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Is it a good idea to send children to daycare?

by Vee (follow)
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The Australian reports on a new study which has warned that too much time in daycare may actually disadvantage children.

In our opinion and experience, is daycare a good place for children or not?

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Top Answers
Daycare gives children a chance to socialise with other their own age, so I think it is a good thing as it helps them learn how to interact with others. It also means that they don't end up being too dependent on their parents - I.E. it gets them used to the fact that mum and dad can't always be around, so they don't feel too anxious of being away from them when they are not at school. For those reasons I disagree. What is a disadvantage is not having enough time with parents, but that does not necessarily mean daycare is bad.
I feel too much is really not a good thing.

Having said that there are a LOT of mothers who do struggle with 1-2-3 children.
Depression is real with new mothers, I feel day care can help with her having some down time, or time to have a little sleep.

I will admit, I used it a lot when I had my children.

Looking back, it may not have been a great idea.

Maybe 3-5 hrs... 2 times a week, if one has not got to work....but then again I hate the idea of full time day care, for any child.
Ugh. I hate studies like that. So many parents don't actually have a choice about putting their kids in daycare (it depends on your work situation and other factors) so making them feel guilty about it seems mean. Not that that's what you were trying to do, Vee.

My kids have both gone two days a week for a couple of years. They did miss me at first (and I missed them too) but soon got to like it there. I think it was good for them to get used to being around other kids, and for kids who go to school daycare can be a sort of rehearsal for it. Personally I wouldn't have liked to have my kids in full time day care, especially not from a very young age, but I was lucky enough not to have to.
The general trend in the research is that day care is good for developing social skills, independence, and is associated with greater "success" from a career perspective but it is bad in that it is associated with higher rates of relationship breakdown as an adult, plus some weaker correlations. I think it's probably like eating - too much of anything will generally not be good for you.
by kimp
For me it is a no. I looked at my little one and thought that it just was too early for him to go out into the world.
by Gia
I think that it totally depends on the kids and the family. For some children daycare is a wonderful chance to explore and grow and for others it simply makes them feel anxious and abandoned.

Personally I always thought that I would send my kids to full time daycare from 12 weeks old...In reality my daughter started going to daycare 1 day per week at about 15 months - and that was because I was so tired from being pregnant with her little brother. My son started going 1 day per week at about 9 months old. Now at age 3 and 2 they both go 2 days per week. They both love it and I've experienced no problems. I try to ensure that when they are not at daycare we have a mix of "special quality time" and regular doing the chores time and time where they just play together and amuse themselves. We are also really lucky in that our neighbours have kids that are a similar age and we have friends with young children as well - so they get plenty of play dates and chances to socialise and explore. Daycare is mostly for me to get a break and also to work on my business. Client meetings and telephone calls are usually scheduled for daycare days.
maybe one day a week, I really do not approve of day care, in saying that where both parents work with no family nearby to look after their children, they have to send them.
Yes - I think it can be very good from the socialisation aspect for young children. However, I think a balance of daycare/homecare is probably best for young children. Having said that, I know in these economic times it is not always possible for children to be reared solely at home. Each to their own I guess.
The decisions made in each ones home is what is both needed and beneficial to the family as a whole. For some it's out of necessy,others it social reasons. The important thing to remember is the safety, well being and happiness of children.
As a single mother I had no choice, put my little one in family daycare and he was looked after like one of their children. They were fed well. had interesting activities and puzzles and mine turned out pretty well, he was taught manners and toilet training was a breeze for me.
There are always reports on this is good one day, and tomorrow it is not.

I can't see anything wrong with sending children to daycare.
by Finy
From age 2.5 y.o. for 1-2 mornings each week for socialisation. Frm 3-4 y.o. possibly 3 mornings and maybe one 9am-3pm, depending on the child. I believe they shd not attend every day until Kindergarten at 4-5 y.o. from 9am to 3 pm each day, but not later if able. Early separation from parent/mother has proven not to be advised, and the bond bwtn mother & child must be fostered in the early formative stages.
I look at not so much is it a good idea, as is there any other choice is some circumstances. I was fortunate in having a mother who helped me when the children were little. Some parents don't have this network and need the money for their family to exist week by week. Sometimes, there is no other choice.
Both my children went to daycare, full time.
Under no circumstance did they 'suffer' for doing so. Opportunities' for activitIes, & learning greater than at home!

Both have outstanding professional careers now.
If we have time we should look after children by ourselves.
by Vee
I think the majority of parents put their children into Day Care because they have to work and, a lot of their parents are still working too.
I think some mothers put their children into Day Care because they feel a need to get the kids off their hands for a certain amount of time. But generally children are there for 4 days p/week or 5 because it is necessary.
On the whole, I don't like the idea of day care.
I do not send my children to daycare, did not hurt them, went off to school when they were 5 quite ok,
I think it depends on the situation, I had my son in daycare once a week, I felt so guilty,but we needed the money,but he loved it, he could hardly wait for his day to come, and it was a lovely place.
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