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Is there something you have always wanted, and never got?

by Finy (follow)
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What have you always wanted, and never managed to get?

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Top Answers
Not me personally -material things are not so important but would have liked perhaps a sports car though probably nowadays I would not be able to get in and out of it.

I miss ducted vacuum system in the city which I had in the country but that is a very unimportant thing!
by Finy
To win lotto! Other than that, there isn't anything that I feel I am missing out on. I'm very lucky.
Lots of things. Isn't it in our nature though, to want the things we can't have or never managed to get?
by Vee
Possibly right, Vee but I have found as I got older, that little things do not matter -material things are not as important as health etc.
But at your age, I would have said the same as you!!
by Finy
I don't mean material things, Finy. :)
by Vee
Happy with what I have got though not a lot....but since you ask...long legs!
by Fran
I have always thought that having good health would be better than winning the lottery!!! Only when someone is constantly ill can they really empathise with another person ,so I guess that in a way I have already benefitted from my own condition.Money has never held huge importance to me,as long as I have been able to pay all lof the bills,have food on my table and clothes on my back! However I would LOVE to be really well,even for just one day!
that is a really good one Jules -hope you eventually get this!
by Finy
Thanks so much Finy! The main thing though,is that I am genuinely a happy and content person,despite this one thing missing from my life!!! There are so many simple pleasures to be enjoyed all the time: a phone call from my son and parents,the sight of my darling dogs as they enjoy life to the full,the fragrance and appearance of my gorgeous flowers,the sound of the native birds early in the morning as they squabble for the nectar in the gum trees,... Oh! the list goes on and on! And on and on some more........
by Jules
For me its having the ability to really repay my elderly parents for all the sacrifices that they have made for me throughout my life.
Same as Matt. A few million from the lottery would be nice, but other than that there is nothing that I REALLY want that I haven't got.
A extension on my veranda, so I can sit outside when the weather is warmer.
It would be nice, as I get older to have the option.Have a few plants on it, and sit and read a book.
I'm only talking an extra 2 meters.
But, it's not going to happen.......I know that much. :(
Why not, jonaj?
by Vee
No one to do it Vee :(
can't afford a real builder.
by jonaja
Is your verandah suspended, jonaj?
by Vee
it is up three stairs to the hight of the front door.
by jonaja
To be debt free. I haven't been debt free since childhood, but never in my adult life.
Wait till you are a bit older Damien!
by Finy
There is nothing I can think of - other than winning the lotto!
by AJ
Lotto, long legs (I have duck's disease - my backside's too close to the ground), great teeth, all-consuming love, ........... But honestly, I know I'm lucky and am grateful for the things I do have.
A big lotto win for me personally. I've always wanted world peace too, but I think we're all still working on that one.
When I was a little girl I wanted long blonde hair, dazzling teeth and a chopper bike.
when I was a teenager I wanted long blonde hair, a smaller nose, dazzling teeth and a boyfriend.
Now I am 49 I have learned to live with the nose, it's not that bad really, have tried teeth whitening but gave up as too painful, haven't had a boyfriend since 1987 (married him) but would still love long blonde hair :)
LOL aliso -nice answer!
by Finy
You could still have a chopper. I've a HD & I'm an old chook! But I still ride better than a lot of the guys, lol!! Leave 'em for dead!
by helya
True love from an honest woman.
is that so hard to find kstew?
by Finy
God has bless me abundantly..so nopes, nothing that I really wanted and never got.
love your answer :)
by jonaja
A horse!

My parents', sensibly, never gave into my wish!
So used to go to a Riding School instead, as often as I wanted. That was the trade-off! Worked well!
Then met someone with two horses, who allowed me to ride the second one! That worked as well, for many years.
Now, due much older, would be circumspect about riding as often as I did, but still enjoy the occasional trail-ride!
Honestly - at this moment I would love my late husband back in my life.
Realistically, nothing really as I am fortunate to have a comfortable lifestyle with no financial worries.
When we were young, for some reason I wanted my husband to buy a bright red jaguar which I fell in love with on first sight, which is strange really as I don't drive and have no interest in cars. He was the practical one and didn't buy it, bought a Peugeot instead.
Yes, peace of mind and enough money to buy what you like without compromise.
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