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Should euthanasia or mercy killing be made legal?

by Finy (follow)
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There is often debate about euthanasia in Australia.

Do you believe it should be made legal here?

Do you think this is better than having to go to Switzerland (where it is legal) with a terminal illness?

Or do you just not agree with it, and for what reason?

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Top Answers
As sad and dreadful as it is, changing the time frame to when one dies
gives me a shudder.
From a view that I believe we are all here to that very moment we take our
last breath, for a reason.
To change it is interfering with life it's self.With balance, and for whatever reason some do suffer, (I fully understand)...but believe we should not mess with it.It may sound cruel, and please believe me I do not want that to come across.
We are all given that special time to be born, and I believe to die.

If it is changed, I feel it interferes with that persons whole life structure.
Each person has a soul, and we shouldn't mess with timing.
Now that is just what I believe.
If I was given the chance...with my life, and I was suffering, I would not want any human being to help me.I want to take my own last breath, when it is my own time to die.
Good answer to a tough question that I do not have the courage to answer my self.
by kstew
I think it should be - everyone has a right to their own life, and this includes whether to keep living or to end it due to certain circumstances.
Euthanasia should not be made legal here, and it should be made illegal elsewhere. Watching a member of our family pass away after losing a battle with dementia, I understand it can be difficult for both the ill and their carers. But this is an extremely slippery slope. I have read many stories wherein ill people were pressured into choosing euthanasia. Not only that, but in places like Belgium, involuntary euthanasia is commonplace. Dear Lord, this is no different from murder.
by Vee
Even children are being euthanised!
by Vee
Yes. This is a right we have when we are able bodied and we should not lose that right if we become disabled for any reason.

Why can't we provide for this with advanced health directives for those who are happy to plan ahead, under the supervision of at least two doctors who are willing to provide this service?

Please don't mention God in this debate - either he's irrelevant for some or gave free will to believers.
Some people still die horrific deaths.
I firmly believe that if someone is terminally ill and stands no hope, that they should be allowed to die with dignity before they get too sick to be able to do anything about it.

Occasionally you will hear about a spouse helping their beloved one to end it so they suffer no more -this should not have to be done by a loved one, making it then a crime.

I therefore think that euthanasia should be made legal everywhere as it is up to the individual, and not society to decide this emotive issue.
by Finy
Yes! I thing it is awful that you are not allowed to end your life if you are suffering from a terminal illness and in pain. What right does the government have to say that you cannot die? It also seems stupid since they're constantly complaining that people are living to long, and there isn't enough money to pay for all those in care. Why not let those people who want to leave this world do so with dignity and peace, and save a bit of tax payers money at the same time?
That's a tricky one.

On the one hand that if you're dying and in pain it should be your right to end your own life with dignity if that's what you want. They already let patients say they don't want to be resusitated if they arrest, and you can refuse food and water in hospital until you die of thirst. If that's allowed I don't see why choosing a quicker, less painful death is not.

On the other hand, there is a risk that if voluntary euthanasia is allowed, vulnerable people, like the elderly, could be pressured into it by others. I suppose you might be able to establish safeguards against that happening.
Yes, the worrying side of things is for the very vulnerable in aged care facilities and at home. People can become overanxious about people taking too long to die. I would worry that if carers felt that the family were pro euthanasia and state that the patient HAD at some time stated the same desire, that the care factor might fall off….a bit. Very touchy subject.
by fran.
What a tough question. We are just going through a close family member being diagnosed with a terminal illness. We were called into a meeting at the hospital and options were discussed. Here in Australia euthenasia is illegal but you can opt not to be resucitated if you wish and also to have other life-prolonging treatments stopped (which to me having a doctor tell a loved one was an option was very sad). That family member has opted to do anything to prolong life for as long as possible, giving them and us precious time together. I am glad they have been able to choose what they wanted, but also glad that in the worst of situations we have time to prepare.
Finy, I found an interesting article and thought of your question straight away. Check it out: http://www.mercatornet.com/careful/view/14008
by Vee
thanks for sending that Vee - have you seen the documentary where a young-ish guy and an old guy went to Switzerland? they actually showed the old guy dying and it was very peaceful, and far better than continuing to suffer. This is a very emotive issue and some will always be against for whatever reason. I happen to be one who does not want to suffer and be a burden to family

by Finy
No, I haven't seen it Finy. Do you know what it's called? Perhaps I can find it on the internet.
by Vee
To each his or her own.
I don't agree with it. To me it's just another form of, supposedly legalised, murder.
The role of God, is for God alone, IMO.
Death is a natural part of life, it will happen to us all eventually.

The medicalisation of death can make it difficult to die naturally, so life is prolonged. So you can have an advance health care plan (AHCP) that instructs people of your wishes when you no longer have the capacity. This may be that the wishes are to not prolong life, but to allow death to occur, naturally.

I think that VOLUNTARY euthanasia is worth discussing, where someone can control their death when terminal or facing a drawn out illness with very low quality of life and complete dependence on care. Not everyone will choose this, but it is an options clearly wanted.

Strangely enough my son, who is an ICU nurse, and I had this conversation recently.

Although I lean towards legalising euthanasia, I still have many reservations about the practice of it and who makes the final decision.

Many issues would have to be taken into account, including pressure on sick people, venality of relatives, legal issues etc.

It's a very thorny topic.
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