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Is there a time when a woman should stop wearing a bikini?

by Finy (follow)
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Is there a time in life when a woman should stop wearing a bikini or two piece bathers/swimming costume?

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Top Answers
No. Women should feel free to wear whatever kind of swimming gear they like where and when it is appropriate.
by Vee
So true, Vee. One just hopes that they are able to deal with knowing they might look . . dare I say . . . past it/ridiculous? I would scare half the populace these days so I would wear a T-shirt over the top at least.
by Rice
Agreed. Though I dare say that if others are 'scared', it's their problem—not the bikini wearer's. LOL!
by Vee
. . . http://fumaga.com/5919 . . . ?
by Rice
I have seen this image before, and it is my problem, LOL. She looks quite content. I don't mind this sort of thing at the beach. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming question. ;-)
by Vee
My problem with that image is that is actually looks painful.
by Rice
Probably there is not, but I really do not like seeing someone elderly wearing a bikini! It often looks gross.
Now the question then is, what is elderly as they now call a 50 year old elderly on the news....what must I be!! ancient.

I would not wear one after I had several Caesarians or I would buy one that covered this nasty looking scar.
However on getting "older" skin becomes flabby and it is not a nice look so I prefer to cover it.

Basically yes, there is a time when a woman should stop wearing a bikini but each person is different.
by Finy
Finy, you never fail to make me laugh!
by Vee
5 p.m. . . . and then she should dress for dinner. One should not put sand on one's host's chairs, after all. ʘ‿ʘ
by Rice
PS . . I haven't owned a bikini or bathers in thirty years. . . too scary.
by Rice
LOL...LOL...LOL...LOL......Rice ! you have a great sense of humour, love it :)
by jonaja
Why thank you, jonaj, I try. All here seem to have a sense of humour . . .I feel like I fit right in.
by Rice
I agree with both of you lovely people. Besides, there is plenty more to worry about in this old world of ours than how someone looks in a bikini.
by patri
Haha. You are funnyRice.
by annfi
Ugh, again with the "shoulds". If you're comfortable wearing a bikini, wear one. If not, don't. It's not anyone else's business.
by jonaja
I'm with you Jennifer, it's no-one else's business, full stop.
by helya
I'm with you Jennifer, it's no-one else's business, full stop.
by helya
Barring accidental "fall outs" I see no problem at all with how we all look. I've never been interested in what other people are wearing on the beach - we were taught not to stare anyway: so much so that I feel embarrassed even if I am looking at a person in admiration.
by Rice
I think there is a time most women should say no to a bikini...and yes even a two piece.

But I draw the line at a one piece, everyone no matter how old should be able to go for a swim!

One can only hope that the older ladies have enough sense to cover up, when the time comes.

Now if she is one of the few special ones, that at 70 have a drop dead lovely figure...then she Should still wear a Bikini :)

Helen Mirren. *sigh*
by Rice
I agree with all those posts, up to the women if she feels comfortable, now ask this question of men, they don't know when to stop wearing small swimwear! And yes, anyone should be able to go for a swim whatever they are wearing,,,
No way. Whatever an individual feels comfortable in and is decent is perfectly acceptable. Some 60 year olds look great in a bikini.
Totally agree with you about the bigger things to worry about :-)) I'd bet if half of those insulting photos on the net had a caption that said the elderly lady had given a million bucks to charity EVERYBODY would be crowing about how great she looked, how kind she was, what an age role model she was etc.
by Rice
I am sure that when a law is in place, never going to happen, or the bikini police show up, never going to happen, we can ask them.

So I guess, there is never going to be a time, unless on a nude beach, or maybe meeting the Queen, as there will never be anyone having absolute say over when a bikini should or should not be worn.

Or at least optional in all other senerios.
Wonder if The Queen wears a bikini in private . . . ?
by Rice
Long awaited reply from Bucking Huge Palace. The Queen has since her mature years started wearing a one piece only, and besides, as for your frivolous questions, we are not amused.
The Queens does wear a one piece, Burberry print cozzie and has a matching handbag with Burberry print towel inside.
by fran.
The Queens does wear a one piece, Burberry print cozzie and has a matching handbag with Burberry print towel inside.
by fran.
The Queens does wear a one piece, Burberry print cozzie and has a matching handbag with Burberry print towel inside.
by fran.
The Queens does wear a one piece, Burberry print cozzie and has a matching handbag with Burberry print towel inside.
by fran.
If you feel comfortable wearing a bikini then it's totally up to you!! Most women,I hope,would have the good sense to know just what they look like in a bikini,and then make up their own minds as to whether they want to wear one! These days you could even just wear some stunning matching Brief-and- Bra sets which are even nicer than much of the swimwear which is available! Probably a lot cheaper too!!! I used to wear some lovely bikinis when I was young,and also some gorgeous maillot styles (one-piece),but now I wear neither,as I would feel very self-conscious if I did so!!! I am not a mad keen swimmer at the best of times,having nearly drowned as a small child, and I dread to admit this,but I absolutely HATE sand,so don't tend to go to the beach much either. Living in the tropics,I stay out of the sun most of the time,as it is so easy to get badly burned,even in just 10 short minutes! I dread to think what I would look like if I'd been wearing a bikini and got sunburnt at my age!!! Not a sight for sore eyes,that's for sure! Not a sight for ANY eyes!! I think this is true of anyone who gets sun burnt,whether they have a so-called perfect bikini body or not!
Let's face it. Most of us enjoy seeing someone who looks worse than we do. If it offends you you don't have to look.
The only females that should wear bikinis are girls or very young women that have almost a "tomboy" figure. Certainly most blokes like the big boobs and almost thong bikini bottoms but that's their take on what looks good. Bikinis were not made for curvaceous women (I believe) they were made for slightly built, young girls.
by fran.
whoa...that's harsh
by lynne
I don't think it is harsh, it wasn't meant to be. But athletic, or "tomboy' type figures can get away with skimpy little bikinis. That doesn't mean that women shouldn't wear whatever they want in the form of swimming costumes. They just have to believe that they aren't going to look quite as good as the aforementioned young ladies.
by fran.
I used to live in bikinis up until my mid to late 30's after 3 big girls there was no way I was going to wear them again. Now I'm comfortable in a one piece that hides a lot but I do not begrudge those who still have a good shape, or feel comfortable in their own skin from wearing one
I think the time comes when the individual woman decides she no longer feels comfortable in a bikini.
by AJ
I totally agree, AJ!
Spent a week at 'Rasa Sayang' Hotel, at Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang, in my late '20's. Wore a bikini, & got very badly sunburnt!
Last time I wore one!
Now wear one-piece, with cancer council long sleeved shirt! No more sunburn!
by donjo
If they are fat.
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