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Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt children?

by Finy (follow)
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There is more and more in the news about same sex couples.

Do you believe they should be allowed to adopt a child/children?

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Top Answers
For a orphan child having no one is bad enough.If a child is given a home and someone to love and care, does the gender of the parents really matter?? I dont think so.
I would think having two parents, whether they were the same sex or not, would have to be better than having none at all. If orphans need a loving home and gay couples are prepared to give them one it seems to make sense to let them adopt.

I know some people worry about adopted kids of same sex couples not having a male role model, in the case of lesbian couples, or a female role model with gay couples, but I don't see how that's any different from being the child of a single parent (except for having an extra parent to love you). If that's the concern presumably you wouldn't want single people being allowed to adopt either, and I would disagree with that, since I think having one loving parent is a lot better than none at all. There are other adults in the world (aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, teachers...) who might be able to fill the role of father or mother figure in a child's life.
I think so, provided they're responsible and meet the same criteria. One of my friends wants to foster a child, and he is in a same sex relationship.
Little research into the effect of same-sex parenting on children has been done, yet an abundance of information concerning the importance of a father-figure and mother-figure on children's development exists. I think people should certainly err on the side of caution when it comes to this because, at the end of the day, the child's best interests should be put first.
by Vee
The needs and rights of the child (not the parents) are absolutely paramount. They have a rough deal to start with by needing parents in the first place, so we owe it to them to give them the best possible alternative to their own biological parents (which consisted of a man and a women - because that's how nature [or God] has determined we are created).

This is in no way intended to poo-poo the validity or efforts of other couple types (that is a separate subject), and I agree that there is more to parenting than being heterosexual. However, I also agree that the ideal is a life-long committed couple who are stable and can provide both mother and father figures. Again, this is not to make any judgement of other family types, but (for example) most people wouldn't marry if they thought it would end in divorce, so I think that's an indication that most people would also say blended families (and other alternatives eg. same sex/single whatever) are not the ideal preference for raising children - they are adaptations we make under the circumstances that are sometimes out of our control. we have control when placing children with adoptive parents, and there are more people wanting to adopt than there are children available, so lets give the child the best option possible.
by kimp
Children are 'designed' to be cared for by a male & a female, to get balance. End of.
I think that people who are in same sex relationships should have the same rights as other couples to adopt. If a child is welcomed into a home with loving adults I cannot see any problem.
It saddens me to see kids who are dragged up. I wish all children could be raised in loving families.

I can see no reason why they should not be allowed to.
I would believe they would make just as good parents as a male and a female together.

They would still have to go through the same process as a heterosexual couple wanting to adopt, and that is not easy.

But I do wonder what they call them both?
by Finy
Neil Patrick Harris and his husband go by "Daddy" and "Papa" respectively with their kids. Or maybe it's the other way around I forget. I imagine it's like distinguishing between a child's two grandmothers and two grandfathers with different names or nicknames.
Daddy and Papa is a good idea -I think i saw in a movie the two guys were called Daddy 1 and Daddy 2 which I didnt like
by Finy
I think they should be able to, and see no reason why they wouldn't make good parents. The nature of someone's sexual preferences or relationship is not the test of parenting. I believe that any couple wanting children, needs to be in a committed relationship and should know what they are undertaking when they decide to become parents. The adoption process is often a long, hard slog and can test even the strongest of relationships as it can be fraught with emotional highs and lows.
I don't think that the 'nature of someone's sexual preferences or relationship' is what people have an issue with when it comes to same-sex couples adopting. Little research into the effect of same-sex parenting on children has been done, yet there is an abundance of information concerning the importance of a father-figure and mother-figure on children's development. I think people should certainly err on the side of caution when it comes to this.
by Vee
Absolutely - provided they are financially stable and emotionally stable to raise a child.
Yes, in the same way adopted children shouldn't be taken off parents that divorce (because if the argument is really mother figure-father figure then that should be the case).
But then I also think single parents should be allowed to adopt too.
Me too.
by annfi
Yes, there will always be role models available to help with development, but a loving caring home environment is paramount.
Yes, of course. As long as they meet the criteria as any other couple would need to do. It's just my opinion but I think that children need many people to love and care for them and they come in both sexes. Some of them are biological and most of these people and true carers are not.
Not if there are stable heterosexual married couples with good home environment and impeccable parenting backgrounds (or impeccable parenting potential) available. Nothing against same-sex couples. Just that the needs of the child prevail above all else and statistically research shows children (on average) have the fewest problems when they grow up in stable non-blended families where the parents are in their first marriage and heterosexual. Again, that's not to say same-sex couples are "bad" parents (and many of them sure leave hetero couples for dead in that respect, if you ask me), but that there should be no compromise in finding the absolute best environment for the child possible, and removing value judgments from the argument (which would otherwise result in circular arguments forever, I'm sure), the statistics are what we are left to work with.

If the hetero couple AVAILABLE are less than impressive and a particular same sex couple is assessed as being top notch on every other perspective, then yes (again - simply because it is the best option available FOR the child).
by kimp
Yes; the gender of the parents doesn't matter as long as the people themselves are fit to be parents. People often argue that kids need a mum and a dad and that's why they shouldn't have same sex parents however in my opinion and my experiences I've discovered that in a couple one tends to identify as the mother figure and the other as more of a father figure and although this may be more discreet than in a male-female relationship it's still present. Many kids also only have one parent anyway at least the child will be going to loving parents. And lastly I believe that being raised by a same-sex couple would encourage a child to be themselves.
So YES; i do believe firmly that any couple that fits the criteria to adopt should be able regardless of genders.
Yes they should, children need a loving and safe environment. It's U.S. heterosexuals that give parenting and marriage a bad name.

Yes, not enough kids are being adopted at all so any loving home is good enough no matter the mix,
I think a child is going to better off with parents who really want to love them, nurture their dreams and hopes and keep them safe. Much better that a child is raised by a same sex couple than a heterosexual couple who are dole bludgers on drugs and alcohol with no education and crawling with head lice and not getting fresh food and clean clothes or bedding.
Yes, if it is a stable relationship and a happy home why not. There are a lot of children who need loving parents. Some of my very best friends are of the same sex marriage and they are making great parents. I think it is terrible the way people treat others of a different sexual orientation.
I think it's wonderful for same sex couples to adopt children. Look at Elton John & his partner. Janet King, (TV show in Australia,) had her in a same sex 'marriage, with adopted girl/boy twins. I thought that was lovely for the story.
by Miro
I wonder how the adopted child will feel about this when old enough to understand, and how the child is treated by other children when growing up.
I can't see why not. I've seen two individuals sharing a house and bringing up their children jointly and it's working well. So why can't people of the same sex living in a committed relationship do the same?
It's not the gender of the people . It's the love and care you can give. Disfunctional homes come from all families no matter what gender you are. Children don't love by gender.
OF course they should. What better parents could a child ask for than those who want one so much they go through the process of adoption and pass all the required criteria. The only disadvantage they fave is stifma and discrimination from other people, which is unfair.
There are so many Hetero couples with children they didn't plan and maybe don't even want. That's the true sadness.
There are not enough children for even a man and woman to adopt.
Which has been the situation....esp for couples who badly want a child and can't have one.I would consider them first, all day everyday- I know one young married woman who is so desperate, that IVF has cost them a fortune! Still no baby, and miscarriage, after miscarriage...Knowing how devastating that is, I have to say that women need to be thought about more . It is so heartbreaking being a woman, and to loose a baby thru miscarriage, then IVF is not working. It does your head-in. Not to even think what her partner must be dealing with.To me it is going to be a vote for the woman, who is desperate....over anyone else.
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