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Should Zoo Weekly be available for sale in our local supermarkets?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Shinjiman, Wikimedia Commons.

Zoo Weekly is marketed as a men's lifestyle magazine, and yet it contains sexually objectifying images of women and violent sexual imagery.

A petition is currently circulating to pressure Woolworths and Coles, Australia's biggest supermarket chains, to remove Zoo from their shelves.

Keeping in mind that supermarkets are frequented by families - children included - should Zoo magazine be available for sale in Woolworths and Coles?

#Public Health Crisis
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Top Answers
It shouldn't be on sale anywhere, it's misogynistic garbage!
I had no idea.... this was happening

So now one of the 'supposed' family orientated places in Australia, has become a whore for the almighty dollar.

I find that nauseating to the max, and I will be signing that Petition.

What next? we may well ask.

It is good in retail to take an opportunity to extend items for selling, Supermarkets are a big majority of shoppers....Unfortunately in this case one has to say they have 'masqueraded' as a all family place to go...which is now not the truth.

SHAME on these two Companies.

They don't like to be criticised, then keep if decent.

Oh! hang on...maybe in 2015, it's no longer called that....but ''Profit''.

What a sad-perspective they must have of the public.

Why not sell maybe 1 item they have not got in their homewear isle, that people need but can never get! what is it you say?

How about spice shelf.

Great idea, people would then be able to invest in more spices, and they would sell, more product.
Now your selling more than one item...makes sense.

Nothing productive come from Zoo Weekly, but a unhealthy clutter to a persons mind.

I would say they should 'grow up', and keep it clean and family friendly.

I am in total agreement with you, jonaj.
by Vee
I believe there are men in this world who are convinced that all
has spoken about are ok behaviours to indulge in.

I have dealt with some of the most hard-core men in jails for many years.
When asked 'why'? they have done such a dreadful crime some will say
''because they could''.

If you ask them 'how' such ideas come to their minds, it is because (some) have been able to access certain info and pic's....that make them want to experience the darker side of human experiences.

If we did have censorship tighter, you WOULD see a drop in certain crimes.

Not all, of course.....but some decrease, means that our loved ones or family and friends do not become a victim

Never think it can not happen to someone you know.

Plenty of young men can go into a Supermarket and get this trash, and in the mind of a young man (or even older) ideas can form, no matter how strong they are.

Putting this TRASH in a easy place to access, is I feel is an opportunity of the worse kind.
Just having such an option to me is nauseating.

I'm passionate about such things having heard and seen the 'Psychological' turn that can and will happen when such indulgence into these nasty Mag's
are read by certain males in our society.
by jonaja
Maybe it would be better if they put it in plain paper packaging so people who didn't want to see it didn't have to, and people who wanted to buy it were carded first.
Jennifer, have you read the magazine or the rationale for the petition? I know it is the popular opinion to say, well if we get rid of the magazine, that's censorship, and censorship takes away our right to freedom of speech and information, etc.

But, the magazine promotes misogyny, sexism and rape culture. https://s3.amazonaws.com/objects.readcube.com/articles/downloaded/wiley/4682499fba67bdd64800ba37af0e535aa898f2273ca6e791c1737500cc89157b.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIJZYFKH6APDFT3HA&Expires=1431475200&Signature=TZuRmTvtLx9%2FWrvJJTiSfNJv2UY%3D&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf

Surely it is not ethical to say, yes, it's quite alright for a team whose product has such a powerful influence on the social and cultural sphere to promote a culture of violence and rape to men and boys as young as 14. The latter are impressionable and to teach them that this is the way they must behave to be considered men is despicable.

Please take the time to examine the link I've included in my comment and the rationale for the petition. I'd also urge you to have a read of the magazine yourself, and let me know what you think.

by Vee
Thanks Vee. I'm not really opposed to just getting rid of it, I was just trying to think of another option that the supermarkets might go with if they refuse to just stop stocking it.
I'm not in favour of censorship so I am uncomfortable with the idea of asking to have it removed but.... the kind of images you mention are not suitable to have in a child's eyeline or easy reach.
So I would agree with Jennifer, that plain packaging and up high with the porn would be a better option. Make it plain (pun intended!) what men are buying when they get this magazine, that it isn't mainstream or considered acceptable by the majority and the message might get through. I live in hope!

I'll ask you what I've asked Jennifer, have you read the magazine or the rationale for the petition?

I know it is the popular opinion to say, well if we get rid of the magazine, that's censorship, and censorship takes away our right to freedom of speech and information, etc. And, a lot of the time, I tend to agree with this sentiment. However, when a text incites sexism, violence and misogyny, there has got to be a very real consideration of censorship.

In a study conducted in 2012, 40 young men and women were asked to identify the source of a number of quotes. The quotes were either sourced from lads' mags such as Zoo or convicted rapists. The results showed that the participants could not confidently attribute the quotes to either source. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/objects.readcube.com/articles/downloaded/wiley/4682499fba67bdd64800ba37af0e535aa898f2273ca6e791c1737500cc89157b.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIJZYFKH6APDFT3HA&Expires=1431475200&Signature=TZuRmTvtLx9%2FWrvJJTiSfNJv2UY%3D&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf )

I urge you to have a read of the rationale for the petition and the study - heck, pick up the magazine and let me know what you think.
by Vee
I still don't think censorship is the answer.
I think teaching young people the difference between right and wrong and giving them the tools to decide for themselves not to buy the magazine is a much better way forward.
I always look for a positive solution in preference to a negative one.
Definitely not!!!!! Wait to get rid of it before young boys grow up to become rapists and I think parents that support it are just as bad.
It's ironic you say that Juicylucy, because a study carried out in 2012 actually asked respondents to attribute quotes to lads' magazines such as Zoo and convicted sex offenders. The results of the study confirmed that respondents had difficulty identifying quotes taken from rapists and those taken from the magazines. I mean, you don't even need a study to see how publications such as Zoo promote sexual violence and, sometimes, activity that borders on the illegal. You just need to read the magazine.
by Vee
I've never heard of this magazine, but just based on the description, I can't see that going over at all in our local markets.
I'm glad to hear supermarkets in some parts of the world have sense.
by Vee
It depends if you want to live in a free society or not
I want to live in a society in which I am free to purchase groceries in a supermarket that neither promotes sexually degrading material nor assails me with explicit imagery that triggers for me the recurrence of traumatic memories.
by Vee
although i do not have any memories as you describe and I am deeply offended by this type of content but so long as it is around i do not want it hidden I want my daughter to know it is there and that she is growing up in a world that has a lot to change and it will be up to her to continue that change. But above all I want her to grow up in a society that is free because without freedom she will never be able to live. We are already constrained enough adding to that does not make for a better world. I am saddened that it troubles you however I am saddened by many things but I defend your right to have them even when I do not wish you to.
by filli
by Finy
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