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Is there anything you dislike about Christmas?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there anything you do not like about Christmas?

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Top Answers
Just about everything.
I do not like the commercialism - the fact that people spend so much on presents and get into debt.
I do not like the public holidays and especially when there is an extra two days if they fall on a weekend.
I do not like crowds or functions with a lot of people so generally am home anyway at Christmas.
I do not like the fact that if you DO want to eat out, the cost is three times as much as on an ordinary lunch time.
I generally do not like the fuss....etc etc etc
by Finy
I have one tiny concession, Finy . . . . I used to love the carolling . . . but . . fifty years ago when it was just a small village and the carollers went strolling around. *sigh*
by Rice
I agree with Finy and Jules. I'm so over Christmas every year due to the extra burden placed on giving and the enormous effort that goes into having my family here every year because we have the area and equipment to entertain them all. One year I tokd them I was cancelling Christmas and they were horrified and pleaded with me not to, so silly me didn't. As we get older it is more stressful and even though they pitch in and help, I still do all the food purchasing spread out over several months, but the cost still mounts up. This year they've been told to bring a plate and arrive earlier to set up the tables and help prepare the food but we still have the preparation to do the day before that needs to be done so no rest there. I'm definitely planning to go away on a trip one year at that time to avoid it all.
The out-laws.
by Rice
(and Finy's answer.)
by Rice
Ha ha ha ha !!!! I had this too, when I was married,so I know exactly where you are coming from!!! I believe that we should be able to celebrate ,or NOT, in whichever way suits US,and it is not for anyone else who believes that they have the right to tell us how to do things!!! Each to their own,and with a big cheerful smile!!!
by Jules
No. I love it all !!! I love the presents, the decorations, the carols, the good food and the gathering together of families. For some, it is the only time of the year that family can/will get together in one place to EAT. Whether they talk to each other or not, at least they made the effort to come and eat together. I don't have much need to go to the shopping centres, as I buy throughout the year, or online. If I do go, I go and get it all done in a few hours MIDWEEK, as the schools have not broken up as yet. I love to go to the City (the one day of the year we go there) and see the decorations, the Myer Windows, and all the lights and Christmas displays (we usually go around 7pm mid week and there are very few people around). I like to watch the Carols by Candlelight every year (moreso since my son started working there years ago). I love all the Christmas functions because you get to see people in a more relaxed mode, so you can really talk to them. You also get to see family that you might not have seen for a long time in some cases. I like to socialise with people so I enjoy parties. The only thing I hate is when you get two that clash, so you have to excuse yourself from one. There is much to like about Christmas. It only lasts for a month, and then people can go back to their previous behaviours and attitudes. Put on a smile people !!!
I like Christmas in its authentic sense but the family gathering can often leave a bitter aftertaste. I do not know what it is about relatives who otherwise love each other becoming so hostile to each other over the holidays.
Another thing is the heavy spending required. I do not like debt but the holidays sometimes pushes one in that direction.
I do like Christmas. But I don't like the amount people spend on presents. It has gone crazy!
by AJ
I don't like the commercialisation of Christmas and the pressure that is put on people to spend or even have a good time.
It is a sad time of year for many who have family problems and the extra alcohol consumption can add to the problems of some.
Yes. The frantic hype. And people who buy into it. Puppets running mindlessly in circles going nowhere except where the hype tells them to go. Instead of something much more meaningful & gentler. The best thing about Christmas is the day after.
I agree with everything which Finy has mentioned.I think that Birthdays and UN-birthdays are the times I most like to give gifts to those who mean the world to me! Other religions have special festivals of equal importance,yet no major fuss,if any at all,is made to celebrate those special times.This is inequality at its greatest as far as I am concerned!! I have always been one to actually MAKE my gifts for ANY occasions,as then the recipients know that they are from my heart!! I will never put myself into debt,just to give a gift to someone. It defeats the entire purpose of giving,as far as I am concerned.
The other thing which I dislike about the so-called Festive Season,is that in a great many cases it is anything BUT festive,and there are so many suicides at this time of year due to depression and the inability to 'live up to ' the expectations of the gift-giving madness!! Religion is a personal thing and we should not be bombarded by the big stores,from as early as September(as it was this year here in Nth Qld!), with the notion of the importance of Christmas,commercially! Easter has become the same sort of farce in many cases,which is so very sad.Actually, we had Hot Cross Buns available before the last Christmas Sales were even finished!!! It is all totally insane if the religious aspect of these festivals is to be taken seriously!! Call me a cynic,but I am over it!!!
I've not been a 'fan' of Xmas since my Mother died 43 years' ago. The 'light went out'.

I did make a 'fuss' when my children were little, though, for their sakes', but is was VERY low-key, which we all enjoyed. Before we married, I told my fiancé, under NO circs would I be doing the 'visiting relies' for Xmas 'thing'. I couldn't think of anything worse!
So we went camping to various NP's for the first twelve years' instead, & it was just THE best time ever!

But now, it interests me not in the slightest.
It seems to bring out the worst in people.
So much for 'goodwill'.

I'm by myself, so I just purchase enough ham, & seafood for my requirements', make my own 'Brandy Butter', to my late Grandmother's Recipe, for the 'Plum Duff', enjoy some good quality 'Champers' with Orange Juice, play MY favourite type of music, which could range from Roy Orbison, to Nigel Kennedy, or watch a tv show I've VHS taped, or play a fave DVD.

It's all terribly simple, but that's as it is for me now, & I DO enjoy it!

It used to be the travelling! We'd drive to Chatswood or Leichhardt (NSW) for a late Christmas lunch with my family, then we'd go to the in-laws for dinner, arriving at 8pm, so full from lunch, we couldn't eat any dinner, but we'd talk & have fun, until about midnight, when we ;d go home, just up the road! Now we see my family & his parents early Dec, then fly to Melbourne to spend Christmas with our youngest daughter, her lovely partner & his family.
by Miro
I don't like the fact some people have taken out the true meaning of Christmas. Also, it's a sad, lonely time of year for a lot of people.
Where? do I start.

1. Do not like expense.
2. The commercial aspect.
3. Having to be super happy, for that day.
4. The visiting family....and being super hyper.
5. People who need it as an excuse to drink.
6. All the effort that one has to go through.
7. The Silence of Christmas Eve.
8. Kids expecting bigger & better this time.
9. Excessive eating.
10.Excessive Everything.
11.Supposed good-will to all.
12.People oblivious what it is really about.
I agree with most of you. too expensive and too commercial and why does everyone want to catch up for christmas? what about the other 364 days of the year, we don't need any more unwanted gifts either! The parts I like are the catching up with the family and friends I want to!
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