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If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Right?

by Vee (follow)
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‘La Pudeur’ by Pierre Cartellier

We’re often told to flaunt it if we’ve got it, but is this really the message we want to be promoting? Does modesty have any place in today’s day and age, or should we follow the examples set by celebrities and put our bits on show for the entire world to see?

We keep valuable items such as jewellery and priceless family heirlooms safely hidden away, so why not cover up the most sacred thing of all – our bodies?

What are your thoughts on dressing modestly or showing ‘too much’ flesh?

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Top Answers
I will more than likely get 'smashed' for my comments on this, but hey! you asked.
I see young women walking around with short - 'shorts'.
Like someone out of Playboy!
Their tops are very tight,and some girls have big breast's...I stand and watch some men pass them.
BiNgO!!! so is this what the girls want?...I guess it is.
There are some 'predators out in the world' o.k. I have spoken to many inside jail.
(this is where I may get into trouble) but, if you dress in such a way, I think it can draw the wrong attention.The wrong people, and before you know it that girl,is in a lot of hot water.
Young girls & women have no idea how much of a problem it can be, by showing too much skin on the street.
Even my 21 yr old son, who is a read blooded young guy will say, wow! that's way over the top....how some girls dress.

It is not wise to show off all that beauty in public.

It really sends the wrong message, to guys who have no respect for women.Please don't think they do not exist.They do!
They tell me, ''well if she is going to act like that I will take advantage''?
Thank goodness they are behind bars, but there are more who are not.

They have a warped thinking, and are waiting........If a girl covers up a tad more, it will not be as much of a temptation for those kind of guys.

I'm with you jonaj. Yes, people should be able to wear what they want, and yes people should be able to control themselves - but that is not the way things are. Not that dressing provocatively is in any way a justification for people's inability to control themselves. I think it's about having self respect and respect for other people.
by Vee
I completely agree with you jonaj.
Oh! thanks girls :)
by jonaja
:) No worries jonaj. You seem surprised.
by Vee
LOL...long story! :)
by jonaja
Hmm. That's a tricky one. The trouble with discussions about modesty is that they have a tendency to turn into slut shaming. There's a fine line sometimes.

I saw a girl of maybe fifteen the other day at the movies wearing a tiny mini skirt and strapless top and I reckon I had more fabric covering just one of my legs than she had on her whole body. Personally I think that's showing a bit too much skin too young, and I will try and dissuade my daughter from dressing like that when she's that age. On the other hand, I guess once you're the age of majority wearing a little black dress or whatever to go out in is fine if that's what you feel good in. I think sometimes people go a bit far in insisting on modesty. Wanting to dress to show off your assets doesn't make you a bad person, nor is it "asking for" anything. I realise you weren't suggesting that Vee, it's just something you hear people say a lot.

It annoys me that people pretty much only talk about modesty with regard to women. No-one ever calls a shirtless man "immodest" or "slutty".
Really interesting point about modesty applying to girls only....it's definitely a double standard.
Sorry - pressed the wrong button in the middle of typing my reply. Anyway, my point is, it's not double standards if the circumstances are different. And they ARE different. Males are generally physically stronger, and the way in which their thoughts and drive work are very different to that of the average female. For example, most females who dress in a way that some would call "immodest" do so because it makes them feel great/feminine/confident/pretty/comfortable or similar. On the other side, the natural BIOLOGICAL response to this in the average male is far different to what the female is feeling. Combine this with greater physical strength, and that is one of the reasons men are so much more represented in sexual offender groups.

Fortunately, most men do have enough discipline to control what their.... testosterone.... is telling them to do, but unfortunately, "most" doesn't mean "all". I'm not saying every woman must dress in a nun's habit in public while men can feel free to do whatever they like, but we should all be aware that our actions whatever they may be (including the way we dress), cause certain reactions from those around us. We can argue that some of those actions might be illegal, but (for example) speed limits don't necessarily stop every person from speeding either, do they...

As a male, I have to admit there isn't anything much nicer to look at than a stunning female, so I definitely don't want to be saying "cover up" (who doesn't enjoy looking at things that appeal to them?). But all I have to do is remember my precious daughter, which motivates me to say "please consider the human environment around you, and how your actions impact on that".
by kimp
Oh definitely -if you are young and have that young lovely skin etc, flaunt it! It will not look like that forever.
by Finy
I think 'flaunting it' to some extent is ok. For example, if you are going to show some leg, don't show cleavage, and vice versa. Leaving something to the imagination is always better than spelling it out for the world.
by Vee
I have to really disagree, some individuals out there who will 'leer' and (some) given the chance maybe rape a girl who wears clothes that show too much....thinking in a sick way, she was asking for it!
by jonaja
Abosolutely !
Art, like I said to Finy, I think 'flaunting it' to some extent is ok. Sure, show some leg, but don't show cleavage at the same time, and vice versa. Leaving something to the imagination is always better than spelling it out for the world.
by Vee
I completely agree with you Vee on showing too much flesh .but at the same time being able to dress to make yourself happy is the most important . You should be able to carry yourself gracefully and most importantly flaunt your confidence .i think it is healthy to do that.
by Sasha
I completely agree with you Vee on showing too much flesh .but at the same time being able to dress to make yourself happy is the most important . You should be able to carry yourself gracefully and most importantly flaunt your confidence .i think it is healthy to do that.
by Sasha
Good point Art. It is important 'to carry yourself gracefully'. I suppose that sometimes it is about how you wear something and not necessarily what you wear.
by Vee
Flaunt your talents, not your assets. I'm a great believer in modesty and looking respectable. When I'm out, I don't want to see lots of other people's flesh, and I don't want them to see mine.

This might be contradictory, but I don't have a problem with naturism because it is about being natural rather than showing off. But at the same time I don't want to see naturists exposed on the streets - at home, in groups, or secluded spaces, but not amongst the public, who may not want to see that sort of thing.
I'm with you Bryony. There are people out there who don't want to cop an eyeful of flesh when they leave the house. I'm one of them. I'm also not interested in being oggled at like a juicy steak.
by Vee
I still think modesty can have it's place. A lot of people are not comfortable with seeing everything you've got!! I mean, at a nightclub where everyone else is dressing that way sure, but on the train or at work or in a cafe, no thanks.

To dress modesty or to be virtue and natural.To showe flesh is ok on the Beach.To showe depens on the circumstances
If everyone did what felt right to them then this would be a world of chaos. There must be some standards that we follow, and as such we should dress in keeping with the general standards that society have set.
by Gia
by jonaja
Nah. Put it away folks, we don't need to see it. (and most of it is grubby anyway.)
by Rice
Rice Paper, I had to laugh when I read "grubby". Not sure what you mean by that, but I agree with the rest of it. ;-)
by Vee
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