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Should more be done to protect our wildlife?

by Vee (follow)
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'Australia Cairns Koala' by Aoineko

We are losing both plant and animal species to extinction at an alarming rate, and once gone, these natural wonders will be gone for ever.

I am of the opinion that drastic measures should be taken, and they should be taken now. Governments, organisations and communities alike must act to safeguard all species, especially those that are threatened and endangered.

Native American Chief Seattle once said 'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children'.

We owe it to our children, and mother nature, to safeguard the earth and stop exploiting her resources.

Do you think more be done to protect our wildlife?

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Top Answers
In Australia we have the most amazing wildlife in the world.
They are most under threat by pets: cats and dogs and road users.

People need to be more aware where and what their pets are doing and report incidents ASAP if their cat or dog has attacked. a possum, Koala, snake, Echidna or other native wildlife. So these critters have a better chance of surviving.
If you hit something in you car STOP and check to see if it's dead and if it has live joeys in the pouch, which can still be saved even if the mother is dead.
Don't just think the next person will do it.

I have become a wildlife carer to help the Australian wildlife where I can.
Yes. It's awful all the horrible stuff that has been happening to wildlife lately, from destruction of habitats (like the Great Barrier Reef being threatened with dredging) to deliberate killing like the shark cull. Then there's the effects of the recent heat wave on the bat population. Lots of volunteers worked really hard to save as many bats as they could but a lot more could have been done if they had the funding. If we lose too many bats we'll lose the eucalypts they pollinate and other animal species like koalas too. World heritage forests and marine parks need to stay protected for the sake of the species that live in them and for future generations.
Absolutely, more funding should be required for this project.
Look absolutely. However, if you look at the rhinos in South Africa, there is very little you can do when you have an army of poachers hunting down an animal and the only thing you can do is catch and arrest. Most of the poaching is supported by wealthy people who see this as a sport and do not feel that animals should share this planet. As for funding, I have been part of campaign to raise money for the save the Rhinos. Over a million dollars was raised, but money can't put a price on life and even though they have the funds they can't stop poaches from killing them!
May I suggest poaching the poachers?
by Vee
I am with you!

But I am lost, as to how it will happen.Even just writing about it, makes me angry, and of course upset.
We live in a world that has taken on a very selfish 'shape'.That's why we have all the issues now with our animals.
Like you I feel passionate,but no idea if the funding will come.These are sad times.
These are sad times, but I'm afraid sadder times are yet to come. True, selfishness is getting in the way of the things that which matters most - life.
by Vee
And this is where an 'edit' button would come in handy. Sorry, I meant, "that which matters most - life".
by Vee
Lol it's all good...we do need a edit button.
by jonaja
All life should be cherished...and I don't think enough is being done to protect the creatures which we were given the power to protect in the first place.
Well there is a quote I read once which goes: Only when the last tree is cut down will man realize how important mother nature is to him!

I read a similar one that said something like, "Only once the last tree has been felled and the last river been poisoned, will man realise that money cannot be eaten." Let us hope it doesn't get to that.
by Vee
Yes, more should definitely be done to protect our wildlife for our own sake, the sake of our planet and the futures of people who have yet to be born.
Yes, definitely. My best friend volunteers for a koala hospital, and it's heartbreaking hearing what is happening to koalas and the lack of help that is provided by the government.
Most definitely. We are the ones razing their habitats to the ground, killing them for "sport" and making them into road kill. We need to step up and take more responsibility. I could weep when I think of tigers, rhinos, koalas and myriads of other animals going the way of the Thylacine :((((
by Rice
by Finy
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