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Macaroons are very IN at the moment -do you like them?

by Finy (follow)
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Macaroons are one of the IN THINGS at the moment -do you like them?

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Top Answers
I find macaroons rather dry and uninteresting, and rarely have one.

I have tried several sorts from several different places but they are all the same -and all very sweet.

There are many cakes/biscuits that I would rather eat and cannot see what all the fuss is about with these biscuits, and why they seem to be so popular.
by Finy
I love them, but find macaroons to be over priced. I have tried making them at home once, what a disaster!
They are a tad expensive aren't they :( that's every where of course, unless you buy the one's I do! Then your paying for one of the very best, and they become worth it! lol :)
by jonaja
I haven't had them yet. They are overpriced and my husband tells me there is nothing great about them, so I haven't tried them yet. I would love to try them one day but from a good place, so that I know I am not trying the crappy one before I form any opinion about them.
by BK
I really do like them, and even though they are a tad expensive, for what you get....I still will buy them from my favorite guy!
And who is that ? :)
by BK
His name is on the box in my pic, give him a Google :)
by jonaja
Joanj, I've now been informed, that he has paid ALL the monies he owed to his poor underpaid suffering staff!, so the next time I see them on 1 of his stalls, I'll see if there's a tiramisu flavour. I'm sure they'd also make a salted caramel 1!
by Miro
No I don't like them, do not have a sweet tooth and though they are very pretty and 'in' at present, they are not for me
by fran
I do not mind the more Fruity flavoured ones, but even these are a bit too sweet for me,and WAY too expensive,no matter how good they might be!!! And truth be known it is years since I ate even a great one ,as I found out that I have an egg allergy,so there is a REAL reason I feel so ill if I have even half of one!! I can now politely refuse these if they are offered,without seeming totally ungrateful to my host who has gone to the expense of providing them!!
Give me a genuine Butter Shortbread any day!!
NO EGGS at all!! Just pure butter,flour and sugar....Mmmmmm!! I have made them with fruit in them as well.Yummmm!!!!
I'm neutral on them - wouldn't be the top of my choices but I wouldn't say no if someone offered me one
by AJ
I am not fond of them at all. If I had to eat calories, i would rather eat something I drool over, like ice-cream.
I've never had them but I've noticed they're very expensive.
I'm making a craft version of these, consisting of round foam balls, about the size of the macaroon, cut in half, then the insides are done a bright colour, with the outsides a darker colour of the same one. Painted then tiny craft beads stuck all over it.(light/dark blue, etc)
Then I'll glue the inner halves together.
I thought they're MacarOns pictured? Big difference to MacarOOns!

Hate the former, overpriced mouthfuls of nothing.

Still like MacarOOns, with all that shredded coconut!

Yes, I LOVE them. I try & buy the most unusual
ones the shop is selling. I think there overpriced, so I don’t buy them very often. I wish they’d have them on the cruise ships, then I’d be having 1 of each flavour & not having to pay for them! (Because all the food is included in the cruise price)
Recently, I bought a salted caramel 1, & took it home to share with my husband, for afternoon tea. Very sweet! I don't think I'll buy anymore. I'd rather put the $2.70 towards something else!
by Miro
I think, like cupcakes, they have become a "fashion" food item. Also, like cupcakes, ridiculously priced for such mundane things.
I have never had one or seen one other than on the computer. I would love to know how to make them. Here in Canada a macaroon is a ball of coconut and a few ingredients that hold them together. They are always white and covered in coconut, so this cookie is looking delish. If anyone has the recipe please send it off to me!
I don't really like them. I don't even like the ones I tried in Paris. They just aren't my thing.
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