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Is there one part of your body that feels the cold more than another?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Is there one part of your body that feels the cold more than other parts?

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Top Answers
Yes, definitely as per the photo - my HANDS!
They are always like blocks of ice and I wear fingerless gloves half the time, but my hands are still always cold.
I have even bought some little packets that you put in your hands and they warm up and last for a few hours however they are very small and only warm a bit of your hands.
The only way my hands get warm is if I go to bed having turned on the electric blanket, or have a hot shower.
However after a while after the shower, they get freezing again.
I feel the cold everywhere but my hands are by far the worst.
by Finy
You definitely need a new, good quality heater, Finy.
by Lluxi
Lluxi I have air cond. and at night it is actually not so bad but if I do not turn it on all day, I freeze!
by Finy
One word Finy > Circulation.
go see what your doc says, but that would be my 1st thought.
by jonaja
jonahj - been to dr to no avail! nothing he can do.
by Finy
You do know the old saying: 'Cold hands equal Warm Heart' don't you!! I bet that this is definitely true in your case, Finy! I also used to have fingerless gloves! Wearing them was the only way I could do my Sign writing as otherwise, my fingers would not work at all!! Actually, they were NOT totally fingerless.I knitted them myself so that they were just fingertip-less!! They were so great for holding items as the fingers were still warm and only from the top knuckle actually was uncovered!
by Jules
Me too Finy. Icy hands and feet!
by Naomi
My arms usually feel colder than the rest of me, which is annoying when it comes to wearing extra layers, because the rest of my body gets hot when I put something on to cover my arms.
Try very lightweight thermal, they are wonderful. A tad expensive, but work! :)
by jonaja
I practically live in them actually. They are great in the house, but don't solve the problem outside when there's a strobg breeze. My arms get cold without a jumper/coat and the rest of me bakes.
I had to think about my answer to this one. I don't think that I have been that cold in a while. My hands get the coldest. They get so cold that I cat use them. I can't do anything until I warm them up, and I can't feel anything with them. I think that this has only happened once this year, which is why I had to think about my cold body parts. I couldn't remember until I had a think about it.
Some years back my physiotherapist suggested that I immerse my hands in warm water each morning when I get up.The heat really does seem to penetrate and warm the joints up.I just fill the vanity basin with warm, not hot water and make sure my hands are totally covered by the warm water. As the hands start to feel a bit better, I add a little more heat! I don't need to do it very often at all, with our mild winters here, but it's a great trick for when I DO have to use it!
by Jules
Thank goodness this only happens if I am outside, either very early in the morning or at night.. I can only recall it happening once this year, when watching a parade outside. It shouldn't happen inside if you have adequate heating.
by Lluxi
From my ankles up to my Knees.....I have been dreadfully cold, so bought some leg warmers.
They itch, but I'm warm :)
I am a cold old frog my whole body over, but just recently, the area between my shoulder blades has been sooo cold it is really painful. My hands are useless in the cold - I drop and fumble everything.
by Rice
If I'm really really cold I feel it most in my back
by AJ
my heart. peoople often say i dont have one. i do, its just icy

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh Simon, I do not know anyone with a totally cold heart!!
Even your answer here has made me smile so your heart cannot be totally cold!!!! Just love your response as it is so original!
by Jules
It would have to be my hands,feet and torso, I cant's get warm quick enough, I usually weat my gloves in the morning.
Always my FEET...
I think I have poor circulation. I know that low blood pressure can also contribute to your extremities being colder than your torso.
I find that the cold in any part of my body is no friend of mine!! I came all the way to North Qld from just south of Melbourne to escape the cold and it was such a good move for my health! I don't exactly love the extreme heat which we have had to contend with during the past couple of summers, but I still find it much easier than being so cold that I cannot get warm. Cold equals PAIN to me so I really do not like it at all!! My fingers and toes used to be the worst parts when I was in Victoria, but now it is ANY part and EVERY part which feels it, so the best thing for me is to just avoid it!!
Yes, my feet. They're always cold. I'm wearing socks when I'm in my house even in the summer.
Actually my nose feels the cold most!
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