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Should twins be dressed the same?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Once you're a grown up, you can wear what you like, but when you have twins, should you dress them the same?

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Top Answers
I believe twins should be their own person.
Right from the 'get-go'.....So this is a problem set by the 'parents'.

I feel it is a selfish wish of the parent to dress twins in the same clothes.

Telling everyone who comes into contact..''look what I have done, I had twins''.

My daughter-in-law is a twin, and they are very much separate people.

The majority of people on the earth are not a twin.

They live their lives as a separate person. I can not understand 'why' twins can not do the same as anyone else.

I do not mean to sound harsh, but I feel your given a life...enjoy it!

No need to emulate the other person who you share the same mother with.

It also tell's the world, '' We both have no individuality, we can't even pick out different clothes''.So they dress the same.

I actually feel, and always have it is quite unhealthy for anyone who chooses
to copy another, as some twins do.

Some parents of twins have a lot to answer for, I would love to ask them ''what were you thinking''.''Why dress them the same, if it is not to draw attention to
them''. Same colour - same design - same shoes - same -same-same.

They are not clones!
They are individuals, who need to know that from the day they are born.

Firstly I love your detailed response, thank you! I would never say twins 'copy' each other. Ever. A lot of people seem to ignore the bond twins have. I have an older sister and out of sheer chance my twin sister, and our older sister have all bought - on seperate shopping trips - the same clothes, quite simply because we all like the certain piece of attire.

Parents, undoubtedly fascinated and proud that they have given birth to two healthy identical babies, are merely dressing their twins the same because it would seem silly not to. They are twins after all and why not up the cute factor?

You say it suggests they aren't their own person. I've never heard that one, it makes me chuckle more than anything. If one judges a person merely on appearance it would imply that a persons voice and personality is of little value, and speaking for themselves if a pointless because you've already made your mind up about them. I'm pro dressing the same, and once you allow a twin's voice to be heard, and their personality to shine you won't find it hard to differentiate between the two, irrespective of what they are wearing.

I do love a good debate!
I take your point.And respect it.

I can only say how I have seen twins.

It is funny our perceptions on things.

Yes....me too love a good debate. I think it is a way we all learn from one another.
Little bit like looking out the same window, but both see something totally different...
by jonaja
Well, if they're identical twins technically they *are* clones, but yes, they should get to express their own personalities.
Sure - it's totally cute when they are little. Once they're old enough to express an opinion on what they want to wear, then let them dress how they want. Until then, why not indulge in dressing them up!
Amen, well said.
I don't have twins, and I'm not a twin, so I think I have no idea really - I say no, because I don't think your giving them a chance to express their individuality. That said, from what I've read, a lot of the time they choose the same clothes, and there is some bond they have that they like to be close & dress the same...
A lot of people say that, but my sister and I (pictured), love wearing the same clothes. When we were little our parents dressed us the same, and in adulthood we've carried on mostly because we like the same style, but more often we wear different clothes, which actually makes me a bit sad.
I always opposed the idea because I think you should allow their individuality to shine through. However, some twins like to dress in the same clothes, in which case it is more than acceptable. You can allows buy them the same outfits, and then they can wear them on alternate days.
Very true.
It is up to the twins in question, however twins should (ideally) not be dressed the same for a few reasons:

