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Should people have to work up to 70?

by jonaja (follow)
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Male & Female old people puppet's.

What are your thoughts about our older population now looking like they may have to work till 70 years of age?

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Top Answers
If people want to keep working, I think that's fine, but changing the system to make 70 the retirement age, I don't think that would be fair. My parents aren't that much older than 70 and there's no way they'd be able to put in a days work anymore. They had tough jobs when they were younger and these took their toll on their bodies. I think it would be much better to address unemployment rates at younger ages to boost the number of taxpayers to support them.
yes I agree.
by jonaja
It really worries me how the retirement age keeps going up. At this rate, I'll have to work until I'm 85 or something. Even if you are fit and healthy enough to continue working at that age, by that point you have earned a damned good rest. What is the point in living if you are going to be doing nothing but work until the day you die?
by jonaja
It depends on the person. There are those who would rather go to work, even if they are 70 already, and they are as dynamic as they were at the age of 30. However, I don't agree to "having to" go to work until you are 70. I think there should be an option for early retirement starting at the age of 60.
Yes, that is a great age.
by jonaja
No! Unless you would like to and feel you're capable of doing so. I don't see any Politicians working till they're 70!, Yet they get all the pensions, benefits etc for life after they've left politics, which we, who may have to work to 70 will have to pay!.
by jonaja
In my country many people actually wish to work beyond the set retirement age. I think she should be allowed to do so if they so desire.
of course, but that is not what it's is about....the Government want it to happen.....that's a far different story.
by jonaja
I don't think they will "have to" as half of them won't be able to find a job anyway! So they will just go on to a different type of payment.
Our Govt DOES need to get the economy back on track and needs to cut down somewhere, though I do not think making people work till they are 70 will make all that much difference.
by Finy
From what I have heard, the Government now is looking at this
as a means to keep money coming in,not going out.They are quite serious about it.
by jonaja
Well Finy, I think the Government could start at cutting back at "trough" level.
by fran.
It seems very unfair if some of them have to. I'm not sure what we can do about it though. We have such a big aging population now and not enough working younger folk to support them all.
I think you have hit on something there...maybe target the young ones, who after time 'must' take jobs (they don't really want too).
by jonaja
No. I hate the stereotype that young people are lazy. It's certainly not true of most of my generation, at least not the people I know. It's unfair the way it is assumed that someone who is young and out of work doesn't really want a job when actually they might be trying very hard to find one and finding themselves under or over qualified, too old ("young" is a relative term, in a lot of unskilled or entry level jobs once you're over 21 you're too old because they have to pay you more) or otherwise considered unsuitable. Been there, done that, screen printed the t-shirt.
When I said not enough working younger people, I didn't mean not enough of the young people were working, I met that there are just not as many of us full stop. The generation before mine are called the baby boomers for a reason. There are a lot more of them.
I'm a Baby Boomer.I think there are a lot of young people who do like to work.
I also think there are a lot of them that are not too fussed.
My youngest would wait and wait, if he could(well he did really) till I said enough, 2 years later.He is not just the only one, so for me I would say it could be just a new generation of thinkers.Waiting, till they want too.
by jonaja
Unfortunately the age has been lifted because the government has spent most of your superannuation on other stuff and there is not enough money left for people to retire on. The problem is that if you are in a position which can be replaced by a younger person, chances are that companies will probably take this step. After all it is not about you - it is about the gross profit at the end of the day! :(
Well said.
by jonaja
I don't think that people should have to work until they are 70 years old. The average life expectancy in Australia for men is 79 years and for women it is 84 years. That means men would be working for 88% of their lives. Wow, it's kind of mind blowing when you look at it like that. If people want to work until or beyond 70 years of age, then good luck to them, but I don't think people should be made to do this. I information provided by the ABS for my answer (http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/4125.0main+features3110Jan%202013).
by Vee
Good Answer :)
by jonaja
I started working in my family shop at age 13.
That was back in 1967.
I have been working ever since.Now at nearly 60...I am already tired.
Yet, my days are full.
A lot of us baby boomers they forget Had to start work very young, and in those days....it was really hard work.
There was little choice, and you sure knew you had done some really hard work.
Plus: we only got one and a half days off a week.We had to work half day Saturday.
Once 12p.m. came, all the shops on a Saturday closed, till Monday morning.(In Sydney)anyway.

