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Throughout Australian history, who was your favourite Prime Minister?

by Finy (follow)
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There have been 28 Prime Ministers in Australia, Sir Robert Menzies (pictured) being the longest serving one.

I know many of us do not like some of the Prime Minsters, but if you had to pick a favourite one, who would it be?

Do you have one you think did a particularly good job for the country?

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Top Answers
This man that you nominated was the one that said there would never ever be a GST! that was one of his minimum thirty five lies whilst in office....
by brigi
Oh! please.....he was not perfect of course we know that, but I felt safe with him,and I know a lot of people were happy along the way.
by jonaja
When he was PM, I moaned and bitched about him but in retrospect, I think he loved his country and his people and in that sense was ok. Much more integrity, compassion and empathy with everyday Australians that our current and last PMs.
by patri

Indeed :)
by jonaja
One that hasn't been in office yet....
by kimp
I think my favourite one, even though I do not remember a lot, would have to be the one pictured, Sir Robert Menzies even though there were one of two in my own day that I quite liked -one being Malcolm Fraser. He had a charm about him that I thought was endearing.
by Finy
yes but he lost a lot of credibility when he lost his trousers ! Oh come on now.
by fran.
Good old Johnny Howard. I now look at bosses in different jobs to see how similar they are to John Howard and know whether the company is going to stay around or not just by this type of leadership. I think I cried when he lost office and I'm not really into politics.

This will cause a stirring..........JULIA, JULIA, JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA
by Fran
JULIAR arrogant and hopeless
by Japie
.......she was a lot more as well......the WORST PM this Country's had to put up with, people thought krudd was bad! She was just the pits, in every way possible, & then some....................
by donjo
She never had a fair go. From the misogynistic barbs she had to take from the opposition to the ignorant sexist men and women in our society. Her reforms were about real people- about health and education and equality of access to both. How can subsequent governments think it is ok to dismantle such humanitarian and socially just policies just because of petty politics?
by patri
Julia Gillard. Atheist feminist. Works for me.
I love Julia Gillard, Hate thinking about her though. I feel embarrassed about the way we the electorate treated her. I can never get over that dinner business with the filthy menu printed with reference to her. So bad. So bad.
Now look what we have: an entire Government of blatant,bare faced, habitual, compulsive liars. This is man's world. No a single leader amongst them.
by fran.
John Howard. Also thought Sir Robert Menzies was a good PM.
The only PM I can think of that perhaps did a good job for Australia (depending on one's perspective) was Gough Whitlam.
He scrapped National Service, so he'd get votes from 18yo's, & as a consequence, crime rate has been skyrocketing since 1972.

We've got immature, useless, feral teenagers' to deal with now, who don't know what respect of ANY kind means, who've no direction for good, & who just want to do as much damage as possible, because they're bored s@&$less!

What a legacy, NOT!

by donjo
Yes Gough gave us free education too. That kept a lot of bored kids off the street. I knew a number that were "headed in the wrong direction" but, because of that free education, they ended up professionals - a lot of them in the health care system. He had great foresight. He was an educated man and an orator that Menzies would have wished he might have been.
by fran.
Fran, we already had free education in Schools, so he didn't give that.
If you speak of Universities, what was the success rate?
Lot of wastrels went there, who achieved NOTHING, & only went because it was FREE!
If their Parents' had still needed to PAY, they would've knuckled down, studied, & been successful.
by donjo
P.S. If he was so good, he wouldn't have been sacked!
What a disgrace to himself, his party, & this Country! He was a egomaniac.
And he was nowhere near the calibre of orator that Menzies' was.
by donjo
You have got to be kidding. How can you blame one man's actions as you have for such a massive social problem that we have. How many teenagers do you really know. I know thousands due to my work and I know very few who would fit into the description you have written. A very poisonous and sad view of our youth who need encouragement as guidance not the bile you have so bitterly spat.
by patri
Paul Keating, Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke but only because they were movers and shakers, actually doing something for the country and its people
Keating? Pfffft!
Whitlam? So pleased he got booted out of office!

Hawkie had/has a brain, was a Rhodes Scholar, same as Abbott.
Bob was the best of the Laborites.
by donjo
In my time in Australia (since 1983) the only Prime Minister who really appealed to me was Paul Keating. He had formidable political skills and great economic skills. He had the sauvity and business acumen you would expect a world statesman to have. He was the master of the putdown with his sardonic, sarcastic jibes and was unsurpassed by any other Australian politician in this regard. Malcolm Turnbull appears to have some of these features but the jury is still out on his Prime Ministership.
..........on seeing off krudd from the Lodge, he was wearing very 'interesting' clothes.......hmmm!
by donjo
Yes, Gough 4 me 2! He had my parents phone connected for them, way, way, back then!!! We'd also spoken to Gough & Margaret at various art openings, e.g. the Margaret Olley exhibition at the S.H.Ervin gallery in Sydney. about 5 years ago, so it's Gough Whitlam for me! (My father couldn't stand Bob Menzies. He was always 'going on, (& on) about him!!!)
by Miro
Gough Whitlam probably then close second would be Paul Keating.
Gough Whitlam probably then close second would be Paul Keating.
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