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Is there anything you can recommend to take for a burning, sore throat?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there anything you can recommend to relieve a burning, sore throat?

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Top Answers
I have been told honey and lemon but this does not seem to have any effect for more than the time you are drinking it.
Hot drink seems to relieve it but only while you are drinking it.

Perhaps there is nothing you can take to make it better?

by Finy
Unsweetened pineapple juice is an age old remedy and I have always found it good. I started using it for singing and find it great for the throat. I rarely get colds though. My mother (a nurse) always used soluble aspirin as a gargle for sore throats. These days the Betadine solution for sore thraots is very good.
by Rice
Betadine???? I rarely get colds and I think it is worse when you do not! Stuck at home with no aspirin, no pineapple -ouch - back to bed!!! Poor doggies dont understand why no walk
by Finy
A Doctor.
DR CANT do anything for cold! it is not the flu.....
by Finy
Oh, Finy, I wish I could make you all better. I think you need a nice rum toddy to help you off to sleep - at least then you won't feel it . . . hopefully.
by Rice
i dont drink Rice! and if I sleep in the day I will be awake all night as I was last night!
I am such a bad patient as it is a year since I had a cold - not stayed in bed for years! feel so sorry for myself!
by Finy
Dang it. I'm not a drinker either . . . maybe we should take it up! LOL. (I would just throw up: I am useless with alcohol.)
by Rice
A hot honey and lemon drink always helps me, along with some Strepsils of course. I don't get a sore throat much these days since having my tonsils out as a teenager.
done that too Lluxi - only help0s me while I am drinking it -just tried cold ice cream as remember when I had my tonsils out many moons ago, that ice cream soothed the throat but did not help...I am a "woos"
by Finy
A saltwater gargle always works for me.
Warm salt water gargle.

Honey & Lemon Strepsils, sucked.

Honey & Lemon warm water Gargle.

One, ONLY ONE grain of 'Condy's Crystal', dropped into warm water, & GARGLE ONLY!
It's also known as Potassium Permanganate, which is POISONOUS, if swallowed!

My late Father did this every morning, & I never knew of his having a sore throat!


It's ages since I've had a sore throat, & a warm salt water gargle has usually stopped it!
I find gargling with warm water and salt helps but you need to suck something to keep the throat lubricated. As I prefer natural remedies where possible, I normally would suck eucalyptus and honey, butter menthols or barley sugar (and yes, I know they aren't natural) but they help.
Pineapple sage- chew a leaf. If you don't have pineapple sage ordinary sage chewed helps too. Not the most delicious remedy but effective.

Ooh. Nice tip . . must try that one next time :-))
by Rice
I hope you feel better soon.
Your case is a reminder to me, to make sure to keep a few remedies on hand in case of illness.
If you lived near me I could drop something in. I am in Ipswich.
by annfi
I hope you feel better soon.
Your case is a reminder to me, to make sure to keep a few remedies on hand in case of illness.
If you lived near me I could drop something in. I am in Ipswich.
by annfi
Oh,Poor Poor You,Finy!!! Sore throats are so 'in your face' so to speak ,that you simply cannot ignore them for a single moment! I am not one for alcohol either;however,when I have had a sore throat,which is a very rare occurrence thankfully,I have mixed a VERY GOOD quality brandy or whiskey with Honey and hot water and sipped it slowly. Being allergic to aspirin,I have to take care with medications as many contain this age old remedy! My mum would gargle soluble aspirin when she had a sore throat and it seemed to help her. The website www.everydayroots.com has an article tirles 22 Natural Sore Throat Remedies to Help Soothe the Pain, and at the bottom of them is the comments section containing 101 comments from all sorts of people who have tried various remedies. Maybe you might just find something there which will help to ease the pain you are suffering with. I found this when I just Googled 'Sore Throat Remedies'... and there were many sites with all sorts of ideas to try. I do hope that you find something which will help you soon.
please forgive the typo: i meant to write TITLED '22 natural sore throat remedies! Also, Whisky or Whiskey (Irish), are both acceptable in the remedy I mentioned!! In fact any alcoholic spirit you prefer the taste of,seeing that you are not a drinker by nature!! I have even used Tullamore Dew on one occasion which was rather special actually!!!
by Jules
am not so bad today Jules - could not go out to get anything anyway yesterday -
by Finy
Any improvement at all,is a huge bonus when we are feeling dreadful! I am so glad that you are now feeling as though you could be on the mend!Rest up, and heal well.....
by Jules
Milk boiled with a pinch of turmeric powder, cardamom ,dry ginger , crushed peppercorns and raw honey.

The turmeric is antiseptic and helps kill the bacteria.
What works 10 out of 10 for me is betadine throat gargle 2 or 3 times daily for the first 24hrs. This has allways given me 100% relief with good old butter menthol cough lollies for in between while waiting for the iodine to kill the nasty throat bugs.
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