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Is a drunk driver sick, a criminal, or something else?

by Finy (follow)
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drink drive
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We hear more and more about accidents/deaths on our roads due to drunk drivers.

Do you think these people are sick, criminals, or how would you describe them?

#Drunk Driving
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Top Answers
I think it is hard to use one description for all drunk drivers. There are many who fit the category of senseless, stupid, careless and arrogant, but then there is also the odd person, a youngster perhaps, who is just naive and reckless. When I was at college a friend was killed in a drunk driving accident. He was a passenger in a car driven by his friend who was over the limit. Everyone in the car was over the limit, not ridiculously so, but all over the limit nonetheless. The person who ended up driving the car, did so because all passengers felt that he was the most responsible and he'd had the least to drink. He ended up crashing the car, killing his best friend and causing injuries to himself and the other passenger. The driver could have been anyone of those in the car, but it so happened that it turned out to be him. He served time in a juvenile detention centre due to this accident, and thus is a 'criminal', but do I think he is sick, no. It was a sorely misguided incident, and a lesson to many other youngsters in our local area at the time. I detest drink driving, and hate the bravado that many people have who drink and then still decide they can drive. But I don't think one description fits all drunk drivers.
A very sad tale.
I think that this type of person, or I should say, the type who re-offends time after time (There is one in WA who has killed 1 or 2, fined 10 times or some such) and is still driving). This type of person is a criminal.

I believe they are actually all criminals or almost at that stage as they are breaking the law no matter how you look at it, and I believe this is a crime? To deliberately go against a law, to me is a crime.

There are also those "smart" young ones who think they will get away with it, but I feel they are also breaking the law.
by Finy
Agree that all drink drivers are law breakers and so are effectively criminals. I think I know the case of that drunk driver in WA and its simply disgraceful. I'd love to see much harsher punishments of all drunk drivers. They claim too many lives and the detriment isn't severe enough to deter.
Ther person you've described in WA is not the only criminal. How in the world has this person still got their license?
by Vee
by Vee
He hasnt got a license Vee, however he still drives, and drinks!
by Finy
'Douchebag' seems fitting, no? Irresponsible, selfish and thoughtless.
by Vee
They to me are all of the above!

Probably there are a few different reasons for drink driving:
Person could be an alcoholic and be so used to drinking that they don't realise the effect it has on them because they drink so often.
Person could be one who is young, reckless, or simply thinks "nothing bad could happen to me" (it could)\
Person went out and didn't plan to drink so much, then did, and had to get their car home. (note - if you're going out drinking at all, you probably will have too much and shouldn't drive)

This opinion will probably be unpopular, but I'm going to say it anyway. Alcohol and operating a motor vehicle don't mix. Even after a small amount of alcohol, a person's perceptions can be altered and their reaction time lessened. There should really be a 0.0 blood alcohol limit on all drivers. That way people wouldn't go out and try to remember at the end of the night how many they had to drink and try to work out if it would be over the limit or not, they wouldn't try to reason, with lessened powers of judgement (because they had been drinking after all) if it would be safe to drive or not. There would just be a blanket rule that if you're going to drink at all, then you know you won't be driving. That way people would plan in advance and not be left at the end of the night without cab fare and just "risk it". That way people would know for sure.
Drink-drivers are plain stupid.
Putting not only others, but themselves at risk.
Drunk and drive is not safe and it is a crime.
Drink drivers are sick
Irresponsible !
In my opinion, they're definitely criminals (this is confirmed by the law), sick and totally irresponsible. I find it totally beyond belief that someone will get behind a driver's wheel when they're totally off their head, and put not only their own lives at risk, but those of others. They're absolute idiots...and repeat offenders should be jailed.
totally agree Carolyn -well put!
by Finy
Lets not be wishy washy about this!! It's the law!!! Having our senses numbed by grog or drugs doesn't exempt us from anything.
A criminal
Minor range over 05 should be considered foolish and not repeated but drunk to the point of impairment can only be considered selfish , arrogant and tantamount to murder. Personally I choose 0 or 1 standard drink if I consume a meal and then wait an hour before driving.
If one choose to drink, one also chooses to accept the potential consequences. Therefore, if your drinking contributes to (for example) the death or injury of another, then the same penalty should be applied as if that outcome was premeditated.
by kimp
good thought, Parks
by Finy
Drunk drivers are quite aware of their condition but don't have the brains to stop themselves turning on the engine. They shouldn't get drunk in the first place and deserve every punishment the law gives them. Being drunk at the wheel or starting a fight is no excuse whatsoever. These people are adults and should act accordingly.
Honestly...if you have alcohol, or drugs, in you then you are not functioning at 100% The law says we are OK up to a minimum level, but how would you feel if you caused injury or damage? I try not to drive if I'm going to drink. But remember, even your prescription medicine can cause similar effects.
No doubt that they are criminals and idiots. No excuses....
'Bloody idiots', as the road safety advert said years' ago.

I just can't understand why people DON'T realize a Licence is a PRIVILEGE, not a right!

If I know I'll be attending a function at which I would like to imbibe, I get a cab to & from.

Much cheaper than losing your Licence!
In a word - irresponsible.
I fail to understand why people drink until they are drunk ,
years ago a friend at a party was drinking too much her answer was to enjoy the party , others not drinking were enjoying the party so why not her?
They are just Mindless, Inconsiderate, Sick Morons that need to be Jailed for Life.
I cant't believe some people are reasoning why people drink and drive. It is a criminal offence and drink drivers are criminals no negotiation. Drink drivers are responsible for the injuries scars and deaths of so many inocent victims i believe more education at a younger age and full confrontation with the repercussions of drink driving .
Every nick name and statement made so far is correct, in some form for Drink Drivers.

Unfortunately if you give people a choice, it is not always going to be the best choice. Barring people simply breaking the law, let's just have a blanket rule...no Alcohol or Drugs of any kind for any reason ever.
You have a choice, no matter what, even medicine has risks, so again, a blanket NO.

If you drink and drive, you are an idiot(no excuse), and are possibly sick(no excuse), and you are a criminal when convicted(obviously no excuse), and act in a criminal fashion until you are caught.
I'd describe the manority of drunk drivers as irresponsible. Some seem to delude themselves into believing they have only had "a few" when, in reality, they choose not to 'fess up to the real number they have consumed. Then there are the habitual drunks who have no second thoughts about getting behind the wheel believing it's their right to drive home no matter what state they are in. These are some of the potential killers on the roads. Yes, they are criminals but it's too late to condem them after being involved in an accident. We need some way of preventing these people from getting behind the wheel in the first place, something car manufacturers could be working towards installing in all vehicles which detects the level of blood alcohol and shuts down the vehicle thereby avoiding a potential accident. Maybe it's a bit far fetched, but it's something to think about.
Drinking and driving should have a ZERO tolerance! Nobody is in control after a drink not to mention blind rotten drunk! We are seriously trying to educate them and they still don't get it! Repeat offenders should get severe punishment end of story! Yes they drive without licence but when found out, lock them up and throw away the key!
I think a drunk driver is careless,sellfish,senseless,and much more,it's not worth the risk, what the answer to this, I'm not sure, because obviously there are drivers out there that have lost their licence but have no respect for the law and still get behind the wheel.
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