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Some people get bigger and some smaller as they age -which category do you fall into?

by Finy (follow)
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Some people put on weight and some lose weight as they age.

Which category do you fit into?

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Top Answers
I have got bigger as I aged, and also I put on weight easier than I did before.
I am still fairly thin though was skinny before.

I have to watch what I eat or I would go on and on putting on weight, and I do not like to be overweight.
by Finy
Good for you Carly keep it up and you will feel so much better.
I have had to eat more to take medication. Also I am unable to exercise at the moment so the weight is piling on. Was a size 10 but now expanding to a 12. Hate the large stomach. I am getting the blood test done to check my food intolerances. Some foods are definitely making things worse. My description of myself makes me laugh...good to laugh at yourself and out loud!
I had a radical hysterectomy. since then I piled on the weight and now suffer from arthritis. I find it very difficult losing the weight due to clicking bones. How I wish to be skinny again.
Amen to every word :-)
by Rice
I've gone up a size in the past year or so, but I don't think that's aging so much as no longer breastfeeding all the time.

I have got bigger.

But....good news is I'm now also loosing, to get back to my smaller size.
Good on you Jonah.
by annfi
Sorry - Jonaj. Grr autocorrect.
by annfi
I have gotten bigger but not due to age; it is due to medication!
Hopefully smaller - I don't know yet!
I am not sure as yet but hopefully on the smaller side. I do not want to suffer from ill health of my own making as I age.
by Gia
I had gone up 2 sizes, since having 2 kids, but now I'm only 1 size bigger, & when I have lost more weight, it made my face look shallow! So I’ll stay at size 10 now. Walking quickly most days for 3k’s seem to help.
Was on the big size up til two years ago.
Have lost much weight, & am now better for it. Will continue to do so, healthily.

One sees so many obese, & morbidly obese women getting around these days. They look terrible, & strangely, always try & fit into smaller sized clothes, at which they're constantly pulling & tugging. It looks so gross!

Saw a woman yesterday who had the epitome of 'legs of pork' upper arms! And, of course, the rest of the body was similar 'proportion'.

They all look like the 'Michelin' man, with his spare 'tyres' everywhere on him!

Wow! your not judgmental at all?!*#!?
by jonaja
i have worn the dress size that matched my age. Every second birthday, I would go up a size until I ran out of sizes available at age 28.
Now at age 35 I am learning how to live healthier, and the weight is dropping off.
So far so good on losing weight as I age!
I think we all put on weight as we get older - certainly true in my case. I was a tiny size 8 when I was young but through the years progressed to 14-16. Since the death of my husband two years ago the weight has dropped off, combined with a lot of walking for psychological reasons (helped me think). I am now a 8-10 and 56 kgs. Purely accidental weight loss but feel better for it.
I was pretty round before I retired 2 years ago. Now I only eat when I am hungry. Used to work in health care and the amount of food available to nurses et al is enormous (and free) and that plus lack of movement ensured weight gain is very steady. That is why there are so many nurses that are morbidly overweight.
I pretty much stay the same weight.
by AJ
My weight went down until I reached the middle of my ideal weight range a couple of years ago, I'm currently at the top of my ideal weight range.

This was through only eating when I was hungry, and being careful about what I eat. Increasing vegetable intake, and watching out for too much fat.
I was slim and trim until my hysterectomy. I think my three "earlies" - childbirth, tubal ligation and hyserectomy - have played havoc with my body. It was my creeping weight that was the first indicator of my diabetes and it is getting hard to shift. They will be rolling me into the juicing room like Violet Beauregarde soon :(((
by Rice
not you dear Rice....not you :)
by jonaja
Im at the age of fatness. I had a hysterectomy and noticed the weight piling on even though I ate healthy. I find it almost impossible to lose it at the moment
Definitely overweight and so hard to lise because of arthritis and sleep aponea so even though I watch what I eat it's to no avail.
I use to be the skinniest kid in the neighborhood and now I can't lose weight. They put so many growth hormone s in things that we don't know what we are eating anymore as I eat as much as a child still.
I have gained weight over the last decade. After walking daily for a couple of hours a day for over a year and losing a meagre .5 kg- that's half a kilo , I became resigned to being fat.i didn't have the time to spend a couple of hours a day walking around the suburbs. At least even though I was not losing weight, I was not gaining. Since stopping walking I have gradually gained more.
I used to gain a little as a teen, but could lose weight fairly easily, now it is has become very attached to me. Less time on the iPad and less food is my latest strategy, and soon I will have to go the Weight Watchers.
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