On another point: As you get older, you are not quite as sharp, so we do take a little longer to get things done, people who employ know this, and I'm sure they don't all want us older folks around.It may sound harsh, but if a poll was done they would choose people 20 to 45yrs.It's that simple.They know we fall over more, we loose our balance, we don't see as well as we did when younger.We are not as quick, and yet! they want to squeeze every living drop from us.
No joking, but some of us will more than likely now die on the job.May be a small amount, but there is a chance.
I don't believe this should happen but I believe it will happen. Each year life expectancy goes up as does out ability to remain healthy as we age. I think this will eventually force us to work longer as we need to save more for our retirement years which will likely be longer than it is today.
uummm? not sure about that.
by jonaja
I don't think it should be a mandatory one although people may work if they feel they need to.
And the current economy, unemployment rates etc convinces me that people will not be able to save much from what they earn now and Govt will still have continuous need of people's super & taxes and will expend all of it for something or the other. This will only leave the elderly persons (including me when I reach that age) with no other option but to at least do anything available to earn daily living.
Unless the government takes a step back and rectifies their approaches to common day-to-day tactical issues with a long-run strategic vision, nothing will change for the better. Hence to conclude that will require you and I and every Tom Dick & Harry requiring to work for our living expenses until we kick the bucket.
well as long as we keep paying for the ex-Prime Ministers (7 of them) to have money for life! I guess we will have to keep doing it.
by jonaja
Yes I think it will be very good to work up to 70 years. I do not feel old and is still very healthy, I would love to be still working.

by jonaja
You can choose to work to 70, and beyond, and many people do. However, being forced to is quite a different thing.
tinag, I bet you would love to be still working. I know a lot of people that would love to be still working - the problem is that you don't have permission to keep working. Younger people don't want you still working and they don't want to work with you either. They don't care if you have the experience that they don't have, because they can replace the experience you have with "front". I have seen so many, very experienced keen workers "forced" out of the workplace. Particularly in nursing and health care.
This is a very tough world that we live in, and for the Government talking about people being required to work til 70 is just a load of cobblers. The very best the Government could hope for is that you are able to keep working once you are 40, certainly 50 is out of the question.
by fran.
It should be a matter of choice , and not about the government telling retires that this is how we have decided you need to keep working to survive financially!
yep it should be, but I have a feeling things are a changing big time!
by jonaja
No! Unless you would like to and feel you're capable of doing so. I don't see any Politicians working till they're 70!, Yet they get all the pensions, benefits etc for life after they've left politics, which we, who may have to work to 70 will have to pay!.
Well I have also written about that! just look for the pic of Parliament House.

Maybe they want us to keep working, so all 7 ex-Prime Ministers 'can' get all that money, we give them?For the rest of their lives....what a joke.
by jonaja
Personally, I think it is a pretty dumb idea, because, I work in a hospital environment and people seem hell bent on ridding the entire hospital system of anyone 50 years and over, regardless of experience in patient care, teaching ability, management skills or whatever. I also believe that this attitude is the reason that hospital budgets are so in the red. I also believe that the "get rid of anyone that is 50+ years from the workplace" attitude is rampant in all businesses and all large organisations. Anyone, in any profession, 50 years+ is usually fighting to keep their job. So yeah, working til you are 70 years is a pipe dream.
I'm hearing ya!
by jonaja
Totally agree. Health care and aged care. That's been my experience too after years in management, writing funding applications, mentoring new staff etc etc. Once I turned 60 - ooops your job is no longer there - we have restructured.
by maria
I am already ready for the knackers yard! Why don't they let us live until we're 70 then shoot us, that will save a few $$ :-)
Maybe one day.

