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Is there an age that's too old to wear a one shouldered dress?

by Lydia C. Lee (follow)
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Mariska Hargitay (Creative Commons Author  Greg in Hollywood (Greg Hernandez)
Mariska Hargitay (Creative Commons Author Greg in Hollywood (Greg Hernandez)

I've seen a sundress I like online, but it's a day dress, not an evening dress, and it's in the one shoulder style - like a roman toga. As I can't try it on to see how I look in it, I'm wondering if there is a cut off in what age you can pull off this look?

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Top Answers
I don't think so. If you're comfortable in it then it's fine.
I think you'll have to wait and see how it looks once it arrives. It really depends on how nicely it sits on your frame and if your shoulders look nice enough to want to show off (which I'm guessing they must or the dress wouldn't have interested you in the first place).
I don't know if they are that nice - that's the problem. I still see dresses I like and then when I put them on, I look ridiculous. In my head I look a lot different to how I really look....
If you have the body and attitude to pull it off, why care about age?
Yes, when things start sagging
by Gia
exactly :)
by jonaja
Amen to that!
by Rice
I think you should wear whatever you want to. I'm sure it will look great!
It depends on the lady herself - can she carry it off? There are many ladies who cannot at any age and others who wear it with class their whole life.
I think it's up to the individual, and age and the opinions of others shouldn't come into it. Some younger women look awful in them, while certain older women look great. Anyway, apart from how they look, how they feel on the individual should be the main issue. If they're comfortable for an older woman to wear and she like them, why not?
O.k. well you have asked this question, so I am going to answer what (my own opinion is).Before I do, I want to say I believe different to what others may believe.

In the picture we see the lady has lovely shoulders.
She also has a tan, and looks like she has no marks or anything that can detract the eye.
So many women just wear a 'look' and simply can not pull it off.

Your asking for a honest answer, so from one girl to another.
There IS an age limit...If we saw a lady in her 70's wearing it, we may feel it's not for her...you also may see a lady in her 30's, and it may not really be for her, she could be painfully thin and her bones show.

As there is with a Lot of fashion, age has to be always taken into account.

You don't want people looking at you for all the wrong reasons.
When you wear something, you want to not only feel good but look good.

Having said all that, get the opinion of someone who can see Your shoulders, someone who you know would not tell you what you want to hear, but what is correct. :)

I was asking the question to get a broad opinion! You don't need to apologise. I asked my FB friends and they all said it would look great, so I immediately discounted their opinions as they're my friends, who tell you what you want to hear...thus I came here.
There seems to be fashion articles saying any age - and I do think for evening any age could pull it off, but day time is different, and I suspect there is an age where it might just look like 'mutton'.
I've ordered it, and will see what it looks like - I am quite bony, not in a good way, and I think it might look bad...I do think your point about nice shoulders and no tan lines is a good one...
There are certain styles of clothing that appeal to certain ages, however there are certain people who prefer different types of clothing. There are no rules about it though. People should wear the colours and styles of clothing that make them feel happy.
I think if it makes you feel great, that's all that matters - go for it!
Jennifer has the right idea in my view, it's whatever you're comfortable in.
No, there's no cut off in age. For any look. I really dislike expressions about mutton, I think people shouldn't judge on appearances and if you love a dress then you should wear it. Looking fabulous comes from self-confidence and feeling fabulous about yourself. It doesn't matter what other people think, only you can say if you love a look or not!
I don't like it either - but I do sometimes think it about myself....
I think what most of the others are saying, You wear it if you want to! We know at "our age" what suits us and we also don't really care what others think. My tastes differs vastly from most people. We still look at what other people are wearing and in our minds we like or dislike their choices, however it may still suit them. I am pleased to say I am at a stage where I am comfortable with what I wear… you go girl! You could try one on in a shop if you have any doubt,,,
No, as long as you have nice arms.
I've often thought the same thing with complete off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. Obviously it depends on the individual, but I don't know how comfortable I'd be wearing either - at almost 40 (sshhh)
If you are comfortable in your own skin,then who has the right to say what age you should be to wear any thing at all?!!! It has never been I style I feel good in,so I do not wear it!!
The lady in the photograph has plenty of covering, that is fat, on her bones and therefore, looks good in this style.
Boney chest, back or arms, freckly skin, sun damaged skin, sagging skin and in particular breasts do not - does not look good in this style.

I realise one cannot be too thin, but this style loves plump, wrinkle free, smooth, tanned (or flawless white), skin. So there is no age barrier, just a condition barrier.
Naturally, you don't need to be told that you can wear whatever you want, whatever makes you feel good.
I don't think any fashion should have an age limit. Fashion is all about looking and feeling good in what you wear.
I dont think there is an age for anything.

If you feel OK wearing it, then it is OK.

I wear things that other people my age would not, however that is ME, so no, there is no cut off age as you suggest as it is in our own minds whether we can wear something or not.
go for it!
by Finy
If you can pull it off, like Mariska, then no.
by Vee
I don't think it's a matter of age so much as whether that style suits you. You will know when you try it on. Surely you can return it if it's not suitable? However, look at the photo. The woman has lovely skin and the right figure for the style. I would love to wear something like that, but I know immediately that is not me!
I stopped wearing my cute little number when gravity took hold :((
by Rice
What has age got to do with anything? I believe it's no-one else's business what I wear, if someone doesn't like or "approve", that's fine, they don't have to but that's what I'm a-wearing! People get so caught up in making judgements & really they should just mind their own business. To each their own, whatever it is! :))
One off shoulder dress, deep V neck dress, backless dress -----none of them look good if you have freckled, sun spotted, blackhead riddled, early ageing skin. Whatever does't look young, don't flaunt it. Your face is a different matter, but you can always wear a good foundation that hides a plethora of problems. Everyone wants to look younger than they are so, cover whatever makes you look older and be happy. It isn't the business of anyone else, it's only your business but I'll bet you will be happy if you cover what isn't as young or flawless as it used to be. Jeebus, it isn't absolutely vital for you to display what isn't that great.
Go for it. If it looks good on you, wear it out with pride. Age doesn't matter if you are comfortable in your own skin.
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