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Now that the cold has set in do you still shower daily?

by Finy (follow)
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The cold weather has arrived!

Do you still shower daily or is it just too cold to do this?

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Top Answers
I actually do not as am too cold -i barely go to the toilet any more.

It was 1°C according to my thermometer when I was just out walking the dogs...how could i shower!
by Finy
Finy, get a small heater going in your bathroom to keep you warm, but away from you .Make sure also you have one of those very warm dressing gowns, wrap yourself in it...till dry.Get dressed in front of the heater, and try to wear very cosy slippers, and put a soft warm beenie on your head too.It all helps greatly, so you won't feel much at all.
by jonaja
I can't do all that in the bathroom jonaj -and if i put a dressing gown on, I cannot dry myself, and a beanie - p l e a s e.
I have some llama beannies, and I have a lovely warm llama coat for a dog that I must put on ebay -doesnt fit my dog -why i knitted it and didnt measure I will never know....i dont like heaters in bathrooms as I think the steam can cause a fire?????
by Finy
Yes, I still have a shower daily - there's something soothing about a nice, hot shower during the coldest of days that makes me feel fresher and more energetic in the end!
Xarah, for me it is the getting out of the shower that hurts!
by Finy
Hahaha you're so right, Finy! It's always a struggle!
by Xarah
Please, I never showered daily. It's not necessary LOL.
by Vee
totally agree Vee, but some people perspire and they would need to I guess. I started NOT when I was selling my rural property and the people offered me $300,000 less than asking and less than the Court valued it at -I decided then I would not repair it but didnt want to totally risk breaking the whole "water works" down so cut down on showers as roots were in the drain -from my lovely macadamia tree!
by Finy
Necessity has nothing to do with it. I shower for pleasure.. plus I think I do my best thinking in the shower.
Oh my gosh, bastards. That's crap Finy. I agree with the whole perspiration thing, some people should shower more than once daile, LOL.
by Vee
Daily*. Tracie, I agree. Having a shower is relaxing, and I too do some of my best thinking in the shower, but I feel guilty for wasting water I don't need.
by Vee
Im not really worried about the water but the cold -it is still so cold I have to eat all the lime pies that I made the other day -a very yummy recip0e when I have time to type it etc!
by Finy
I love lime pie. I will be on the lookout for it. ;)
by Vee
Aaaah! Lucky,LUCKY me!!! Living in the tropics,our winter does not really hit until late July,and then it is only for a week or too,and only at night!! We have had a 'cold' snap this week though ,with several nights dropping down to 16. Brrrrr.... Ha ha ha ha!!!!!! I am actually wearing a cardigan over my t-shirt as I type this! So I still love the warm shower,but for my joints as much as for cleanliness!!! And I adore a good deep bath full of scented bubbles. When I had our extension added to the tiny house we' bought,I designed the en-suite around an extra-long bath!! Best thing ever! And the other great thing about living up here,is that there is always PLENTY of water! After growing up with the freezing winters of Melbourne,not to mention the rest of the year when we got very low temps, I have found it to be a real paradise up here,where showers are always a treat!
It sure has! In winter I tend to swap my showers for baths, so I've been having a bath every night to warm up.
do you also live in WA? there was ice on the grass this morning -no way will i undress!
by Finy
Yes I do. Really? Wow. One of my sons is currently away on camp for the weekend, I wonder how he's faring with his "too cool for jumpers" attitude!
Not daily, but I would say 4 or 5 times a week.
During the week -yes still every day. At the weekends I will give it a skip if I'm too cold
by AJ
Are you kidding me... the cold weather is the BEST time to shower. There's nothing like a nice hot shower in the morning and a long hot soak in a bubble bath of a night. When you are really cold, nothing warms you better.
yes you are right Tracie -but when I even think of "shower" when it is around 1 - 5° as it often gets in Perth, i HATE it -it is the coming out in a cold room from a hot shower....
by Finy
Good Greif woman!! great picture ..lol..lol
Some days I don't shower till late.If mowing the lawn, or gardening.
They say you should leave it sometimes a day or two, as we loose all the natural oils in our bodys.
Even if I don't want to use soap, because of that reason....I do still have a warm shower most days.I think it is important, for me to know I smell o.k.
Would never want to get too lazy, in that area.
The older you get the more ya stink...lol. :)
oh, hahahaha jonaj! perhaps we should not meet you after all???
I am now too cold to get undressed to go to bed.
omg-just realise why -it is already 6° and it is only 9 pm -its gonna get to 1 again this morning when I walk the dogs -glad I am not a man....
air cond is on in bedroom -next week i put on my electric blanket -if you dont hear from me again, I blew up as havent used it for 4 years........
by Finy
I love a nice warm shower!
Oh yes - I love my hot shower in the winter.
I have to have my shower at night, summer, autumn, spring and winter. If I don't, I can't sleep.
My husband says he likes to have his shower in the morning to get him clean and ready for the day. I tell him that since he likes to be fresh for work, he can have the 2 showers morning and night. After all, if you share a bed you are a whole lot closer to someone than you are to someone at work.
I also told him, that if he thought he would be jumping into bed next to me without showering first, he could jump into the bed in the spare bedroom instead.
I guess it is OK to miss your shower one night if you live alone but everyone needs to be considerate.
by fran.
I have to jump in a hot shower every morning to wake up.
by Lucy
I love my shower in winter it gets you up and going if I feel cold the shower does
It for me.just before bed into Jarmies "wonderful" Going out at night it warms me
Love the photo, and yes I still shower daily, and if going out in the evening will probably partake in a second shower for the day. To be honest I just don't feel right until I have showered, it is the way I start my day. I am a bit like two minute noodles I am nothing until you add the water.
Love the photo. Doesn't hurt to miss a shower or two, depends on activities too, Good to have a lazy day on weekends if just hanging around and watching movies, stay in the PJ.s too. Don't work in an office anymore so don't feel the need to be that presentable while at home. Different when going out tho and to meet u with family or friends. As was suggested, our skin is better off.
I shower daily, in the summer to cool off and in the winter to warm up.
I shower everyday, sometimes twice. I feel more energetic when I am fresh
by Gia
Of course. Regardless of the temperature I am still going to maintain general hygeine. Plus I am lucky enough to live in a house with an indoor shower and warm clothes in my wardrobe so I have no reason not to. I may not shower in the morning, given I shower before bed and don't sweat during the night in Winter. In Summer I would shower morning and night.
Yes. It's a must.There's nothing like taking a hot shower.You feel so refreshed & no aches & pains & tiredness all gone.

No I shower every two days in winter with a wash in between ,I am fine with that
30C I don't consider cold! Winter officially starts June 1st here.
Still wash daily then, as winter clothes make you sweat even more & one stinks! Hate that!
by fran.
Hot or cold, summer or winter -----there are always some areas that need water attention every day and every night.
I'm writing this in the summer. I always have a shower after my morning walk, & then if I go out during the day, I'll have a quick 2nd shower before I go to bed. It's lovely getting straight into bed after my shower. My husband has had a heater on the bathroom wall, for about 30 years. I got 1 for the en-suite wall about 3 months ago. Never had a bathroom fire yet. We'd never have a heater sitting on the bathroom floor though.
by Miro
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