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Were/are either of your parents diabetic?

by Finy (follow)
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Were or are, either of your parents diabetic?

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Top Answers
Yes, my father was though it he was type 2 and it didnt seem to stop him eating what he wanted. They ate cake most days and he loved butter and jam on his toast.

I am borderline at the moment so have cut out cake and biscuits and now have resorted to making recipes with dates, coconut,cacao etc to satisfy my sweet tooth - very little added sugar, and i steer clear of recipes/processed foods with a lot of sugar, so that it will improve - I DO walk every day and am thin but hereditary seems to play such a large part in many of these diseases.
by Finy
On paper, no. However, I am pretty sure that my mother was, but undiagnosed. I also have a suspicion that my father's grandmother may have been as she was blind and in a wheelchair. Back in the late 1800s there would have been no diagnosis or treatment and I doubt that they went to the doctor much - they just got on with it. I have no oral history, just a couple of photos. My siblings and I just ty to work things out from the little we know.
by Rice
Neither of my parents suffered from diabetes. My father does not have any chronic illness but my mother has hypertension and circulation problems due to overweight.
My Dad has it, but he is pretty well controlled. He watches his diet. Because of family history, I have a pretty good chance of getting it. I am doing all that I can to prevent it happening. I have a glucose tolerance test every year, watch my diet and exercise. Our son has Type 1 diabetes with absolutely no family history.
Lluxi -I guess type 2 is the hereditary one then? I am the same with foods, but I think if a parent had it, despite all we do, we will possibly still get it...
by Finy
Yes. If a parent has it, you have a high likelihood of getting it too. Hard to fight genetics
by Lluxi
My Dad and 3 of his brothers are diabetic. My grandfather on my Dad's side was also diabetic. Unfortunately my Dad eats sweet things as if he doesn't have diabetes.
by AJ
Nope no one in my family ever has been.

I keep being asked by doctors if I am, when just had a little operation...and they look amazed when I say no!
Yes my Mum was along with two of her sisters. My elder sister was diagoned too some years ago but both myself and younger brother although checked regualary seem ok. Touch wood.
My father was obese and an alcoholic before he died. He was diagnosed as a diabetic . I think it was still diet controlled as we found a glucometer, for measuring blood sugar, but no insulin or syringes when we cleaned up his belongings.
Luckily neither had it, nor in my direct family. I did feel really sorry for an elderly lady living in the retirement village my late mother lived in. She was very thin, ate like a sparrow and never veered from her special diet yet she had an exceptionally high reading all the time.
No,neither of my parents were diabetic. My grandfather was and lost a thumb and that was the end of him playing the violin.
Yes my Dad was Type 1 and I was diagnosed at 38 with Type 1. It's much easier now with injections and monitoring than back in his day!!
No, but my maternal great-grandmother did.
by Vee
My mother is diabetic, but not insulin dependant, I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my son,but it cleared up after I had him.My brother is diabetic.
My parents weren't, but my mother's mother was.
She died from diabetes & something else, (which I can't remember now) back in '58.
by Miro
My parents aren't but my grandparents, uncle and brother all were/are. Insulin dependent diabetes runs in my family. I was brought up on a strict diet because my brother is only 2 years older than me. It was horrible when we'd go to a party and get a lolly bag to take home. He'd cry and my twin sister and I would have to hide it in our bedroom and were only allowed to eat it when he wasn't at home. He was diagnosed when he was 7 and we were 5 so we didn't have the lolly filled childhood others had (I'm making up for it now though)
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