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Should birds be kept as pets?

by meggf (follow)
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Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Do you think it's ok to keep birds as pets or do you think containing them in small cages is wrong. Do you think there should be laws about the size of the cage or anything else?

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Top Answers
I don't think birds should be kept a pets no. Unless you a large aviary in your garden, it is cruel to keep a bird locked up, as there is not enough space.
How sad that a bird is kept in a small cage...or a cage at all.
So wrong.
Esp Big Birds.
They were meant to Fly~ ~ ~ ~
ONLY if in a large enclosure/cage and 2 are better as they keep eachother company.
Regular cleanning is a must, appropriate diet as advised by breeders/vets (not the el cheapo stuff from $2 shops). They need love, care and attention. Without all that, it is just Cruelty.
I have 2 budgies and a galah, the budgies share a cage that is probably a little bigger than a square metre and the Galah's cage is the taller than me ( I am about 170cms tall) and quite as well.
My birds all eat better than me eating pellets such as Roudybush and Vetafarm and lots of veggies!
They also have a selection of toys that cater for their needs with lots of shredding toys for the budgies as that's what they enjoy and lots of foraging toys for my galah as that's what she needs to keep her mind stimulated.
My birds all have lots of out of cage time with my galah spending at least 6 hours out on a busy day and the budgies spending a smaller amount of time out, they have their cage open but prefer to live in their cage (I mean if I was a bird I'd want to live there)
They also have all of their medical needs covered the galah is microchipped and regularly visits the vet as do the budgies - I've already spent over $300 in vet bills for the budgies as they got quite a nasty virus and I wasn't going to lose them.
I guess my point is that there is nothing wrong with bird ownership however there is something wrong with how society treats bird ownership with many people considering budgies and other small birds as "starter pets" and confining them to tiny little cages and failing to realise how intelligent birds actually are and failing to give them enough mental stimulation! My galah actually has a toy that I cannot figure out , and she forages for food in it as if it's easy!
Bravo, my dear :-))
by Rice
I think I'd like to come back in my next life as one of your birds. I totally agree with the freedom you give them. We only ever had a budgie from time to time but they had the run of the house during the day and wanted for nothing.
by helga
Depends on the bird's living arrangements.

Space etc.
I think it depends on the sort of bird and how much space they would have if they were living int he wild. I have chickens in my yard, but they are freerange. I wouldn't keep a flying bird in a small cage but I would love to have a large aviary.
I really don't like this idea at all. I think there should be laws, but ideally I think birds should not be in cages full stop.
by Vee
I think a bird can be placed in a small cage if you are moving them from one place to another otherwise they should be allowed sufficient flying space as much as is practical.
I think that it depends on the type of bird and how big it is. I do think that there should be laws about the living arrangements of birds and that they should be registered (similar to dogs and cats). I used to have chooks and they had a large-ish cage to roam in and to keep them safe, but we let them free range through the yard during the day if we were at home (we lived in a suburban area so it wasn't safe to have them freerange unsupervised).
I do not see why not.
All other species of animals are kept as pets so I do not see what is wrong with keeping birds.

Also if they are born into captivity in a cage, they do not know the difference so I can see no harm in keeping a bird as a pet.

They live to ripe old ages also in a cage.
by Finy
I can't bring myself to do it. What a boring life it must be for them.
1.You would have to ask my beloved 26yr old cockatiel.
2.There ARE laws - all the A-holes ignore them.
3.The law should be that idiots can't have or breed pets.
4.Domestic birds need cages to keep them safe, they need a haven just like your bedroom AND they need mental stimulation in the cages.
My cages were always pegged open during the day unless I had visitors.
A well adjusted bird is one of the best companions you could ever wish for. x x
by Rice
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