But right now they need us to work, so we pay taxes, so we can support all 7 ex-Prime Ministers for Life!
That cost's millions a year, so we have to help don't ya know...lol..lol
by jonaja
Abbot was on tv tonight blowing $50 at the races and treating his ma and pa. Made me wonder if he would have expected his dad to work til he dropped. Apparently it's going to be put as a referendum - let's hope so. I've already told Hockey on Facebook what I think of his plan - this will give me another chance to blow off steam lol.
by pfuit
GOOD for You!!! :)
by jonaja
I am fine with the idea of working until I am 70. The key is if your health is still good, I don't think people should have to. I would prefer at 70 to volunteer and help different groups rather than compete with young people trying to enter the workforce.
I would like to ask the Government 'who' would for sure give us a job, at that age.
by jonaja
Yes, I agree. Age discrimination is illegal, but who knows if you don't even make it to an interview?
Can you imagine how many people in their 70's will be told off for accidentally leaving lights on, heaters on, air con's on, forgetting to lock doors? Oh they may be encouraged by others to write themselves a note to remember but that's if they remember to read their note. It will end up costing organisations more in terms of electricity and security!
Let's be honest...really honest I totally agree.
I'm forgetting tiny little things now!
So heaven help when in ten years I am 70.

Sure....you will have people who are exceptions.

But 70 is 70.

So lets no pretend that stuff, will not happen.Any more then that, people are just kidding themselves.
Plus they are not as strong, not as fast, get tired much much quicker.

Total thing is one big 'Tony-Joke'. Gee that man get's up my nose.!
by jonaja
I agree with pfrut and fran. I also know the well off will still retire at 55 and then the gap between the haves and the have nots will be so much wider.
I retire next year at 65, most of my friends who are well off retired at 55, they think I did not work hard enough, that is why I have to wait till 65. I have had a lot of ill health, marriage brakeup etc etc etc. These friendships have suffered because of the things they have said to me. I hope I do not die before I get to 65.
Joan I can totally relate to what you said.
I too have friends who have said to me the same thing.I too have had bad things happen, they don't seem to take that into consideration.
Truth be told, they need to stop and think! before they open their mouths.
by jonaja
P.S. Joan you hang in there, you will retire, and you will see better days. :)
by jonaja
A lot of unhappiness comes from the propagation of the lie that making money is easy and that anybody who doesn't have enough of it hasn't worked hard enough. There is not a level playing field. Some people start with a lot, some start with a little, and some have more obstacles in their way than others. Hard work counts for a lot, but it's not always enough.
Spot on Jennifer....well said.
by jonaja
Does anyone out there know of any company, large company, including hospitals and schools etc., that is PRO keeping on staff after 50 years of age ? maybe a company that has had a write-up in a local rag or major newspaper ?
It is meant to be illegal to discriminate re old age, but I personally have witnessed it on 8 occasions since 2006 - it was not something I appreciated seeing my fellow human beings being capable of, in fact excelling at.
I think the suggestion of 70 years being the age when pension becomes available to people, is a good reason to UP the cases of companies or managers being sued for "bullying" or "age discrimination". It is hard enough to remain in a position after the age of 50 years. This is just more pressure on the baby boomers to try to cope with the ignorant, illiterate, lazy gen X or Y or Zs. However, it might be good for all the lawyers out there who might get work from all the "age discrimination" cases they will pick up.....if people have their 50 year old wits about them.
by fran.
Yes I agree, from personal experience having my own children.They can be lazy!
It's not just mine.
It is a fair few....and when you are over 50, forget it trying to find work.
I only know of Bunnings hardware, that takes older people.If you look around, the older ones that work other than Bunnings are people who have been in the job , for a fair time.
In Fact! try finding many older workers 'anywhere'?...You will be hard pressed.
by jonaja
People can work as long as they can.It just gives you financial independence, a means to feel good and meet other people,It is however a personal choice.
well if the Government have their way, people will have no choice!
So 70 year olds will have to work.
by jonaja
You are quite wrong Art. It is very difficult to remain in a job til 70 or even 50. You will remain in that job only if younger people allow you to. If younger people have a friend that they want in your job, you will have to go……….and go you will. End of story.
by fran.
Try finding a job, any job, after being made redundant. Sixty years of age, and less, is considered 'over the hill' by many employers. Where will the jobs be for younger Australians if manufacturing continues to be done overseas and mining declines ... and older people are forced to work longer to be able to afford to retire? Doesn't add up!
I Know :( it doesn't add up!
by jonaja
No but if they want to then it should be easier for them to find or keep employment. Older people have a lot to give.
if they want too...and if they can that's quite o.k.
by jonaja
Nope. The shouldn't. And the politicians shouldn't get their pension until they are 70 if they are introducing this rule. That would save a HUGE amount of money. It's an absolute disgrace.
Get the people to work for the people who get ALL the perks!
No matter what!
by jonaja
I Thenk When a person turn 60 ther or to be a helse eksamination if it turns out that the person is fit for work let that person work to as long they Can manages ther job.Let ther be a medical eksamination at 70 and after evry 5 years.Why is it a good idear because you Can Cut pention plus that the State are getting income in form of tax.I allso then ther or to be be halftime Jobs for the people turnt 60+
by jonaja
I Thenk When a person turn 60 ther or to be a helse eksamination if it turns out that the person is fit for work let that person work to as long they Can manages ther job.Let ther be a medical eksamination at 70 and after evry 5 years.Why is it a good idear because you Can Cut pention plus that the State are getting income in form of tax.I allso then ther or to be be halftime Jobs for the people turnt 60+
by jonaja
To be frank some careers it would be easy to work until you are 70, and some industries if you tried to work to that age you would simply burn out. I think retirement is a personal choice and no one should be forced to retire before they are ready. Alternatively retirement age should not be pushed out for those who are ready for a myriad of reasons to retire. We also have to look at what we are leaving for our youth. The job market is decreasing and by staying in the workforce longer we are further reducing the opportunities for the up and coming.
well said :)
by jonaja
When superannuation was first created as a concept, it was set at 70. The average life expectancy at that time was 70. The point was that retirement was a horizon that was never reached.

