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Is there any truth in the bogan stereotype of Australians?

by Carolyn Hopping (follow)
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Image courtesy of David Jackmanson / Wikimedia Commons

According to the Internet Slang website, a bogan refers to ’a poorly educated vulgar person’ in Australia. Unfortunately, it’s a stereotype that many people from overseas relate to all Australians, and one that a lot of locals loath, considering it inaccurate and offensive.

How do you feel about bogans? Is there any truth in the bogan stereotype of Australians?

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Top Answers
People from overseas often have little or no insight into other Countries.That's a fact!

So who cares, they will think what they want when they want.

Bogan's like to remain where they feel comfortable.

They stay around people who can relate to them, have a joke with them, understand them.

They are more picky than what people think.

They are very honest, very loyal, and quite loud.They can spot Bull S- - t a mile away.

Australians come in many forms.

To me a bogan is someone who did not have a chance to have that silver spoon in their mouth when born, or lots of family money.Maybe the normal upbringing, or just a set of unhappy times in their lives, that never seemed to get better.Maybe they chose to be one, and loved the others around them who were like minded.

Complex-Complex...to just pick one or two things, that make someone a so called bogan.

They are people who see things for the raw way in which it is.

They do not cover it up, paint it another colour and if it is down right ugly, they may be more likely to embrace it, knowing it too may need a home or love...or just stick it in the shed, till later.

I have been around many of them, in my work for many years...and love them dearly.

They give you a great laugh because they are so honest, and rather fearless.If only we all could be honest.

They know when your not one of them, but! they accept just the same, if you are Real.

Some are a little bit more rough than others, and well truth be told...some should be left alone! or they will eat ya for B/Fast.!!!

For a good few life is one of hurt-shame-and poverty, just to mention a little.But it go's deep to what makes a bogan.

They are complex in somethings, and can spot a fake person with no problems.

Yes they can be offensive, yes they can be a handful, and yes they can cause trouble a little quicker than others.

But, life is just like a box of chocolates.

Very well put. I've seen them, heard them and they really are individual.
by helga
They are a definite type. If you treat them with respect they are mostly loyal and generous.
by lynne
The first time I had ever heard of a Bogan was through a Weekend Notes invite to Bogan Bingo. The hosts played up to the stereotype, but I have never known or seen other Australians I the UK act in a way suggestive of what a Bogan is meant to be. I actually thought it was a term Australians used for other Australians, not something that non-Australians said or were very aware of.
I'm not aware of this stereotype.
by jonaja
Maaaaaaaaaate. Got yer flanny and yer moccasins or yer uggies on, with a VB in yer hand . . . maaaaaaaaaaate. MAAAAAAAAAAATE.
by Rice
I find it embarrassingly true :(( That programme "Bogan Hunters" with Pauly Fenech was the cringeworthy pits.
by Rice
Unfortunately, this stereotype is all too common. Its important not to generalise, and put all Aussies in the one basket. I really don't care what people from overseas think of us. Come over and see for yourself, I say. Bogans are not just the poorest of the poor, there are plenty of bogans in all walks of life.....those who are vulgar and uneducated are everywhere.
I think to a degree every country has their own version of "bogan". The UK (yokel) and USA (hillbilly) certainly do.

I think most countries have their own strata of society and "bogan" would probably be one of them, including, middle class, upper class and aristocracy.

I had never heard of the term before migrating to Australia to the UK so think it is purely an "Australianism".
Meant migrating to Australia from the UK.
by norma
Yuck, I've never heard of this! And I sincerely doubt it, urban dictionary and this slang website make stuff up for giggles...that said there's sometimes a grain of truth! The Aussies I have met were lovely, so I'd like to veto this frankly BS comment. Generalising a nation makes me feel quite sick, it's known as xenophobia, aka, racism, lets cut it out!
Some of them
by Finy
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