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What are your bad habits, if any?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you have any bad habits?

What are they?

#Bad habits
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Top Answers
I don't think so as I thought I was perfect.

Seriously,I interrup tpeople when they are talking as I forget what I was going to say if I don't.

Also eating too much sugar related sweets.
by Finy
My worst bad habit is loving my own space!!!! I do not like unexpected visitors at all,I believe they should ring me first just to check that it's okay to come and visit me!
My other so-called bad habit is allowing my beloved dogs to have the run of the house,After all, they are my bestest friends and this is THEIR home as well as mine!!! Definitely a case of 'Love me,love my dog'!!!!
Oh! Jules, & there's nothing wrong with that! Good on you! Cheers!
by donjo
Thank you for understanding how important these things are in my life!! I could not live any other way now!
by Jules
The Bobbsey Twins strike again. LOL. We'd be great friends Jules . . .but how would we ever get together??? Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
by Rice
I agree with this comment wholeheartedly!!! We seem to have so many things in common,and we can laugh at the same silliness too!! Have you got a Pinterest that I can check out?Then I could comment.......I'm not on Facebook or any of those things as I really do not live on my computer.But I DO like looking at what other people 'pin'!!!
by Jules
I am cracking up here!! I don't do Facebook either and have just signed up for Pinterest.
by Rice
This is almost too much to be just coincidence!!! I hope we are not stalking each other!!! Hee Hee Hee!!! Seriously though,I have met some of my now dearest friends through the internet.Most of them are overseas and we are in touch ALL the time.It's been a real gift for me,to meet others who have the same loves and interests as I do.Especially the antique and old illustrated children's books,as most of these treasures have come from UK and America anyway!! Every single one of my E-Friends is totally besotted with their dogs as well, which is so perfect for me,with how much I adore my own dear Fur Babies!!!
Pinterest can be a bit of a trap,as you can easily lose a couple of hours if you escape into it too deeply,somewhat like a good book really!!! One of my pages is called 'In books I own' in case you want to have a look!
by Jules
I shall definitely look :-)
by Rice
by Vee
Love the pic :) brilliant!
by jonaja
I know, right?! LOL
by Vee
With you on that one, Vee! Lol!
by donjo
It just says so much, doesn't it. ;)
by Vee
.......,,way TOO much? Hhhhmmmm..........
by donjo
Expecting people to think, act and react like I do! I have to constantly remind myself that we are all different, come from different childhoods, backgrounds, environments and...many people have emotional scars which cause them to react to some things in ways that others simply cannot fathom..what a fantastic 'melting pot' we have created....there was a song about this I recall...(.sorry all a bit deep!!).
by Fran
I eat more chocolate than I should. Pretty good other than that.

We all have bad habits.

One that I know my sons hates is my 'deep breathing'.
So I am doing things in our home he is close by, and then I take a deep breath, and let it out.
It took me a while to work out 'why' I do it.

I sometimes may interrupt if someone is talking, but! I am now trying so very hard not to do it.

I also eat way to much sweet stuff too.

I guess the last one is if I am upset with a member of my family....they get the dreaded A4.

I write it out on A4, and hand it too them! I hate confrontation with loved ones.
Some people yell, I just can't do that.
haha, Jonaj, lucky we dont live in the same state -or is it unlucky -we could go out eating!!
by Finy
I'm in Sydney Finy :) where are you?
by jonaja
Here it is again. - eating too much sweet food! And I know I'm guilty of interrupting people when they're speaking but, like, Finy, I do it because I think I'm going to forget if I wait! Trying hard not to do it anymore!
Finishing people's sentences sometimes and correcting people - it's awful I know! It's something I am conscious of so I am trying to stop doing it
by AJ
Wanting everything to be perfect.
Not meeting my own expectations of myself!
Biting finger nails! Have done it all my life, except the year between Engagement & Marriage, so I had beautiful nails for my Wedding!

It's my only bad habit. I suppose there's got to be one, but it's not pretty!
I tend to express my exciting feeling by touching or holding the arms of the person next to me. Sometimes I get told not to do it, so embearous
yes, i do not talk enough, because people never give me a chance to voice my opinions or thoughts, or they do not listen to me enough.
Like Finy - I thought I was perfect (yeh right)! Also, like Finy I have a bad habit (so my son tells me) of interrupting people when they are talking. I don't mean to be rude I just get caught up in the conversation - or at least that's my excuse.
I'm always being told that my worst Bad Habit is telling the Truth.....Always.
I'll just steal Jules' answer. LOL

by Rice
chocolat !

One of them is not doing enough exercise and spending too much time on the computer so I am out of here. ;-)
YES! Biting my nails until I turned 70. Being VERY messy & lazy by not doing much housework & also, being on my laptop for most of the day, when I stay home.
by Miro
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