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Is money spent on space exploration justified, or should we concentrate our resources on helping those in need?

by Vee (follow)
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I have always wondered how those committing billions of dollars to space exploration justify their actions when, ‘according to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty billions of people’.

Is it ok to invest so much on causes out of this world when there are so many worthy causes here on earth?

#Humanitarian Aid
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Top Answers
Great question. I see where you are coming from, but I think we need to continue investing in science, including space exploration because you never know where the research will lead. Sometimes it leads to discoveries that turn out to have earthly uses. Space research gave us Wi-Fi. There are other things on earth we could stop spending money on to redirect it to those in need. Locking people up for minor drug offences, for one thing.
I like space exploration. While I totally understand that there are other issues one our planet that need addressing, I also think that space exploration is important. You never know what we will find out there - which may benefit everyone.
Space exploration and military spending is out of control and should be restricted to a portion of our surplus not be the major cause of the deficit.
The current Government wants to make people work until 70 years of age to fix a deficit that would not exist if it were not for this type of wasted spending.
When we have world where every person has food, shelter and health care then we can spend on luxuries. This current government has just agreed to spend $98 Billion dollars on jet fighters and submarines to fight a war that does not exist.
I hate to think what the space budget would be.

Well said!
by Vee
AGREE! And spending money on OLD technology! what a waste...
by brigi
I thought this very thing in 1969.

Man landing on the Moon, and seeing all the money go up into space.

In those days we were also shown the children needing help, in other country's on t.v....We saw pictures of babies dying from starvation.

It was to me as a young girl of 15 a conflict in my heart.

Back then, the images on t.v. were graphic and that stayed with me my whole life....Always vowing if I came into a large amount of money, I would help in a big way.
As the years went by, my dream stayed...knowing that the problem would always be there, and of course Nasa continued to go into space.
I could not reconcile that amount of money spent, with children dying every
minute, because they were hungry or ill.

That is a good question! On one hand I think we should take care of things on earth first, but the unknown needs to be explored! Not sure what the correct answer is here!
Me either Sandy.
by Vee
I think we need to continue investigating outer space, however the amounts spent are ridiculous.

However I guess this is unavoidable as that is the cost of such programmes.

So my answer would be yes and no!
The money probably wouldnt go to those who needed it even if they stopped it and I do not think OUR government spend too much on this.
by Finy
It is important to take care of people who are in need. However space exploration could possibly benefit everyone including the needy.
Believe space travel should be continued, as long as there's funds for it.
We may've need of that information in the future.
I believe we would be much better off fixing our our 'backyard' before potering around in space - it isn't going anywhere soon, is it?
Although space research has benefitted us in other useful ways, I believe less should be spend playing with rockets, for the benefit of humankind.
I agree delbr. Thanks for weighing in. :)
by Vee
I would like to help these children But most of any monies that are raised goes to administration and if food is taken to them there are folk who just grab it and sell the food on the black market.
so either way the children are not helped. I think that there should be more education as in learning how to keep their own back yard clean and maybe grow some food for them selves. And yes we do have to have exploration whether outer space or not.
Yes, good question, lets stuff up some other planets too! Exploration is necessary otherwise we would not be here, but "we" don't look after the needy here and not while governments are fighting amongst themselves in third world countries wasting SO much money!
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