of protein and bursting with flavour. I know I should eat almonds more because they are so good for me, but roasted, salted cashews are my favourite nuts.
Macadamias, pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts. I snack a lot on mixed nuts and find these are my favourite. I also can't pass up honey roasted macadamias or chocolate covered macadamias. Add a generous scoop of ice-cream and you've got yourself a little bit of heaven. Yummo!
by Vee
My top favourites are cashew (preferably roasted and unsalted), almonds (also roasted and unsalted) and macadamias. I also like pine nuts, but they are a bit hard to crack and also time-consuming and nails get dirty.
Roasted salted cashews r best!
I only eat raw nuts as I find salted nuts make me too thirsty and I don't enjoy the taste of salt on anything. Brazil nuts are at the top of the list, along with almonds, macadamia's and pistachios. My sister in law introduced me to pistachios a couple of years ago and they're one of my faves, even if they are salted. Honey roasted anything is nice too. Num, num, num! Mandy E.
Sun flower

Nuts - Yum! I love all nuts but my personal favorite is the Brazil nut!
I'm a walnut fan. They have a great taste, they are easy on the teeth and they are good for you.
I just love macadamias. I have a mature tree which produces well, but the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos ruin 99% of them. Just as well I'm a bird lover as well.
Almonds as they are so versatile - eat on their own, grind up and use for cooking cakes, roast and flavour with spices for a treat.
Nothing can beat the flavoursomess and wholesomeness of cashews :)
Hazelnuts, cashews and pistachios.
Macadamia and Pistachios are my favs
I love cashews. You can use them in anything. Eat them raw, serve them in a salad, cook them up with a stir fry. They are so tasty, and I love the texture.
Cashews and pistachios!!
I love non salted nuts and my favourite is cashewnuts
I love to eat nuts, especially cashews I can eat cashews in any forms.
I love to eat nuts, especially cashews I can eat cashews in any forms.
Almonds and cashewnuts
Almonds .
I love cashew nuts and macadamia nuts if they've been dipped in those sugary coverings.

Cashew nuts are great in curries - they take the dish to the next level!
Moreish Nuts
Cashews for sure.
by Zen
cashews, almonds, macadamias but have to be unsalted.
I love cashewnuts and almonds.
I use to love a wide variety but ate a can of mixed nuts when I was sick which turned me off of them. So now its peanuts ( in any form) almonds, cashews and pistachio for snacking. Any other I'll have as an ingredient in a dish.
by Gia
I like almonds. Up until recently I lived in Kingaroy which is the peanut capital of Australia and they did have some totally yummy and oh so fresh peanuts, and they came in every flavour imaginable.
I'm a big fan of cashews, they have a great taste and a great texture.
Walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, macadamia, cashew
My all time favourite is the macadamia. I also love almonds, walnuts and crunchy peanut paste. I like waldorf salad with walnuts in it. Nuts are great. I prefer them unsalted but chocolate coated is nice as a special treat.
Cashews, macadamia and almonds are my top three in that order.
The bunya nut
Salted cashews.
Cashew nuts
I love cashews best, pistachios then walnuts. I know walnuts have acid in them, & one should clean ones teeth after eating them. Also peanuts are not actually a nut, because they’re grown underground, & all the other nuts grew on trees.
The other nuts I have 1 of, chopped up on my cereal, but I eat cashews all day long. The cheapest (mildly salted ones) packs I've found are from Aldi's, 750g for $13.99.
by Miro
Cashews!!!!!!!! yummo
Roasted, salted Cashews!

Wish I could get Dark Chocolate Almonds, as I don't eat milk chocolate.
I love cashews which are honey roasted!!! yummmmo

I don't eat them very often.

But when I make a cake, I often include nuts like walnuts.
I have a handful of nuts every day, and I don't think I could live without them! My favourite would be brazil nuts I think... There is something about their decadent oily-ness that feels so indulgent!
I like all nuts.
Macadamia and roasted cashews have been an all time favorite
I don't like to talk about my friends that way.
Almond and peanuts, yummy.
by sns
I guess my favorites are raw almonds and hazelnuts.
I forgot pistachios :)
by silvi
I love them all.
Salted Macadamia
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