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Should children go naked in a nudist village?

by dwatk (follow)
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Should children go naked in a nudist village?

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Top Answers
I would like to say it was fine, but part of me wonders if pedophiles could take advantage of free viewing, by pretending to be part of the naturist community, when in fact they're just pervs.
Difficult choice? I would rather the perv be out in open where they can do no direct harm, than behind closed doors rapeing, same for a nude beach etc.

Tiny bikinis leave just enough hint of secrecy that it draws out the pervs into the public arena. This is why a wet T shirt show is popular as opposed to no T shirt.
Think about it.
On the other hand once everyone is naked, after a few moments, the 'excitement" is over. Bring on the freedom to be nude and not afraid.
I guess if it is a nudist village....no real difference.
I do get the point, but thinking about it, parents would know they need to be more pro-active, with their children being safe....if not! then they would be in part to blame.
Like anything, children Must have parents willing to put in that extra care, in these times now.
Too much has happened in the past, that we do have to change how we operate as parents and even more so! Grandparents.

Gone are the days of feeling''they will be fine''.
Nudism is optional for children in a nudist colony I believe. Should it be allowed? I dunno. I guess when children are fully clothed they still get raped and abused, I don't see how being naked puts them at any greater risk.
yeah but some of the sights they witness might put them off wanting to grow up.
by fran.
What sights? It is shown in many studies nudist family children have far better attitudes on body acceptance and issues than in non nudist families.

I hope you are not saying nudism might show kids some sexual aspect, more so than non nudist families, because I can assure you the studies show the exact opposite. Just asking...that's all.

Not all nude people are nudists!
I guess nudity is just a perception, so it shouldn't really matter until they become the centre of attraction for everybody else. huh!
If it is a nudist village, then that is what it is and I cannot see why children should be any different.

People in nudist camps would probably not even see nude bodies the way others do as it is always there and I would imagine it would become the "norm" and nothing to be looked at or taken any notice of.
by Finy
Surely no person that reads a newspaper would aver say it is OK to have children running around naked.
Yes, it isone of the safes place to be, with only their parents and other like minded people, no strangers after the first visit is there unlike out in public areas, parks/beaches.

2nd only to being at home, and just before nudist beaches, the dangers are nearly non existant.

We are not blind, and we all keep a watch, on all the kids, and on the people watching the kids. Baddies are everywhere, but they are so quickly found out and turfed out it is so rare to be worried these days, much less in the past.

Social nudism, family or other village nudism is not for everyone. We will not tell you that you HAVE to participate in it, as much as no one will tell us we can NOT.
I think this is a personal choice,and it depends on the nudist village!
My feeling is if other children are also naked, then wouldn't the clothed ones feel out of place? I cant see anything wrong with it. How many of us have let our children go unclothed at home to catch a little sun in the warmer months, or partially clothed for the same reason? I'd say the parents would always be alert for so-called people posing as nudists just to get their kicks.
I don't know how little children figure it all out. They are probably clothed for the most part of their lives, and probably need to be, then they are shipped out with the parents to a nudist colony and running around starkers and being told it is just great. They must have a little bit of confusion going on in their brains about what is right and what is wrong. They probably don't have a whole lot of friends that are taken to a nudist colony for the mid year holiday, so they might be feeling a little bit on the outer. And any way, I'll bet there are a whole lot of people that were taken to nudist colonies when they were kids and are a fair bit cranky on it these days and can probably relate a few stories about the caring oldies they encountered there. Nope, it should be something people decide to do once they are older, about 18 years old onwards.
by fran.
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