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Is the quality of clothes at big discount stores OK?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you buy clothes from K-Mart, Big W or Target?

Do you find the quality of these clothes is good, or inferior to better brands?

Do they always wash well?

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Top Answers
Target clothes are of a better quality thank K-Mart even
from the beginning, they wash much better. I wouldn't bother to
shop at K-Mart for clothes because the fabrics tend not to be breatheable and the cut not right for me. Big W's designer brands are ok, but I've never liked any of their normal brands enough to buy.
I'd rather have fewer good quality items than an excess of inferior ones that don't wash well and need to be replaced more often.
I'm with you :)
by jonaja
I do not buy clothes from these shops as they are made in sweat shop conditions buy people who VERY often do no get paid enough to live.
I do not need my clothes to be so cheap that they affect the lives of other in such a bad way. These companies can afford to pay more for the products and we can afford to pay more so that other do not need to suffer unnecessarily
I mostly buy clothes from KMart only because they are generally the cheapest. In saying that I don't find the clothes last well and my children tend to wear out the clothes before out growing them. However I don't like that KMart now only stock their brand of goods. If I am looking for a specific brand like Bonds, I'll go to Big W or Target.
I asked this question as I don't often buy clothes here and get the majority at an Op Shop as I like shopping there.

However on the occasions that I have shopped at these stores, I have found the quality to be OK, and they seem to wash just as well as the dearer brands.

Obviously there are some exceptions, and I usually believe you get what you pay for, however am not quite sure about these 3 stores.

I think their clothes tend to "pill" more than a better brand, even though they do not shrink or go out of shape when washed.

I have bought thermal tops there and they were nowhere near as warm as the Mountain design or similar shops selling these, though of course they are far, far cheaper.
by Finy
K-Mart use to be really good.

That was 20 years ago!...I have still got stuff that was so well made, it looks fine now.
AND!!! it is 2 sizes smaller......now one has to go up two sizes, and they still don't fit!
K-Mart made a choice to go cheep-n-nasty some years ago.

No quality, just quantity.
It's all about money, and they have gone backwards as far as I am concerned.

Big W say they have some really nice designed clothes for women, even gave them a name.
What they didn't say is..... they too have not done any real homework.
Sleeve's too long, sizes all smaller, fabric that doesn't breath, sit well and looks darn nasty too!

The better of the three of them, lovely clothes for the smaller woman, a bit sad for the bigger girl.Not that much to choose from, and if they are going to make such nice clothes for the smaller woman....do it the very same for bigger girls, and yes they will pay more!

Target has always had the better Fabric's, sizes, and cut.
They have even gone up one size for Men and Women in just a few things.

But! that's not really fair, because we have lost half a size, over the years with
their clothes.
But at least, it's not two whole sizes like K-Mart and Big W.

Target for me is the one that is still o.k. for some clothes.
K-Mart and Big W, are hopeless and I hate with a passion any of their stock.

Target wash very well, and that is a winner for me.

I don't think there is a black or white answer here. I have bought some clothes and they have been of great quality, washed like a rag and wore extremely well.On other occasions I have had the opposite experience. If I would have to choose a winner I would go with Target or as they say in my neighbourhood "The Red Circle Boutique". Simply because my experience has been more consistent here and I think that they have a greater contemporary range. Now regarding the better brands my experience has been no different, so paying more doesn't necessarily guarantee a better clothing experience.
I think that the quality seems to be acceptable. But the clothes offered at the big discount stores aren't very high quality. If you guy an item for $5 - they're going to be making some profit off that. So it makes you wonder how good the materials and workmanship would be to make the clothing.

