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If your life was taken today, would you feel content with your life?

by noshnosh (follow)
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Not to intend anyone poor health or misfortune - but if you were to lose your life today would you feel content with the life you've lived?

What have been your greatest joys, trials? And was it all worth it?

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Top Answers
I have had a great life. Not momentous of course, but I have been happy. I have a very happy marriage, three great kids, and I have many happy memories. There is much I still want to achieve and experience, but I am content with what I have done up to this point. I have no real regrets that I can think of.
That's so great to hear!
No if I did die today...I would in no way feel
content with my life at all.

At nearly 62, there is a great deal of things that need to be done.

Up to now greatest joys = my 3 sons.

Greatest trials = being homeless with a 5 month old baby and 14 yr old and on the street with nowhere to live.

It was all worth it! because of the work I do now.

It was a big price to pay, but had to happen.. I am grateful in many ways.
But by far no where near the goal I hope to get too.
Wow... What a story...

What single thing would you like to do/ change now if you had the means to?
To have not been as rebellious as I was and seek help for my failing marriage.
by jonaja
Tough question. I don't feel like I would have missed out on anything in particular, and. Can't say that there is a whole lot I want to do with my life in the future. I don't see myself achieving a lot in life, and all I really see ahead is work in jobs I don't want, and fun but pointless leisure activities. In that regard, I don't think it would bother me. On the other hand, I don't feel like my life has been worth anything up to this point and I haven't achieved anything special, so it would feel like a bit of a waste if I did die now.

So my answer would be, I would not be content because my life up until now has been pointless, but I also would be content because the rest of my life will probably be just as pointless anyway.
It makes me sad if you think your life has been pointless, I'm sure your parents do not think that.
Have you thought about doing something you really like?
I told my 3 sons who I feel are much older than you...''Do a job that makes YOU happy''.

While you may be still living at home, and have parents...it could be a time to sit down with them and work out just what it is, that would make you more happy to be doing.

It's not impossible...maybe you're good at Art and don't know it, or sewing, or writing? some very famous people just had to take that second look, and see what made them happy...In the end they made money, even from home!
Loved every minute of it :)
by jonaja
It is all very well saying do a job that you like, the problem is getting one. Whenever I see a job that might suit me, I apply and do not get it because I don't have the right personality. There are also no jobs in my area that offer what I really want or really need. Getting a job is very difficult for me because I have social phobias, low confidence, and a mental illness. The only reason I have the job I do at the moment is because I didn't have to apply or go for an interview; my dad just happened to be a longtime member of the club.

I do enjoy writing, which is why I write here, but it isn't feasible for me to do it as a fully ins't profession for a number of reasons, and my motivation for doing my creative writing ebbed away shortly after I left university four years ago.

Other things I enjoy are baking and yoga, but I have found that whenever I consider swapping a hobby for a job, the enjoyment of it goes away.
Wow, Bryony, my heart goes out to you. Someone close to me (your age group) has similar 'challenges' with social anxiety etc and it's a bummer. All I can say is, "Hang in there and keep writing."
Thanks, Marie.
No, I have things I still want to get done. But my greatest joys so far would be my relationships with the people I love, especially my children. Greatest trials I don't really want to get into, but they were worth it.
Certainly. My faith and my family are things that I am very happy with. Not that all is perfect but I am thankful for the life I live.
by Gia
That's beautiful Gia!
This is a soul searching question and a resounding positive answer....Yes yes yes.
I am 68 and look 58 says she laughing.
i have had a very challenging life with sometimes out of work..no food in the cupboard, behind on the rent, no job, rape, a stalker, a divorce, a partner who was an alcoholic and died, cancer,
being unable to pay medical bills in this country
(lived in 5)
Positive ...lived life to the full...cup full and rarely needs topping...no half full...says she laughing.been married (19 years) lived with partner 2.5 years until his death. Two fantastic children. 3 foster teenagers, ran a playgroup in Hong Kong, trained for 2 years to be a Youth Leader, Have run singles groups in England and Cyprus, currently run two singles groups for 45+, now cooking dinner for 50+ people $3 a meal once a month ...and believe that there's more to do.
I believe that if you love Jesus you are able to pass on his selfless love....give to others and you will receive a fantastic love and peace in your life and want to share it. No I am not perfect b y a long way and can
give a lot more....However
I can die tonight and be happy....but could have given more!!!!
So if your life is empty and you have'nt yet given to others and received Gods rich blessings...seek and you will find and want to receive life's rich blessings.
Currently have copper poisoning and due a spine opp but still looking towards a positive life for as long as I live on earth.
Contact me if you are single and over 45 and live in N.S.W. and want to smile again! Hey isnt life good.
There are still things to be done. Number one on my list: raise my son.
by Vee

My children, a great life in general, fortunately worked, from 18, for a Company I adored, & still do. Got many responsibilities during the years' there, & I just thrived on them! Reached middle Management status, & then some.

Had top results in Company exams., Dux of many, & one, best ever results Aust wide! These weren't 'easy', Pass mark was 85 per cent all of them, but I just loved the work so much, I absorbed, & remembered all required!

Ability to pursue many Sports, & excel in them. Have many fun hobbies, good friends.
My enquiring brain keeps seeking knowledge in my chosen subjects to 'hobby study'.

I just toddle along these days, take a day at a time, to do the best I can each day, for my family & I.

Very content, & happy, even with the sometimes 'hurdles', but I'm a horse-rider, used to hurdles!

That's fantastic donjo!
:) Thanks, noshnosh. It's been a good ride!
by donjo
by Finy
I don't think I'd be thinking about those sorts of questions if I knew that my time was about to end soon and dependent on where I was and how it was happening I expect I'd be thinking about more practical matters such as who would find me (if I was alone) and will they find all the financial papers etc or I might be too ill to think of anything.
I thought this would be an easy answer but after taking more than a second to think about it I would have to say I wouldn't be satisfied. Although happy with the state of things in my life I would really like to do more and achieve more before I go. I think sometimes you get caught up in the day to day routines that you forget some of your bigger dreams. So, no I'd like to do more, its finding the time to do more that is the challenge!
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