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Were you ever bullied or teased at school or now online?

by Finy (follow)
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We you ever bullied or teased about anything at school?

Or have you been bullied online?

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Top Answers
I was not actually bullied and did not actually know that word when I was at school, however I was called some names due to my religion.

I then went to a school with a lot of girls of my own religion and did not have the problem again.

I was not actually bullied for any other reason.
by Finy
When I was at school I never thought I was bullied, but looking back, I now think I was, and just never realised it. I think that is good in a way, because it means I won over the bullies by being completely oblivious to it, and not really being that bothered by it.

Examples include a girl in primary school who sat behind me, and used to sing 'Bryony de caca' under her breath. She was Italian, and it translated to 'Bryony is poo', but I had no idea at the time. It was also weird, because she invited me round to her house all the time like she wanted to be friends.

Then in secondary school I was befriended by the 'unpopular girl', who I think might have had some mental problems (I'm not quite sure). But because I hung around with her, I ended up getting part of the bully treatment. My school uniform would mysteriously go missing during sports, and I'd find it hidden in the cupboard. I didn't know at the time, but since the other two girls in my glass were the only other ones in the changing room, it must have been them. Once my tag along friend left the school, however, all that stopped, and one of them said. 'You used to be weird when you hung around with that other girl, but now your not.'
I wasn't bullied but was teased for different reasons at school....simple things such as words that could rhyme with my name and certain bitchiness. This wasn't bullying but was school yard type antics.
Bullying wasn't such a big thing when I was at school, it went on but living in the country meant the community was small and it felt more accountable and kids seemed more fearful of their parents and friends finding out. Times have definitely changed though and with the advent of technological enhancements, bullying can be carried out anonymously through cyberspace and so kids that may have fearful of being caught now feel that they can get away with it.
Not bullied, no but my sister was teased a lot which I think these days would be called bullying. It really hurt and affected her, at a time where all she really needed to get along was to have one friend she could trust and hang out with...social media is a mine field...
Not very often. Maybe once or twice. School was a long time ago and I don't spend much time thinking about it these days.

I was treated badly online very recently though. Falsely accused and publicly ridiculed. I choose to ignore it.
No, never
by Fran
Yes, when I got to High School in the very early 70's I was bullied quite severely.Even to the point where I did not want to go to school,and was very frightened if ever I was alone. I would rather not recall these times,so shall simply leave it at that.
Yeah, I was. I didn't fit in at all in my elementary school and bullied almost daily. I switched schools half way through Jr high and found, for me, a much better place.
Not yet!
Not bullied exactly but teased yes.
I was made fun of in the sixth grade, when my sister and I moved to a new school. I'm ashamed to say that I once bullied a girl in primary school. I wish I could take it back.
by Vee
always , i was just a girl to bully , even from so called friends when they got bored. Got bullied a lot for being too skinny , etc . Got into a lot of fights. Now i don't have any friends outside of fb and karate .
I went to a convent school in inner Sydney and there were a lot of girls there that were would-be bullies but their attempts never got very far because if the nuns caught on to the fact that there was a bully in the playground or wherever, they sorted it out very quickly - if anyone was going to be doing any bullying it would be the nuns and they didn't like anyone trying to outdo them on their patch.
In Grade IV, a kid rammed my port along a seat, scratching the bottom of it & breaking the hinges. Had to get new port. My mother didn't 'beat about the bush', contacted kid's mother, demanded, & got, money for replacement port.

In Grade VIII, kid, who was jealous of my sporting ability, because she didn't have a clue how to, hid my port behind a bush. It took ages to find it & kid refused to tell Teacher or me, where it was. Eventually found it & never spoke to her again. She left at end of that year, possibly expelled, as I wasn't the only kid she had been nasty to.

Online, few months' ago had a couple of blokes' trying to total a@&$wipes to me. Gave them heaps back, & they just stopped. Bullies' are out & out cowards, & nasty, sick individuals'.
No, not that I can remember, except of e sing-song with my christian name in early primary school.
by Miro
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