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Is there anything about the opposite sex that you just don't understand?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there anything about the opposite sex that you just do not understand?

Anything at all!

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Top Answers
Yes, quite a lot, and perhaps that is why I am single and content...they think differently to women generally -I know, I should not generalize.

I do not understand how men are wired, how they are not more like women!!
by Finy
It truly is one of the big mysteries of life! Haha.
by Vee
I have spent about 80% of my life men only,
They are so simple it's not funny.They like simple answers, sex, good food, little chatter, they also have a place they go too....that can make their brain 'not think'.Like they can just totally zone out...Think of 'nothing'.
They are the total complete opposite to how a woman thinks.
I have to say I prefer their company any day.
They are amazing at what they can do......
One thing at a time, not 10 like women.

Women are amazing in their own right, but we try too hard to work men out.
Keep it simple,and you will understand a man.
Not that they are ''simple minded' far from it...They just hate too much of anything.If you ever want a straight answer, ask a man.
It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be pretty much honest in his eyes.
They hate playing games too.
I agree with you on this one, men are very much less complicated then women, that is all there is to understand. We are different and we should all accept that and work with that! Women make things way too complicated and that is where we get into strife. We should say what is on our minds and not hint, simple. Men don't mind being asked to do jobs, they say they can't read our minds, true.If we all work towards this to understand each other we can all get on with our lives happily together.
by brigi
Well I think relationships between men and women would be better mainly if....our sex drives and perception of sex were the same...ie..like womens!!
by Fran
I don't want to divulge too much, but right on!
by Vee
The main thing which really baffles me is why gthey think that Size matters so much!! Whether it is the obvious things, or the motors in their cars!!! There are many other things which I do not comprehend about men,but that is what makes us different,after all!!
It can be very frustrating,but that is just the way they are!!

By the way,I am very contentedly divorced and have been living alone with just my dogs for quite some years. I do have many delightful male friends who really make me laugh a lot though with their antics!!!
Oh! Jules.......I'll add to your thoughts..........men & RED cars!
Are they all so lacking in self confidence that a car's got to represent their .....???

by donjo
Ha ha ha !!!! Yes! They are just SO obvious in some regards!!!! No imagination or mystery at all !!! Not all men,though,just a huge percentage of the ones we seem to know about!!
by Jules
I don't understand why they can't understand women!
Well I can't work women out either and I'm a woman.
I think good or bad, men are much simpler, more honest. They are probably lazier than women when it comes to home duties but I don't think that makes them any more difficult to understand.
by fran.
Why some men feel the need to have as much sex with as many women as they can and then boast about it. That I will never understand.
by Vee
iactually thought of that one too Vee, but thought I would get told women are the same so did not mention it!
by Finy
I can appreciate that, but in my experience I have encountered far more men who do that than women. To be fair, I don't understand why women do it either.
by Vee
That may be true about the drive in most men, but it doesn't mean they have to be controlled by it. As a man I certainly enjoy "the scenery". I make no apology about that because I can't help what I find pleasant to the eye. However, I have no idea what it's like to do anything but appreciate just the appearance for anyone but my wife because I made the decision to control my drive and have never had sex with anyone else. My drive is incredibly strong, so if I can control it, so should most other men, but unfortunately our societal norms see that more as a weakness than a strength.

It really is a contradiction - our society says we need to have more respect for women but our culture says you're not as much of a man if you haven't "sown your seed" with as many as possible....
by kimp
Spot on with your closing comment there. Unfortunately, and often to our detriment, society is riddled with such contradictions.
by Vee
I think men and women are just wired differently
by AJ
No. Not really - it's just women I don't understand.... LOL. But that's fine - I married one so I don't need to understand them. If I don't get something, I just ask her and she translates it into something simple I can understand. I'm not interested in men - life would be pretty boring if we were all the same. It's the differences that make our marriage fun and interesting - always new things to work out together.
by kimp
For me women are just unpredictable, I can never predict how they will react to a situation? Sometimes I can't figure out what makes women mysteriously upset. I just can't figure this out.
Men are strange creatures! Their method of thinking(?) is so out of left field! They certainly can't 'multitask' like a woman can! They want a wife for the 'obvious', BUT still expect her to do the things, & the same way, as mummy did!
Think the ones' with multiple University Degrees' are hilarious! All 'brain' but absolutely NO 'horse sense'. They're REALLY dumb! IF I had 'my time over again', wouldn't have married! Much better on my own, I think. They're right PIA around the house. Never around when you NEED them. Every time something dramatic happened with one of the kids, he was off 'playing' soldiers'. EVERY time! Gave me the total heebie-jeebies'.
Aw, come on Donjo…..you don't really mean that.
by fran.
fran, I definitely mean every word, as it's all true!
by donjo
Amen, amen and AMEN. PIA, messy, uncontrolled, overgrown children. (!!)
by Rice
Yes, pretty well most things.
Women are so different even amongst their won sex, wonderful creatures though.

I think men are fine. I think their way of thinking is normal, average. I think women THINK that because they can multi task that they are superior. But I believe men can't multitask but that they can work harder for longer than women can.
There is a difference between men and women, and if women can't understand that, then they should develop of great interest in IVF and get along without men. That can't be difficult can it ?
Just run your own race, forget about men because they are so inferior and …understand that you don't need them. After all….what do you need them for ?
Women, in my opinion, are such a weak gender
There is really no science to say that male and female humans are any different although they learn to be different as the grow. One thing I will never understand is why females have a tendency to belittle their own gender. As best I can tell people are people not a gender.
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