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Is there one television advertisement that you really dislike?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there one television advertisement that you really dislike more than the others?

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Top Answers
I dislike several and there was one insurance one that I hated -where the girl said something stupid -i realise that describes many ads!
I also do not like the Windscreen Obrien advert and have to mute when this one comes on -it somehow gets on my nerves.
by Finy
I hate the latest KFC ad - the one with the guy in the chairlift thing being lifted down to eat his burger and with the background blurb going oooohhhhh yeahhh! I don't know why, but it just bugs the hell out of me. I have to change the station.
I dislike almost all ads,but I HATE all the Insurance ones which are continually thrown at us. I also cannot stand the fact that most ads for children's toys /stuff seem to have American Accent voice-overs! I am very annoyed when I hear very young kids mimicking these ads with this awful accent! And most of their parents seem to find it cute!! Yeeeeuck!!!
I'm with you on that 1 Jules! I'm aways asking my 'other 1/2' why do the ads have those awful American accents, & he can't even answer that 1! (Perhaps I should email the advertising company!)
by Miro
The one I hate is the family sharing same bath water, and still staying in the bathroom even Mum turning up with the dog and saying "Are you finished dear just as he gets in the scummy bath water
Fortunately we have Foxtel so we record most programs so that we can fast forward the ads. But three come to mind - the one where the woman removes her dress for incontinence and the Alliance insurance ads where everyone is yelling out "aaahhhhh" - so stupid and annoying. Also all the funeral ads - which has stopped me from turning on the TV during the morning...which is probably a good thing!
I used to hate the one for sanitary pads where the imbecile boyfriend has the pads stuck all over him and the parents think it is so cute. If that were my boyfriend I would be asking him if he was going through my handbag or drawers or vanity to find them. I simply hate those adverts for sanitary appliances and incontinence etc. particularly at dinner time. And furthermore, I never see adverts for jock straps or a hernia truss being shown on TV. And the adverts for panty liners and the reasons you might just require them (like you wouldn't know you needed them without seeing it on TV) drives me absolutely mad. It's like advertisement for toilet paper, are most people unaware that you need it or that it is available ? GGMS
by fran.
Yes, Fran, totally with you on those!
Why do those Companies' waste money on advertising, for what I call 'mandatory' products is beyond me!
Once you've a 'product' you like, you tend to stay with it, & usually, no amount of advertising will change you!

by donjo
No! I don't watch tv at all, so am blissfully unaware of most adverts. When YouTube and Spotify started streaming ads I found all of them annoying but now I find I just filter them out and don't seem to notice them at all.
Not one in particular. I dislike all ads equally!
There are lots of ads that annoy me. I rarely have to watch them because I record most things that I watch so I just fast forward through them!
by AJ
Oh! AJ, I do exactly the same! Just so good to go 'zzzzzzz' with remote's FF button! Cheers!
by donjo
The one advertising the ''smelly stuff'' when one uses the toilet.
I don't care how good it is......it should not of had the girl sitting on the toilet.
That's just going too low.
I loath all the adverts and press 'mute' whilst they are on....

by Fran
We used too as well Fran, but now the 'mute' button doesn't work, so my husband changes channels, or lowers the volume button to zero! Most of the time I'll take of to my bedroom & watch iview, (if it's after dinner.)
by Miro
There are many! Unfortunately, none that come to mind. Expect me to return.
by Vee
Yes but we won't be seeing it anymore. It was the one for that new show "Bring Sexy Back" where the woman says she used to be told she looked like Sharon Stone! I am so glad that episode is over!
The one I hate is the family sharing same bath water, and still staying in the bathroom even Mum turning up with the dog and saying "Are you finished dear just as he gets in the scummy bath water
The ad for incontinence pants were the woman removes her dress to show them, do we seriously need to see that!
Do you mean the insurance ad about "compare the meerkat.com" /"compare the market.com" ? I love that series of ads. They make me laugh every time.
and have a look in the background, the meerkat falls off the ladder etc,,,
by brigi
With you on that one, Ellis! Can't understand the 'accent' meerkat is speaking.
Remember hearing an American comedian saying....'it's interesting being in a country which buys insurance from a meerkat'.....that just about sums those ads up for me!
by donjo
I think these ads are funny the accent is russian, the meerkats are the best part. AND they miss the mark as I pay no attention to what is being sold! No one like insurance ads as we are reminded of being ripped off!
by brigi
The female in blue for ford car advert.
The bloke munching on a KFC wrap; it looks like he's also eating the paper wrapper!
Any for 'home vaporisers'; they're SO sickening, & instant headache making!
ALL the vw adverts; their contents', especially the couple at the solicitor, so demeaning to couples' having marital problems, & we don't speak German here!

That's enough until even MORE annoying/gross/stupid TV adverts hit our screens!
We just cancelled our Foxtel -after 6 months the ads just drove me insane- tired of paying 40 bucks a month for getting absolutely hammered with back to back non stop ads/ informercials. seems to be round half the program time on their current affair programs,
The current ad that I hate "They've bought a JEEP !!! " aggghhhhh-...
Oh! Prese, 1000% with you on that!
I actually wrote to Canberra's Govt. Advertising Regulation Board, about the jeep TV advert with the dog 'humping' the male instructor's leg! I've seen some GROSS adverts in my life, but that took the cake! They replied, yes! they actually did, & I think there'd been over 600 complaints' about that advert. Not long after that, didn't see it aired anymore! Thank goodness!

With all the brouhaha since about jeep, including a couple of blokes' publically 'smashing' theirs', I'm amazed they are still in the marketplace!
by donjo
Maybe Im old fashioned but period commercials. I think its a private thing between women.You never hear too much about premature ejaculation and a man facing the camera. Plus a commercial where all the men call each other, snookhams,sweetypie and dont forget your seatbelt honey bun. Men dont talk like that at all, if they do, well I must be on another planet.
Good one, nat_c.
by Miro
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