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Is your house a two storey home?

by Finy (follow)
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Is your home a two storey house, or single storey?

Does it bother you going up and down the steps?

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Top Answers
I have only once had two storeys and I hated it -I was much younger and fitter but I found it a real nuisance going up and down those stairs every time I wanted something from the bedroom.

I would not have two storey now as would have a real problem with the steps.

I like the look of two storey homes, but would always go for practicality in a home, and two storeys is just not practical for my lifestyle.
by Finy
Living in North Queensland,I have deliberately chosen a Low Set home,which though not two storey is set up about 3 feet off the ground to allow for Wet Season Flooding. I cannot manage any more steps than the few I have due to severe arthritis which I have suffered with since my early teens.
I hope the warmer weather is being kind to you, Jules :-)
by Rice
We are experiencing the hottest and driest year since records were started!! It does not seem that we shall get a wet season this summer, which means two failed ones in a row!! We are now on severe water restrictions and only allowed to use sprinklers for 2 hours in the very early morning and then in the evening,2 days a week!! This is quite unbelievable when we consider that Townsville is in the TROPICS!!! Dry tropics,indeed,but STILL the tropics!
I must admit though,that the warmth is definitely far better for my health than the cold of Melbourne where I grew up!!
For anyone who does not think there is such a thing as Climate Change,I certainly Beg To Differ after 35 years here!!!
But back to the question about houses.... I love my Low-set Queenslander,as it catches any small amount of breeze,thanks to both the casement windows and the fact that it is up off the ground just that small amount! They are called 'Queenslanders' as they were originally built to make the most of the climate in this state. Mine has withstood,floods,cyclones,and anything else which Mother Nature has thrown at it since it was built back in the late 50's!
by Jules
I live in a ground floor home.

I would never buy a two story, even when younger....not my kind of house.
Steps can pose a problem, at any time any age....so have always steered clear of them.

We're in a two storey house. It's quite unusual for families to live in bungalows here in England - they are seen as retirement homes that old folks downsize to after their children have grown up and left home....
The stairs don't bother me at all, as I'm used to them. In fact I find it quite odd being in a house where the bedrooms are on the same floor as the living rooms!
In Brussels, we lived in a split-level three storey house which had six flights of stairs. Those stairs bothered me on occasion, usually when I was at the very top and had to run all the way down to answer the doorbell before the postman left thinking there was no-one home.
Single storey
No villa I live in is one storey
by Fran
I would like a two storey house. We live in an apartment
by AJ
My house is single storey. I have never lived in a two storey house.
My home is single storey.
I have major back problems and would not want to compromise the injury by living in a 2 storey home.
I also think that married couples as they get older may look at the option of owning a home on one level rather than 2 levels.

My original home I built was high-set. Loved it & still do, even though now live in low-set.

IF I won multi-millions' $$$$, would buy land big enough to build exactly same plan of original house, upstairs, as ALL was on upper floor, just garages & 'under the house' below, as it was just SO practical, but as a low-set home.

Oh it's so lovely to dream!
No. It's on stumps, so it's high set, but only one storey.
I live in a two-story townhome. There is a set of stairs to go upstairs and another set to reach the basement. I like the layout, and stairs does not bother me at all.
I don't mind stairs and think they are good exercise, then when we encounter them out in the big world we wont be daunted by them... a double storey home would be nice....
No . . . fell down the back stairs once and will never have stairs again.
by Rice
Ours is a 2 story house, BUT having said that, there's nothing underneath! It's all open. We never got around to filling it in. We have 13/14 uneven stone steps up to the house, with no hand ratings. We're in our lower 70's now. I'd love for us to have a walkway! It's hell our getting suitcases down the stairs when we go on holidays, then to get them back up of cause when we come home again!
1 of our daughters does have a 2 story house. The stairs have never been a problem for her 2 little kids. The other daughter lives in a single story house.
by Miro
No, I live in a flat.
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