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Is your kettle made of glass, metal, or plastic?

by Finy (follow)
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Is your kettle made of glass, plastic or metal?

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Top Answers
Pyrex glass!! I love being able to watch the water as it comes to the boil! Is this just the child in me recalling experiments at school?!!! Whatever it is,I also feel that I can make certain that the kettle is always really clean! I had a Plastic cordless one for many years and it still worked when I replaced it.I just felt after such a long life, giving such excellent service I would retire it to the local Op Shop!
I read you should not use plastic kettles as they leach chemicals, so I bought a glass one, and I love it.

You can see when the water boils, you can set it for just medium water, and not boiling, and it is the best kettle I have ever had -oh, and it also whistles loudly when it turns itself off.
by Finy
I had no idea they could be no good for the health, wonder why they are still selling them, or even allowed too.I should have known toooo good to be true.
by jonaja
Some people think that BPA etc is a problem, but the Australian product safety authority say it's not backed by research
I'm not sure if my kettle is glass or some hard plastic but it's clear so I can see the water boling.
by AJ
Its made out of metal.
I don't have a kettle !
by BK
Stainless steel.
I have had a few different types, just in the process of getting rid of my plastic one and am getting either a glass or metal one
by fran
White $7.50 plastic model from K-Mart.
Cordless too!

My daughter-in-law bought a nice one for
$147.00.(Russel Hobbs) or something.

I picked it up, and could fully understand how special it was........But not the price!
And it's purple, my fav colour :(
Oh! so now I read mine could be no good for me....?
O.K. time to go get a purple one!
by jonaja
I also bought this one, to replace my stainless steel kettle which broke. Even after using it several times the water tasted like plastic, so I returned it and got another stainless steel one.
by jonaja
Mine is stainless steel.
We have a plastic one. Always have had and I reckon we always will.... I'm not worried about chemicals leaching out, it's not that kind of plastic.
I don't like metal ones, as they get too hot to be safe I think. I've not seen a glass one in real life but everywhere I've lived has had hard water so keeping a glass kettle limescale free would be impossible and it would look scummy and disgusting within days of purchase.... so not an option I would consider. Also, are they not rather heavy? I struggle with glass vases so wouldn't want to be worrying about picking up a heavy kettle full of boiling water - sounds like an accident just waiting to happen! I'll stick with my plastic :)
I am quite happy with my stainless steel one and it has a glass top. It turns off when boiled and gives a little beep to notify me, It can also keep the water warm for the next cuppa yay! Plastic ones get very dirty... we should all avoid plastic if possible...
plastic. my old plastic put in the bin as the window which shows the water level became black
would that be mould? not worth risking so out it went , this new one does not have a window or any nooks or crannies so hoepfully it will be safe
Vinegar. You could have boiled it with a bit of vinegar in the water, tipped it out, boiled it again with clean water and it would have been fine. My kettles only get thrown out when they die.
by Rice
metal kettle
This was a present and have no problems at all
by Vee
My last kettle, a plastic one broke and I dont think I'll be replacing it anytime soon.
by Gia
It is metal but I love the glass one
We have a plastic exterior with metal interior.
Glass. And I love it. I will never go back to a non see through kettle again. Just love the way the water lights up blue when it's boiling.
I have a metal one, that was a gift. I think I prefer plastic as it's lighter and a little more burn proof. As for glass, wouldn't that be really inefficient as too much heat would be lost out the walls?
It is tempered glass. Boy, does it stay hot!
by Rice
Ours is just a boring old plastic one. I love the look of the glass kettles. It's great watching the water bubble away and cast some doubt on the old proverb that 'a watched pot never boils'.
Glass. It's the nicest kettle that I have had. I like watching it boil!
No kettle. I use the microwave for tea/coffee, or saucepan on the stove if more hot water is needed (for making jelly!).
When first married, had Russell Hobbs stove-top one. When its' element 'died', bought a Sunbeam Electric plastic one. Am only onto my 2nd of those in 35 years'. Good going, I think!
So I'm happy about that.
I've NEVER been disappointed in ANY Sunbeam product, (or Simpson white-goods, for that matter!), that I've bought over the last 42 years'.

Glass. I love my kettle. It is my second glass kettle.
by Rice
Stainless steel kettle and toaster - to match microwave, wall oven and stovetop. Recently saw a gorgeous blue triangular glass kettle in K-Mart of all places. Was seriously tempted but refrained.
So essential to have everything matching.
by leemr
by norma
Ours is the same as the white 1 in Jonaj's photo. It's our 2nd 1 of those. I don't know what we had before these last 2.
by Miro
Mine is ceramic.
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