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Is it ok for boys to play with dolls?

by Vee (follow)
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Boy with doll
'Boy with doll' by Alexander Makovski

Some people are horrified at the idea of boys playing with dolls, but studies have suggested that baby boys, like baby girls, are drawn to human faces, and so prefer to play with dolls rather than trucks or cars.

Do you think it's ok for boys to play with dolls?

Personally, I think there is a stigma at play in the way this is typically perceived by some people.

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Top Answers
Of course it is. It amazes me that there are still people in this day and age who think otherwise. Much of play is imitating adult behaviour, practicing for adulthood. My son playing with dolls (he has a little ragdoll of his own and likes to play with his sister's dolls as well) is practice for hopefully one day being a good dad.

I have heard people say that their sons ignored dolls and were drawn to things like trucks instead, but it isn't true of all little boys. Mine likes trucks too, but so far he seems to prefer cuddling things and giving them kisses. He also insists I pretend to breastfeed his doll.
That's so cute!
by Vee
Yes it is - children should have the freedom of choosing whatever toys they wish to play with. There's no need for the stereotypical view of girls + dolls, boys + trucks anymore :)
I have three sons.
Only one played with a rag doll.
I kept her, and he is now 37.(He has no idea I kept her).
Anyway, he is the more'' full on male''out of the three!..(Like he joined the Army at 17) ect ect.
I really don't like boys having dolls, and only because the rag doll was very special for him at age 3.

In the end, she got left out side a few times, and she really looks like she did!
He gave up on her, and she was washed, and placed in a box for 34 years.

Yep that's her in the picture.
Why don't you share her with your son jonaj?
by Vee
Well I guess mainly because he really is a man's man.
I think it would embarrass him now.He is not the sentimental type.
I'm still going to keep her. :)
by jonaja
Fair enough jonaj.
by Vee
Absolutely! My daughter loved Superheroes when she was small and always wore her Spiderman costume. Both my boys played with dolls when they were younger and my now 8 year old son has a collection of Monster High dolls. It annoys me that some people still have a view of toys being for "girls" or "boys". I could never tell my son that he cant play with a something because it is stereotypically "for girls". Toys are not a gender!
you learn from an early time in parenting that the whole domain of children's toys, clothes and activities is fraught with stereotypes that run very deep. I have many a friend with sons who let their children pick their own toys which often means the little ones choosing a little doll to play with and care for. No harm, no issue, no stereotype. They learn to nurture another creature and replay the loving, calming rituals of their parents to them, fascinated too with the little person image. Then also turn around and run around and do what ever little boys do to run off all those bursts of testoterone. Whilst we may think we are not driven by stereotypes we most definitely are, they are everywhere as are the socially accepted assumptions that certain types of play in children are linked to their sexuality. This issue alone is what scares many parents even if they don't admit it. It's not the matter of what the child plays with that worries them its what their friends will think if they saw their child with it. Not all parents but some. This is most acutely understood for me when living in a different culture where many of the western stereotypes did not mean anything. There were other stereotypes of course but not the gender based ones that we in the West get hung up on.
Its all great. Dolls are toys created for both genders :)
There was a meme going around recently with a flow chart (sorry I don't have the picture) that asked "how do you know if a toy is for boys or girls?" It then asked "do you operate the toy with your genitals?" If no then the toy is for everyone. If yes then the toy is not for children.
Oh my gosh! I love it! I'm going on a hunt for this meme.
by Vee
There is a multitude of "SHOULDS" awaiting children as they grow. I think they are best qualified to choose if a doll has a place in their playing.
Its ok for boys to play with Dolls if they chose to do so
Yes, why not....where is it written that dolls are only for girls!
by Finy
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