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Is it ok to get angry?

by Sasha (follow)

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Is it ok to be angry? Is it ok to vent your anger at home?
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Top Answers
We all have emotions. I think some people display them and others don't. We are expected from society to always be these happy go lucky people. I just think showing your anger sets boundaries to those around you.
I think it's healthy to feel all emotions and anger is one of them. I believe if you suppress emotions you end up getting sick. So the answer is yes it is ok to feel angry, it's how you handle it that makes it ok or not ok. If you scream or hurt those around you, it's not ok. On the other hand, if you take a walk, meditate or listen to some calming music, that's ok.
Yes, of course it is ok to be angry. It's a normal response to experience. It's the way we express our anger that may be ok or not.
by Vee
It's okay to feel it. You can't help that. It's how you express it that matters. It's better to do that in a way that doesn't hurt yourself or other people, physically or emotionally, but we all do that sometimes.
Of course - it's a perfectly normal emotion that we need to let out in the wild every now and then, in a mature and ethical manner. As long as you let it escape, it's okay. It's when you start bottling things up that anger management becomes a serious issue.
Today my daughter said I was grumpy. I told her I'm happy when I'm grumpy. The moral being it feels good to release emotions sometimes.
Sure. Anger is an emotion and sometimes it is appropriate. It isn't ok to take out your anger on another person, but it is ok to feel it.
Yes - obviously not good to yell or hit anyone, but if you are angry enough at things, that's when you make change...and god knows the world needs some changes made.
Righteous anger is an emotion that is fair to display provided that it is measured and managed to avoid hurting people unfairly.
Many people have misunderstood the teaching about how the meek will inherit the world. God has expressed his anger multiple times and issued punishments as a result.
Jesus displayed his anger at the money changers who were using his fatherís house for profit gathering. His anger was so intense that he turned over their tables.
As with all things it should be controlled and balanced with forgiveness when appropriate. To hold onto anger can be harmful to yourself so I suggest that you try to keep in mind the saying about never letting the sun set on your anger.

Yes ! It is okay to vent your anger, but ensure to explain your anger to those around you.
YES.. By all means! It would be wrong to suppress any emotion, because suppression will only cause a exploding reaction when a certain threshold is crossed.
But when you do feel angry, do the counting to 10 exercise and direct your anger at the act or root cause for the anger / disappointment than at the person. And during the counting, it pays to introspect if there was something you could've done differently or said in a different tone to avoid this. This introspection could help avoid wanton pain or ill feelings that are a lot difficult to heal.
And yes! The quote "Anger is one letter short of Danger" isn't completely untrue too. Because any action taken in anger+haste+ the need to react in that MOMENT is not a planned one and may result in harm, to self or others!
by Manny
Anger is one of our many emotions.
Itís normal to feel it sometimes.
The intensity is circumstantial.
When in this state we feel sad, mad and bad.
Lose our rationale.
Being angry is fine, itís how we handle this anger thatís important.
Once this leads to violent outbursts and hurting innocent people it is time to seek help.
On a more positive note controlled anger can be constructive.
Allows us to address issues within a relationship be it personal or professional.
If these issues are unknown to the other party repetition of these issues can lead to a breakdown in the relationship.
We all have these days, and often we attack the wrong people in our ranting.
I say, Be carefully angry

by Zen
Definitely - sometimes you have to vent your feelings in a display of anger. As long as you ensure it doesn't become destructive, or offend people, I see no harm in throwing the odd little tantrum.
My temper has become shorter since my husband died and I find when I am a bit "pissed off", giving an inanimate object a kick can help (just make sure you are not in your bare feet).
Anger is a normal human emotion. To hold it 'in' for a period of time, is NOT a good idea!

Best way to relieve anger, IMO, is to go to either a NP, or close, but not at, to the edge of a cliff, & SCREAM as much, & as long, as you want to.

That sure gets rid of it all!
of course it is - it is an emotion and emotions cant be right or wrong.
by Finy
Emotions are part of the human condition. However we do judge them as negative or positive. They just are what they are. Anger is an energy & can be transmuted in positive ways rather than ways which can hurt another or oneself.
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