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Should all parents and child carers be subjected to psychiatric assessment?

by Vee (follow)
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A father is mourning the death of his son after the two year old was stomped to death by his mother's boyfriend in Utah. Meanwhile, a woman was filmed smiling while being arrested for the drowning deaths of her twin daughters.

How do these people fly under the radar, and should all parents and child carers be subjected to psychiatric testing to help prevent tragedies such as these?

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Top Answers
Those are very sad cases. However, I can't see how testing like that could possibly be affordable, and many people would definitely resent it. I would think the testing itself could be traumatic for some people.
I didn't think about possible trauma. Good point. Thanks.
by Vee
The cost of what you are suggesting would be enormous, and the magnitude of it would make it impossible to guarantee any sort of useful results. It would also be pointless because not everyone with a mental health problem is a murdered in waiting, and many murderers are completely mentally healthy.
Touche, meggf.
by Vee
Sadly it is not viable I would think.
We are going to get evil people, who do the worst things to children...we live in a fallen-world.

It can not be fully 'policed', and cost too much money and time, so the powers that be, would say no.

Also we have to take into account that some people, never show any signs....till down the line, they just loose the plot!
I think it would be beneficial, if not necessary. Children are fragile and need the support system they deserve - one who will commit their 100% towards their wellbeing.
These are somewhat random occurrences. Just today I heard of a mother who kissed her baby and threw her off a bridge before jumping herself. You can never know the evil that will enter a persons heart. Many of these persons are quite cognizant of what they are doing. However if a person is demonstrating signs of illness then they should be referred to the appropriate professional so that help can be given.
by Gia
I don't think so. How could you ever ensure that the testing was performed equally across the board? If as a parent you very from the norm, that doesn't make you a bad parent necessarily and certainly not a child-killer but it could easily lead to you being labelled as a risk and your children being removed.
I know of too many cases where children have been removed from loving and caring parents, just because social workers didn't approve of the parenting methods being used. Different doesn't mean wrong but it does scare the hell out of a lot of people and i think trying to perform psychiatric testing on all parents and carers would inflict far more tragedies than they could ever prevent.
Touch. To be fair, it was a spur of the moment idea. I didn't give it much thought. It has certainly been interesting to see other people's ideas.
by Vee
Oh I think it's a good question! Worth thinking about :)
by Vee
I think social workers and nurses all need psychiatric testing. Some times the decisions they make are not so much governed by their brain as it is governed by the fact that they are "power crazy".Particularly nurses just out of university. However, there are nurses and social workers in hospitals now that have absolutely no "life experience" and I think they are quite dangerous.
But I think they should both professions….have psychiatric testing.
by fran.
Many of these cases stem from difficult divorce situations or violent men with jealousy issues, so it seems that the added issue of this triggers something in people who are vulnerable like this.
In the wild, the dominant male animals often kill offspring so the female can breed again with them. This same root could apply to some of these men.
Interesting ideas.
by Vee
I started to answer and then that triggered another chain of thought.
Which in turn triggered a barrage of "what ifs". Which in turn triggered another chain of potentially different situations and complications.
Which in turn triggered more thoughts and then I found myself at the place.
You know the place "TOO HARD".
I realised I could not arrive an an answer that could do this incredibly complex question justice.
So I will say - what a great thought evoking question and I am sorry to pike out.
All good Shelley. Thank you anyway for giving it a go. I know - it isn't a simple answer one can give.
by Vee
by Finy
Have I misspelled something, Finy?
by Vee
Well when you go to adopt,they run you through the ringer to see if you are fit people ,so yes i believe women who get pregnant should go through some kind of psychiatric assessment.
What about their partners?
by Vee
Impossible to perform cost wise. Besides people can change over time and who's to say that someone who previously passed the testing can turn around and be a potential candidate towards harming children. There are other factors that have been previously mentioned that can change a persons demenour.

by Vee
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