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Truthfully -have you ever tried any drugs not prescribed by a doctor?

by Finy (follow)
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BE HONEST -have you ever tried marijuana or any other drugs that a doctor has not prescribed for you?

What happened, and did you like it?

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Top Answers
I actually have never tried it, as I think I have addictive behaviour.

I did once lie in hospital that I was in pain so I could get pethedine for a few more days, however that was doctors prescription, so does not count.

Have not tried marijuana even..
by Finy
No! I have never had any interest whatsoever.Not even smoking a cigarette has held any temptation for me.
Very truthfully, never tried any drugs.
I have not. And don't intend to ever
Unless you count nicotine - I haven't. I never had an interest in them
by AJ
I will never forget the last time I smoked a joint cause it was the night my eldest son was conceived. And since he is about to turn 25, that tells you how long ago it was. Yeah I tried it several times when I was younger, but really didn't do that much for me. Mostly just made me sleepy. I would NEVER try anything stronger than marijuana though. These days I don't even drink coffee and live as close to a chemical free lifestyle as I can.
Truthfully, I have never even smoked a cigarette so no, I've never tried marijuana or any other drugs that a doctor has not prescribed.
by Vee
how odd -out of 7 answers only one person has tried it -I reckon those who have are not answering!
I always thought most people had tried marijuana.
by Finy
I think you're onto something there Finy, haha. I always assumed that too. Most people I know have tried it.
by Vee
by Fran
no, not really very been interested and deep down I think a little scared. plenty of it around with siblings and friends when younger but not interested. A constantly source of worry as a parent...so many more harmful options out there now. Have seen what it's done to some close friends and family over the years and its not a good look and not worth the fun at the time, they are truly disfunctional and broken people
One day my 12 year old son and I went to see a Movie.(10 years ago).

I said to him, lets go get something to take into the movie, as we had not had lunch.
The movie was at Parramatta, so we went down to the very ground floor in the food hall, and I said ''look we need to just get something easy''.

I bought to Muffins.
We went into the movie

Some time later, we were laughing our heads off.

It took a long time for me to understand what had happened ....and too this very day I get angry, just thinking it happened to us.
Esp my 12 year old son!
I guess they made special ones for special customers, and this time made a Very Big mistake.
I just cringe at the thought 'what if a mother had bought one and gave some to
a very young child in a pram', as we often see.Yikes!
yes, of course. And I agree Finy, I think those who have done so are not answering!
Never have and have never wanted to. When you see what it can do to people it makes you wonder how depressing their normal lives must be.
Yes, I experimented a little in my teenage years, then dabbed a little in my 40s foe a couple of weekends.
Well, smoking is a drug I feel, so about 53 years ago, I was asked to light a cigarette from another one, (for a further sister in law) I coughed, & that was it, I never smoked a cigarette again. Those ‘other’ drugs? I’d never ever even thought about buying those!. No way! When I’d see people on tv talking about smoking them, I’d think that was such a waste of money, & I’d rather spend my money on something like perfume or clothing!
Yes, I have a curious nature, I have tried marijuana, magic mushrooms, and on occasion I have taken a valium or something not prescribed for me. I am very open with my medical practitioner. I have not tried "party drugs" like ectasy or meth or cocaine because I am aware of the effects it has on brain chemistry and I feel that it is playing russian roulette with my health.

Tikut, I hope you won't mind me pointing out this fact, but 'russian', or any other country, should be spelt with a capital.
by Miro
No - never been interested. Worked in the medical field for years and saw the damage they can cause by indiscriminate use, so never appealed to me. Having said that I did smoke when I was young and foolish! In those days smoking was glamourised and the dangers were unknown.
No. I am the biggest cowardy custard ever. I am afraid of breaking the law and I am afraid of drugs and I am afraid of not being in control. Safe and boring but I enjoy a good laugh.
by Rice
My thoughts exactly, Rice. As you can see from my previous answer, I couldn't have said it better my self!
by Miro
No interest, ever!
Don't smoke, or drink either.
Prefer to be plain boring, & keep good health, as long as possible.
No. Large canary coloured coward right here.
by Rice
. . . .and I have NEVER tried marijuana and would not know it if it fell on me from the skies.
by Rice
yes I have. Fortunately I particularly like it.
Oops sorry about the typo. I didn't particularly like it.
by annfi
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