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If you won a large amount of money, would it make you happier?

by Finy (follow)
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If you won a large sum of money, would you be happier, and why or why not?

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Top Answers
Once upon a time I would definitely have said YES.

If you are miserable, you might as well have money and be miserable as it helps!

However having gone through catastrophic events now in my life, money would no longer make me any happier.

I am content now and monetary things, while I like to be able to do and go where I want, is not the most important thing in my life.
by Finy
Yes. It would make me happier because of the knowledge that should anything happen to me, my family would be financially secure.
by Vee
Yes, because I wouldn't have to worry about work, earning a living, and being able to afford things in the future. It would mean more down time, and being able to improve the home.
Well obviously it will allow you to do the things you spend years saving up for. So I would be happy - HOWEVER on that NOTE! Would Robin Williams swop all his riches for a healthy life? I would prefer health and time with my family...however a nice balance would be GREAT!
I would be SO HAPPY!

Well I have a dream of taking my 3 sons to Africa, and if they want 'any' of the money and they will, then they have to help me feed and look after the dying, and poor.
It will change them forever.
That's what I would love to do.....and we all would make a huge difference building water wells and whatever else we could do.
I so would love to do that so badly....Let them see how the poor in the world live, and don't live.!
why do they need to see this Jonaj -they would surely know it...we are blessed here in Australia and I am thankful I live here! Rather, i mean -what will it achieve?
by Finy
If they see it, they can not come back the same people.
It is my belief that if everyone could see it...they would change for the better.
by jonaja
I have always believed that if people travelled, learned two other languages, saw the world and experienced the other ways of existing, there would be a lot less prejudice and a lot more empathy in the world. I like your idea :-)
by Rice
Thank you :)
by jonaja
Yes, it would allow me to pay of my mortgage and travel overseas with my family before the kids grow up. Which would make me happy. I live a very frugal life, but sometimes all the counting every cent is really exhausting and I want to just go and spend!
Well it would certainly make things easier bill and holiday-wise and to buy what you LIKE, without having to check out the price first....happier overall...I don't think so
by Fran
No! I am quite content with all I already have! A small amount would make me happier than a large amount I think!!! No amopunt of money can give me good health,so,as that would be my all-time personal wish,the money is not an issue!
Personally, I think so. When compared to others, I barely spend any money, I don't have it to spend. Still, I like to think that if a large bundle of cash landed in my lap that I wouldn't squander it. I would live a full life, without the constant pressure of not knowing if I'll be able to pay my bills next month, or feed myself and my wife. I think I would be happier solely for that reason.
It would definitely make life a bit easier and it would give you freedom
by AJ
Would it make me happier ? .. On a superficial level, yes it would. I could buy a nice house, set my children up financially, travel, help,others. On a deeper level though .. No, it wouldn't fill up the holes, no amount of money could, that peace can only come from your spiritual quest.
No, it would not. i am quite content as I am. If i won a large sum I would be equally content.
by Gia
Yes! I hate having to worry about how much we can spend on food, not being able to pay for clubs outside of school for the kids, panicking because they need new shoes but we can only afford cheap ones that don't fit properly etc. I hate money but it does give you freedom, it's not so much a greed and material thing. I'm used to not having much and that's fine but I want more for my kids.
Would ease finances a lot.
Do some 'bucket list' travelling.
Build a BIG, lowset home!

But my biggest wish would be to buy acreage somewhere nice, & have shelters for poor animals abused & abandoned etc etc etc.
The animals I'd have would be Horses, Donkeys, Dogs & Cats.

Saw a doco on tv about a woman just north of LAX, who has 1000 acres & she's got about same number of cats! She has a large number of staff to help her, & at meal times she looks like she's 'impersonating' the Pied Piper of Hamelin!
What sight to behold, ALL those cats following her! How marvellous! Wish there were more humans like this!
. . my dream too!!
by Rice
Happy? There isn't a word for how happy I would be . . . to be able to give money to help family, friends and charities AND start an animal refuge . . . wheeeeeee!

by Rice
Yes in the sense I would have the freedom to do some good things with the money, plus the freedom to make some changes for myself for the better.
Yes it would as I don't like where I live and I cannot afford to move.
Hell YES!
Yes. We could buy our youngest daughter & her lovely partner a bigger house, & we'd take 2 cruises a year instead of 1. I'd also love to visit every country in Europe. (I've only visited 6, with about 16 hours in another country!)
by Miro
Oh yes, being on a pension sucks! It would make life easier and that would make me happier,.and if there is lots of money I could help the rest of the family too! Win Win all round yay!
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