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Is there one job in or around the house, that you hate doing more than others?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there one chore that you hate more than all the others in or around the home?

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Top Answers
There are actually several that I dislike.
I do not like emptying the dishwasher.
I do not like washing the pots after cooking.

They are perhaps my two worst even though the question is one!

Im sure when I see other answers I will remember other things I dislike also.

Also dont much like housework - will cook till the cows come home, but not clean.
by Finy
I do not have a dish washer and never had one either. Had three dish washers living at home and when they all left home I did not think it was worth investing in one for 2 people. however I know of several families that "emptying a dish washer" seems to be a big problem. I find that so funny.
by njsan
Emptying the dishwasher, funny dislike as such an easy short task compared to many others around the house! Good onya :)
by brigi
Emptying the dishwasher? I AM the dishwasher!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
by Jules
I am only one person but would not be without a dishwasher - perhaps another dislike is washing dishes!
by Finy
I, too, knew a family with "unpacking" issues. The husband used to rant about the "effing dishwasher, just another bl00dy cupboard, nobody ever empities it!!"
by Rice
I don't like putting out the washing, so my husband, who is taller than me does that. I don't like washing the floors either, so my daughter sometimes does that. It is not done nearly as often as it should.
Mopping. I just never liked doing it even while growing up.
Cleaning the bath. When I move there will be no bath to clean in either bathroom. Yippee. (Hmmmm . . . do I now have to say "shower rooms" . . .?)
by Rice
LOL - good thought - when will you move then?
by Finy
I am (seriously) aiming for mid March now. *cough choke*
by Rice
No baths for me soon either. Not in ensuite and not in main bathroom. Too much work. And a back-breaker as well.
by fran.
by AJ
There are a few I dislike and that would be ironing,hanging out socks,picking up washing off the line,and cleaning the oven. They would have to be the worst for me.
Ohhhh. . . the dreaded oven. I forgot that one! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
by Rice
Ooh. Finally, a major difference . . . I love ironing. x x
by Rice
WHAT!!!! I am going to pretend....you never said that! :(
by jonaja
by Rice
la la la la la la can't hear you!!
by jonaja
by Rice
Any housework I do not like, however I do enjoy a clean tidy home. If I have to choose one it would be cooking. Absolutely do not like it with a passion.Unfortunately married a man who dislikes cooking just as much. When he retired many years ago the deal was that he would take care of 2 meals a week Well that just never worked out as he just played stupid to the hills. Every step of the process to produce a meal came with the question "what next" drove me nuts so decided might has well do it myself. He is a smart man.
It's a fine line, isn't it? Poor you. I sympathise. The one here thinks that "cooking" involves putting everything in a pan at once, adding water and heat, then waiting. Yuck. Needless to say, like you, I just do it.
by Rice
What!! After all these years (and that are many years) you tell me it takes more effort to cook? Now i know my problem.
by njsan
What!! After all these years (and that are many years) you tell me it takes more effort to cook? Now i know my problem.
by njsan
I have tried to tell him that cooking is frying and sauteing and reducing liquids and adding ingredients bit by bit . . . maybe he is a smart one like yours. LOL
by Rice
I have a magnet which says....'my idea of housework is sweeping the room with a glance!'
I am NOT this bad, but I do find many things cause me to suffer intense pain, so I cannot say just ONE thing which I dislike!! I just do a bit here and a bit there.... Oh! I DO know one I hate more than others.... cleaning the fridge!!
I hate cleaning the bathroom!!
There's no housework I hate, I just do it, when it becomes to bad to leave ti!
by Miro
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