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Should human cloning be permitted?

by Finy (follow)
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Top Answers
No way ! In my opinion it does more bad than good.
How can it do harm if it is done purely for transplants? Have you read about the waiting lists in Australia for transplants and how many will die due to lack of....
by Finy
I didn't say it does no good . I only feel it causes more bad than good . A family member had a very serious heart condition and had a destination therapy by implanting an LVAD device which does the function I the heart . So yes I do know the waiting time .

The reason I say it does bad is because most often technology is misused and we don't stay a master to it .
by Sasha
Moreover transplants are complex not only for mismatch but when you do a heart transplant , there is a compatibility required by your other organs too . For instance for a heart transplant , the pa pressure in your lungs need to be at a certain level .
by Sasha
What bad do you think cloning would do?
Read on and you could google for more...
Having come from a family of doctors, I think Cloning is not yet approved for reasons published.
by Sasha
It seems a bit pointless. I mean, we can aleady make new people. But ethically I would say it's not necessarily a no-no. A clone is a separate person who is just genetically identical to somebody else, which is pretty much the same as an identical twin. Twins aren't somehow lesser people because there are two of them so clones wouldn't be either. Cloning for organs could be okay too provided you weren't growing whole, concious people and then killing them as happens in some stupid sci fi movies, like The Island or in the book Never Let Me Go (great book, stupid premise). I can see it being something only accessible to the rich, but that's true of a lot of things.
This was not the correct picture meant on this question and it was published while I was changing the whole question!

I believe in cloning but only cloning organs and not people, as imagine if we had countless of the same people which according to Sci Fi films, would be possible.

Cloning for organs is very worthwhile and ethical, as the mother of a child who needed an organ transplant. The "do gooders" who disagree have obviously never had a child die due to the lack of organ donation.
by Finy
I wondered what was going on with that. I went to answer the other question and it changed to this. This one was pretty interesting though. Sorry to hear about your child. It would definitely be good if we had a reliable source of healthy organs for transplant. I saw something on tv about them using pigs as hosts for human organs for transplant. That sounded promising, though I don't know much about it. It would be better if we didn't have to grow them in a living, conscious being though.
Cloned whole people would not be the same as the person they were cloned from. They would be genetically identical but they'd have different experiencs that would make them different, physically and mentally. They'd only be as similar as identical twins.
PS if you put a note to the editor then one of us can fix the picture for you.
Very, very young Jackie Cooper, in that photo!
by donjo
Yes to organ cloning of human organs... but as for cloning whole humans, I would have to say no for several reasons.

The world is overpopulated enough as it is already - let humans enjoy the experience of bringing other humans into the world, and raise them in families and societies. There is more to a human being than just growing a copy in a lab. Also there is the issue of the whole lesser/superiority thing look at our society we already discriminate against people based on age, gender, looks, race, abilities, and so on. This would definitely happen to clones and it wouldn't surprise me if they were viewed as less human. I imagine this would open the door for abuses and slavery of such beings. And another reason would be the undeniable fact that we don't know enough about the developing immune systems of babies and people, we don't fully understand the human body - this could spell disaster down the track for humanity.
With population issues rife in so many countries, I don't think cloning of people is necessary, but for organs I think this would make a positive step forward. Too many people are left waiting for organ donations, and for some organs, people will require multiple donations within their life time. I agree with Jennifer's point that as long as cloning for organs was done in a manner where people weren't grown as fully functioning humans, then I would definitely agree with this.
Interesting question, Finy.
I think cloning organs is a very good idea. It would solve the issue of finding compatible donors. As for human cloning, like everyone else, I'm not quite sure on the point. As seen with Dolly the sheep, there is the risk of a clone have health problems, and although a clone is no less of a person than the original, the clone might feel that way. The person being cloned may also feel like they are losing part of their individuality.

Bryony -did Doris the sheep have health problems?
by Finy
Dolly the sheep, and yes. It only lived for a short time, and suffered for most of it.
I agree with the advantage of cloning to provide organ donors. But as an individual its a complete no-no. The world is anyway falling short in dealing with the existing population, we certainly don't want clones
I'm not even going to try and answer this, it could go on and on and on.
That will give me a headache.
LOL jonaj -coward!!!
by Finy
LOL.....you know it!
by jonaja
No - imagine 2 Christopher Pynes.
better than 2 Bill Shortens!
by Finy
.........or 2 krudd, or Gillard!
by donjo
or 2 abbotts or 2 hockeys
by fran.
already got a close clone of Julia G in Marise
by fran.
Two Pauline Hansons . . . . *shudder*
by Rice
Only in a Stephen King novel :-)
Admittedly, Bill's language isn't as worthy of cloning as Chrissie's is
by fran.
No, one of me is bad enough. ;-)
by Gia
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