Firstly, it is easier to recognise them in most cases.
Secondly, allows a twin to express themselves and their individuality. One twin might not like a certain clothing label/fashion trend, while another one might.
Thirdly, it can all depend on the twins budget for certain clothing choices. One twin might be wealthier than the other. In terms of school/work uniforms, depending on where they work/go to school - they could be two different places and hence would not be able to dress the same.
I'm all for individuality, but surely if one twin's outfit is really cute (stylish, fashionable), the other might want to look just as good?
Could they not look just as good in a different outfit?
If they want to be. With babies it doesn't really matter but once they're old enough to express a preference children should have some say in what they wear. If they don't want to dress the same they shouldn't be forced to.
I've never really thought it was forced, nor have I ever felt any pressure to look the same. More often than not I am jealous of a really cute item my sister has bought, and want the same! Much like the stuff I see my friends wear - if it's a hot item, I want it because I know it will look good.
Oh I didn't mean that all parents of twins forced them to dress the same, or anything like that. It's just that some parents do force their kids to wear clothes they hate just because they (the parents) think they're cute and I think it's quite unkind to do that when kids are developing their own tastes. I'm not a big fan of pink but my daughter likes pink clothes so I will buy them for her sometimes because that's what she prefers. So if a parent was forcing their kids to dress the same and they didn't want to I think that wouldn't be very nice.
That happens regardless of whether you're a twin or not. A lot of kids have a love/hate relationship with what their parents put them in.
Twins are individual because they are twins!! It's a beautiful thing to be so connected with someone on a level that the majority of us cannot relate to and to dress the same is not a bad thing! But a good thing! This makes them stand out from the crowd and let's people see just how amazing the life gene can be by creating something so beautiful not only once but twice!!!!! Wearing the same clothes makes then stand out from the crowd which is something that all twins should do!! Unique and beautiful xxx
I agree lynds. Well said.
Twins should have their own identity. Sometimes it is also easier on the rest of the family to identify who is who (if they are identical twins).
'Easier' on the rest of the family? Is it such a chore to identify the child you have born and which brother or sister is which? What an unusual way of putting it.
I have identical twin boys who each have their own very distinct personalities. I have at times dressed them the same, particularly when they were younger and particularly when I found an outfit that was just too cute to only give to one. I often try to find outfits that are the same style in a different colour. They are now six and usually help me when choosing their clothes, and I find that their tastes in the fashion department are often similar. They both like a degree of individuality, however they also share alot of interests so when I buy them a licenced outfit for example, they usually want the same one.

I found that when they started preschool, the teachers found it difficult if they were dressed the same so I made sure they had something in their outfit to tell them apart. Now they are at school, they wear a uniform so dressing them the same (as each other and everyone else) is unavoidable.

With all due respect to those who are of the opinion that dressing twins (or siblings of different ages for that matter) the same diminishes their capacity to be individuals, I couldn't disagree more. Clothes have no impact on personality. They will each develop their own opinions and feelings on things regardless of what they wear everyday. I go back to the school uniform thing here, if clothes had the impact of diminishing individuality, then all the children in a school would just be clones of each other.

I feel that its up to each parent how they dress their children and eventually regardless of what the parents opinion is on the matter, their children will eventually buy their own clothes and choose for themselves anyway. What I don't think is fair though, is that someone else may judge the children as being a clone just because they share an interest in fashion.

Elyse you have said this better and more eloquently than I ever could. My mother said the same (about my twin sister and I), it couldn't be more of a narrow minded response to think that clothes define someone's personality, never mind twins, who are usually completely different.

My sister and I (pictured), are very similar in our thoughts, ideas, and we have the same mannerisms, but everyone has also said we are like 'chalk and cheese'.

I think being a twin is something to be celebrated, and in all honesty, who wants to please other people, to make it easier for them to 'spot the difference'?

Very well put Elyse, and a massive thank you for this well-written, honest truthful response.
I don't think there is a right or wrong way to dress twins. It is what you prefer as a parent when they are little and what they like to do when they are old enough to choose their own clothes.
Well said Ivana!
Looks really stupid!
So much for developing of individual personality!

They are individuals. Once they can indicate for themselves, if they want to dress the same - yay. If they don't - yay.

I think it looks sweet but perhaps not 24/7, especially after becoming adults, unless they just love the same clothes. I have more of a problem with mothers who dress the same as their little girls. I find it very odd.
by Rice
Only if they want too!
by Miro
I have just come back to this question with a thought and (duh) just realised you said the photo is of you and your sister . . . omg, you girls are beautiful . . !!!!!! Anyway, my thought was how cool it must be to be a twin because the rest of us only get to see new outfits, hairdos, shoes, etc in a mirror . . . no wonder twins always look so fab: you have the best mirror in the universe! Lucky, lucky twinnies :-)))
by Rice
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