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Should so much foreign aid be given to other countries when we have so many needy in Australia?

by Finy (follow)
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Australia spends billions of dollars on aid to foreign countries including sending troops overseas.

We are a rich nation compared to many others, however we still have many struggling and homeless people in our own country.

Do you believe we should spend less on foreign aid, and give more help to our own citizens?

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Top Answers
What goes around comes around. We need to look after our own welfare, but also remember that one day in the future the situation might be reversed and the shoe on the other foot....
by kimp
I don't believe that we should be spending billions on other countries when there are so many poor people, and people who do not have homes, in our own country.

I know many countries do this and many countries are not as lucky as we are here in Australia, however I still think we should look after our own before we look after so many other people.
No one should be living in poverty while the country spends over 4 billion on foreign countries.
by Finy
I agree
by fran.
This is what I think and I use Africa as an example. Africa has been given foreign aide for decades and the country is not better. I think it would best to use the philosophy of 'teach a person to fish' rather than give them a fish. When Clinton was in power he focused on his country first and as a result was able to turn the USA into a positive cash flow. So I think charity should start at home and then turned outwards.
sorry - the continent is no better than what it was! (not country)
by chipp
well put Chipp! Totally agree
by Finy
I feel really bad each night I go to bed.
I have a roof over my head...a electric blanket...food...warm home...and a nice comfy bed.
Having been totally homeless myself at age 8 and then 38, I fully understand what it is like....to sleep on the street.
I think we can help other countries, BUT! we need to help our own first.

To me, it's like trying to clean someone else's house, and your own is filthy!!
The nights are very cold now, and it is a total disgrace, we have ANY homeless people.Why can't the government even just build a shelter with walls and heating.Cot beds, like we see when there is a disaster.
I will be the first one to put my hand up and some of my chaplain friends to run it!
Give me a million dollars, let's see what we can do!

I'm good to go! Mr Abbott.

Ready and waiting.........
Unfortunately Jonaj, no politican will be reading this! I think many countries do the same as us and are in the same situation -best example is U.S. -doesnt make it right, and I agree with you -well put!
by Finy
The old "Nissan Huts" used as temporary housing back in the 1950's are a good example of what could be used now. Just a thought - it'd be better than nothing & shld not cost too much ................. um .....until the CFMEU gets involved, then it wld cost multi-millions.
by delbr
good idea! :).....I'm still waiting Mr Abbott!!!!
by jonaja
There is so much corruption in the coutries which we aid. Sometimes I think we are throwing good money after bad. Of course it is one big poitical game in the same basket as looking for a lost airliner.
Australia pours far too much of Australian taxpayer's money into alleged Foreign Aid of which a considerable amount never reaches it's intended destinations.
Much is used to pay organisation's salaries, and much is diverted to the wealthy "officials". Somehow, our Foreign Aid disappears into a black hole, not reaching the target recipients.

Australia would be better to provide & install,1000 fresh water-pumps each year, positioned in 'best-use' places after consultation with village chiefs/villagers, officials etc.
Australia could establish its own version of the US Peace Corp. whose members would travel to these countries to supervise and implement the installations, enabling the villagers to be more involved with the experience.
Recently, I heard a very young speaker claim that water-pumps donated & installed by ROTARY are useless as they are wrongly/badly located. This was a propaganda LIE.
Rotary is extremely careful & considerate.
It consults with the villagers b4 proceeding with water-pump installations in these countries.
Australia must find better ways to give assistance, instead of throwing our money at the (doubtful/dubious) distributers of our Foreign Aid billions.
... and ...Bugger the UN!
I agree bugger the UN! :)
by jonaja
Definitely not! ALL of it should be stopped immediately! Look to our 'own backyard' firstly.
These countries' we send it to just think our country is a bottomless pit. Our PM was right in reminding the indos of funds we gave/give them.
They just laugh at us & think we're stupid handing out money to them like there's no tomorrow.

I don't know WHY we HAVE to give to other countries. If the shoe was on the other foot would they help us? OF COURSE NOT!
With all the floods & bushfires we have, don't hear of neighbouring countries sending money, troops, fireries, paramedics, TO HELP US! Gives me the .....!

Think of our MILLIONS & MILLIONS of Taxpayers' monies been/being wasted in the search for MH370. Is the Malayasian Govt going to repay it to us? NO, OF COURSE NOT! They're broke!
Bet IF it was a Qantas plane, which would be VERY DOUBTFUL, which countries' would help? NONE OF THEM! They'd 'cry poor, 'oh, we haven't any money to help rich Australia'!

The whole situation of giving millions $$$$ to other countries gives me the screaming 'heebie-jeebies'? It's just NOT FAIR to the Aussie Taxpayer!

wow...lot of anger there .
by jonaja
jonaj, & your point is?

by donjo
I agree donjo,
by fran.
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