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Is beauty really skin deep?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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In our world where image is 'everything', self-worth and what's 'inside', seems to be lost. Is beauty really skin deep, or does a bad personality outshine a natural beauty, or does superficial beauty blindside us all?

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Top Answers
Did you hear Ms Venezuela's comments at the Miss World contest? Something to the effect that she thinks inner beauty is something that was made up by ugly girls as an excuse. Ugh. Her beauty will certainly win her awards and make her money but I doubt her personality will win her many friends. Having good looks does make life easier.I don't have a citation on hand but I read somewhere that it helps your chances of getting hired and earning more because people are more inclined to trust attactive people. However, I think most of us take personality into account when choosing friends and partners.
I didn't hear that comment. How sad. It's such things which make me recoil in disgust. It only saddens me that the outward appearance is taken so seriously and someone's personality is disregarded if they don't look a certain way.

You're right, personality beats looks hands down, and I can only hope the male population do more to realise inner beauty is more favourable than outer.
Of course it is what's inside that counts, but first impressions are always based on appearances. Until you actually get to know someone, what they look like and how someone presents themselves is all you have to go on. It is therefore important to present yourself in a positive way.

Not everyone is blessed with outer beauty, but if people are willing to spend the time to look beyond that, then they'll see the true worth of the person lies underneath. In contrast, someone who is beautiful might not be as lucky as they think. Vanity and all that special attention can lead to a spoilt personality.

It is more than possible to be beautiful on the in and outside at the same time, and, sometimes, if you have a nasty disposition that can show off on your face as well.
I completely agree. No matter how lovely your outer appearance, if you're not a 'nice' person, it will show.

Sadly, people do little but 'see' the outside and immediately make a judgement.
Inner beauty makes the outer beauty shine infinitely more. Just having outer beauty with no inner beauty is of no use, whereas the other way around i.e. having inner beauty with a less beautiful outward appearance will certainly grown on you and enhance your physical appearance over time.
YES. YES. YES. Wonderful reply, thank you.
Unfortunately we are in a world where we are judge and criticized by the way we look. There was a scientific experiment done on those placing ads for jobs. They used the same actress and actor. They dressed both up and sent them to the interview answering the questions in the same manner. They then redressed them making them looking normal and not so appealing. They answered the questions in the same manner. The ones they dressed up got the jobs 70% of the time. So, unfortunately beauty is skin deep! :(
Unfortunately that's the way the world works. It makes me angry and sad because the way we look on the 'outside' has absolutely no bearing on the way in which we are. It makes me quite sick.
In a world where the media thrive on the idea of celebrity, vanity and images of preened, perfected and polished people are thrust in our face on a daily basis. How, then, can we even consider the idea of inner beauty, when the outer seems to be all that we are judged on, and how people 'get ahead' in life?

While outer beauty is nice - granted there are some beautiful people on this earth - what's inside, undoubtedly counts for more, irrespective of the superficial qualities a person has. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideas matter more than what a person looks like surely.

One can only hope that the constant feed of images of 'perfection' will soon be eradicated. Airbrushing, for one, makes me a little bit sick, and I've worked in schools where the teenage girls in particular, look at images on their smart phones, and try to replicate those images. It is sad and unfortunate because beauty truly is skin deep. I only hope the rest of the world realises.
I think beauty starts from within - your personal development and your own personality. Once you have mastered your thoughts and self esteem on the inside, the outside takes care of itself.
Well said!
I have met women who were absolutely gorgeous to look at...having spent a good deal of time with them, they seemed to be focused on their looks.

I also saw interaction with other women (with them)...who were not as good looking.

Ugly then showed it's face(from the so-called gorgeous looking girls).

They were mean,rude and very self centred.

Something happened....and I have seen it time and time again.
Almost like a 'self preservation" entity.

Real Beauty is found on the inside of a person.Always has...and to think anything else, your fooling yourself.

Looks will come (and) with age go.

Beauty, stay's...it is a lasting evidence of it's self.Just like we see a glorious sunset, and beautiful waterfall.Beauty in a person will Always come from the heart....from deep inside a person.
That life force that keeps human beings alive.

Beauty is far more than looks.

Lets hope others truly realise the same.
I think a bad personality outshines a natural beauty. Think about your friends. None of us have ugly friends. We don't see them without our fondness of them tainting our vision. (which hopefully makes us better looking to our world too!)
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