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Is there a present you have received that stands out amongst all the presents you have ever received?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Is there ONE present that you have received in your life, that stands out amongst all the presents you have ever received?

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Top Answers
Oh yes, definitely - one Xmas my now ex nasty partner, gave me a dog - tI was totally unexpected as we had looked at these German shorthair puppies and he said he did not want one.
I tried arguing and eventually he said OK but by then they were all sold.
I was SO SO disappointed...turned out he had rung the lady and reserved one and gave it to me - best present ever - he was delightful - the dog, I mean though the guy was also a "dog" - that was one of the few really nice things he did in 18 years!
by Finy
Just goes to show that even the worst humans can surprise us with an act or pure goodness!!! I was also given a dog as a gift when I had had come home from a trip to see my family.He was the most wonderfully adorable and special friend for many long long years!! A gift of absolute love!! He was supposed to have been a staffy but turned out to be a stunning pure black Great Dane!!! So you have already given the answer which I would like to have written,and I shall now have to think of something else!!!
by Jules
A birthday cake from my wife before we were married. My birthday was usually just a Happy Birthday wish. But she thoughtfully and masterfully made me a birthday which she delivered to my home all to my surprise.
Ummm, that would have to have been my 21st birthday party, followed a month later, with a 5 month o/s holiday with my parents! From my husband? Having him as my husband for the past 47 years!
by Miro
sounds just amazing! :)
by jonaja
I was going to also,like Finy, say that my very favourite gift was a dog which I never dreamed I would be able to have,so I shall now have to think of another truly outstanding gift!!! I know it sounds really corny,but my son was a gift indeed!!! I had been advised not to ever fall pregnant due to an illness which could have been very dangerous during pregnancy.I spent most of the pregnancy in hospital,LOST weight rather than gained any at all, had morning,noon and night sickness from day one to when he was born,and then had to be induced earlier than full term!!It was a most horrific period of my life,with the most exquisite treasure of a gift as the result!! And that healthy ,darling baby has grown into a really decent,honest, kind,compassionate and empathetic human being who I am very proud to call my son. Now that I think on this,he definitely was ,and still is,the very best and most special gift I have ever received. Though the marriage may not have lasted,the planned son who came from that special part of my life remains the best part of my life,as well as the best and most cherished present ever!!
Although there are lots of gifts that I would call 'stand out' all those stand out gifts are on a par. I would not say there was a singular gift that I could put in front of all others.
YES. A copy of As You Wish signed by Cary Elwes.
by Rice

For my 13th Birthday, my Parents', bless them, gave me many presents', including a Party for my whole School Class, BUT the best present was a beautiful pair of plaited leather REINS, which I'd wanted since I started horse-riding at 9!

I'm STILL using those reins, & they are kept supple with leather dressing.

An unusual 'pressie', but not to this 'still crazy about horses' girl!
Are they red? Mine were. How I loved them *sigh*
by Rice
Oh! Rice, YES!
What a co-incidence!
by donjo
Oh my!!
by Rice
My mind went immediately to a gift my husband bought for me at Christmastime last year. It had been at least a year since I mentioned I wanted the picture book Rabbits by Shaun Tan. And, lo and behold, my husband remembered a whole year later and got it for me. It was very thoughtful and such a surprise, I won't be quick to forget it.
by Vee
Awwww. He's a keeper :-)
by Rice
I would hope so seeing as we're "stuck" with each other - hahaha!
by Vee

My car was in bad shape.
I needed it to get to work (this was 4 years ago).
I had no money, to fix the car and it would have cost a LOT of money.

I was not in a paid job, but one that worked for a Christian organisation.

I was in charge of over 350 people, and there was no one else to do my job.

So worried that I could not get to work, (public transport would have taken 2 hours...buy car 15 mins) as it would have needed 2 buses and 1 train.

Totally beside myself, I told no one but my son.
I went to bed one night, and prayed for help.

One lady who did not know at that point my problem said she felt she needed to help me.
She too is a christian, and prayed a lot.

Her Mother had just died, and she felt God tell her to give me her.......... mothers car!

Go figure!

So she did, and I was able to get to work, and the car just kept on going and going and going.
Plus, the car came a few days before the other one also was out of rego.
WoW, How good was that?! How long did the car last for you?
by Miro
It lasted 4 long long years, and I just got rid of it 2 months ago :)
by jonaja
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