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Is there anything that you hoard?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there anything that you hoard, or have problems throwing out?

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Top Answers
Yes there probably are some things....i volunteer in a bookshop and used to collect books - now that I am a "senior" i decided to stop collecting some years ago as kids kept threatening to put all in a skip bin when I die!
I have a problem throwing out books even though at work some of them are in bad condition!
I often bring them home so i have heaps of books and currently am not even reading!
I think I also hoard shoes as do not like throwing them out and indeed my Doc Martin boots are some 25 years old and still look quite new.
But my house is not a mess like a real hoarder so I hoard in great moderation!
by Finy
I definitely have issues throwing things away because I hate to be wasteful, but I'm not a hoarder.
Usually if I've thought about throwing something away, it will be gone on the third try.
I used to 'collect thing' like comic books, card, books of all kinds. Not so much anymore. I've moved house enough times to know better. I guess I hoard digital data now. Lots and lots of photos.
I collect small plates (size of Bread and butter) from 40-60 years ago, I have over 100, and they are all different!
Cos me some money, but I can have a high tea at any given time, as I also have cups and saucers as well.
They will be something that in time will disappear, and hard to get and most are English fine bone china, so by collecting.....My family will have a nice little stash!
I love fine china too. I doubt any of my family will want it when my husband and I die.
by annfi
Well tell them to sell it! because each plate can bring $10 to $20 on ebay...
by jonaja
I hoard! I have boxes & boxes of stuff I might use to make my collage Christmas cards with. I've also collected lots & lots of coloured paper to use on my cards, & printed letters that I have cut out of magazines etc to stick into my cards. I also have piles of shoes, handbags, purses, far to many old cloths, paper articles of things that have happened locally over the years, 100's of pictures of monkeys, tulips, the Statue of Liberty, & about 110 monkey ordainments. I can't write anymore, because the laptop charger has just packed it in.
by Miro
I don't really collect or truly hoard in the true sense of the word. I find it terribly hard to get rid of books. My family say that I have read the book, so I should get rid of it. We'll, I cant bring myself to get rid of my books. Consequently, I have a couple of bookcases. From time to time, I will revisit my books. A memory, a place, or something that is said will trigger a memory of a book that I have read, and make me want to read it again. I do sort through my books from time to time, and get rid of book here or there.
I have collected things in the past but never to "hoarding level". I have now moved far away from the hoarder that was living in MY house. Hoarding is a truly awful thing to live with if you are not the hoarder. I do mean hoarding in the true sense . . . . every last chit of paper, shopping docket, paper bags, unscratched casket tickets and even unopened presents . . . just piles and piles of unuseable and filthy, dusty detritus everywhere to have to walk around or fall over. . . . and buying dozens of the same item "just in case" or "but they were so cheap" . . . . . just like his mother. No hoarding in my new house and he is forbidden to bring anything on visits. I now have a house half the size and a double garage - plenty for my use and no room for excess. He now has shipping containers and sheds full of CRAP and tools, which he has trailers full of.
by Rice
Oh dear Rice. That sounds horrible. I am glad you are away from it now and hope he gets help.
by annfi
I have moved so many times in the last 10 years. Everytime I move I get rid of a lot of stuff. I don't really hoard anything.
by AJ
Hummmm. yes I hoard or rather collect things too. I can throw out receipts, papers, bills and mags etc though! Mind you , if it wasn't for us "hoarders" there wouldn't be any memorabilia from the good old days for people to see and visit in museums LOL!
I have collections, but not to the point of hoarding. Before throwing anything away I like to consider how it could be reused, for environmentally friendly reasons. Now I try not to bring anything new without considering carefully.

I do hoard art supplies. I am an artist and my brain is always working on creative ideas so I have accumulated a fair bit. Not in piles with a narrow path through the middle kind of hoarding but I need to watch out for that?
He will never seek help, annfi, he just thinks everybody is mean for nagging him about it. He has bits of his life plonked all over the place. (and I'm freeeeeee of it! heehee)
by Rice
I am pleased for you Rice. That would have been stressful to live with. People can't be helped if they don't acknowledge they have a problem, and as an adult he makes his own choices. I would imagine you relishing living in a home run your way.
by annfi
Nothing in particular.. but my garage is full of things I don't use as often as I should.
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