And at the same time it is worth remembering that if you're buying from these sorts of stores it's possible that the people who made the clothes had extremely poor working conditions.
For casual summer wear and my undies I like to shop at Target, as I find their clothing is well-made and a good quality. I find Kmart is better value for basic casual shoes, but I don't think their clothing is of a very good quality. I prefer to buy more dressy items elsewhere, but try to keep an open mind and if I like an item and am convinced that it's of a good quality, I'll probably buy it, regardless who is selling it.
They are of good quality.I bought some t shirts there and they are just fine.
Yes as in your question, they are strictly OK.
The quality is not always good. Clothes from the discount stores tend not to wash as well as better quality clothes. I find these stores good for basics
by AJ
Yes I think they are fine as far as I am concerned...
by Fran
Yes I think they are fine as far as I am concerned...
by Fran
I don't mind if I save 50-80% and they don't last as long - who wants to wear the same stuff forever anyway?
by kimp
Target is OK sometimes. Kmart, never found anything of quality there. Millers has started to sell very inferior lines. Shrinkage on first wash rediculuos. Clothes for over 65's is hard to find in the large discount retailers. Ladies in the 90's to 100's almost impossible to find nice things for them. Would love to open a shop for the older more refined ladies.
Cannot find slacks that fit well for short cuddly lady. Has anyone elses.
I find the quality of the big discount stores to be middle range. If I want summer clothes....they are fine, but for winter....you just gotta get better quality.

As for kids clothes...well they grow so quickly, I don't find it's worth buying good quality clothing. They only last 1-2 seasons anyway, so K-mart, Big W and Target is A-OK. I'm finding at least denim jeans are getting cheaper at the discount stores and sometimes you can find a nice cut. They last 2-3 years and for the price that's perfectly fine with me.

Choice wrote an article on this in the February 2014 issue. I think that "we" are bombarded with cheap and inferior imports from third world countries, where the workers are ill treated and work long hours for very little money, A programme on tv earlier showed the fire in a Bangladesh factory where hundreds died and many were injured, Even to this day they have not been properly looked after or compensated!. Now, I do like cheaper clothes for basic things, however I object when designers charge a fortune for a garment made in china. The workers do not get more wages for making a "designer" garment. I agree with some others that a few good pieces well made is a treat, and that buying/recycling from Op shops finds some real good barains!
Quality these days is so awful. Sometimes the fabric looks old and thin even when it's new, seams are crooked, hems undo immediately. Once I saw a lovely orange dress at a boutique in Paddinton. On closer inspection it was Cheap fabric and cost $149. After recovering from the shock, I went to Lifeline and found an orange linen frock for $8 and years later I'm still wearing it and it's soft and beautiful - better than ever. My daughter swears by Myer sales. She's had some amazing bargains with top quality clothing..
I have shopped many times at these places. I've found that there is a large disparity between sizes for clothes made in China, India and Bangladesh. Also, the clothes mostly last up to 4-6 months, which is what is the intended beauty life of these products. But some flannel or fleece products form lint/pills quite soon, like after the 1st or 2nd wash.

I have had that experience even from higher costing good brands but less often with them if I follow the wash instructions. I believe we get what we pay for, with a few exceptions.

But I will still continue shopping at these places because I can wear new/trendy clothes costing less and also afford to keep up up with the changing trends without spending much to revamp my wardrobe.
Well put Manny!
by Finy
Most times the quality is average. But at other times the quality is substandard. Shoes in particular don't last me a very long time if even I buy from these big bargain stores.
To a large extent, I think you get what you pay for, in these stores. I've found more luch buying my clothes in op shops - I pay a little bit for clothes that are already 'broken in', and I'm helping the community at the same time, by giving my money to a charity rather than a big corporation.
NO, very inferior
and NO
NO! The quality of these 'clothes' is APPALLING! Certainly NOT worth anywhere near ther money demanded.
IF the cut is good, the fabric is rubbish.
IF the fabric is good, the style is CRAP!!
NOTHING is made for women with large busts, except giant ugly florals in shapeless or mis-shapen cuts of extremely cheap & nasty material. The colour choices are sickening.
Does Target think everyone lives on a mission in the outback? Although I have seen some really nice tops worn by the women there (without a Target, Coles,KMart for hundreds of miles).
The finish on the rubbish clothing imported from China would NOT be worn by the Chinese, because it is rubbish. That's why they flog it over here to idiots buying for our allegedly cheaper outlets. Clearly these idiot buyers on big salaries are paid far too much money, and do not care to do their jobs properly.
Not every woman in Australia is size 10, 12 or 14. Neither are we all blonde and 6' tall.
But Target, Coles, Kmart think we are all young, skinny and stupid. No wonder they are losing money hand over fist.
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