No one wants to work until they're 70. If you're particularly keen on stopping work before then, I'd suggest boosting your personal savings. Superannuation is an easy target for politicians and will continue to change in the future.
by jonaja
No I think its a real shame if people have to continue with hard work into their 70s to make ends meet. For those wanting to work to keep their brain active etc its a different thing. There is so much to enjoy in life, retirement being one of them and everyone should have the opportunity in their older age to have a quality of life that does not include continued hard work to make ends meet.
great answer
by jonaja
If they want to work why not. Some people find joy in their work, it gives them something purposeful to do. I do not however think that they should have to work for a living at that age. Some people poured all their life's earnings into their children and as such they should help to take care of them when they are old.
by Gia
by jonaja
Only IF they want to keep working.
One must be in good health to work at ANY job these days, as the stress level is beyond the pale!l

Thank goodness I've already retired!
I'm hearing you.
by jonaja
I think that would be cruel to raise retirement age to 70. It is just another greedy money grabbing scheme from our corrupt government to get more money from income tax and years of less aged pension to pay to people who have had a full career and deserve to enjoy what time they have left with us. Don't forget, our dirty politicians retire very young and get a full pension which is above what most of us earn working full time and they get to live the highlife while forcing regular jo and flo to keep working to support them. 😤 sorry i am ranting but this is a subject i feel strongly about.
Could not have said it better..... :)
by jonaja
most by the age of retirement have or getting some form of age related health problems.
A lot including myself do volunteer work, thereby still contributing to the community.
Yes I agree with you :)
by jonaja
Its vry subjective Its upto the people. Some find it very good for their wellbeing while others want to retire.
I agree on that.....
by jonaja
I agree
by jonaja
I think thats a personal choice, obviously if you are well off and happy with life then I guess not, or some people prefer to keep busy,or they still may need the money.
by jonaja
I don't think that's ok.
Me too...I don't think it is right :(
by jonaja
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